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275 Recruit 3 – Part 2

 "The reason I want to bring him into our company as a co-president is that I will be really busy once Dyeon Korea starts its business, and I won't be able to manage every business activity of GH Mobile. I will, of course, be involved with important decision making such as on a new investment, for example, but for daily work management, our new president-President Song will help you."

Director Dong-Chan Kim commented on the news that Gun-Ho just broke. Maybe he felt more comfortable and liberal to talk about GH Mobile's new co-president because he would soon start working for Dyeon Korea.

"S Group has several branch offices, and President Song is highly respected in the field. I don't know much about registering a company with KOSDAQ, but I can tell that President Song will be extremely helpful in increasing our sales revenue."

Gun-Ho wanted to hear from the new chief officer of the research center and Director Yoon who was in charge of construction. They both usually didn't make any comment on things that were not directly related to their departments.

"What do you think? Director Oh and Director Yoon? Anything you would like to add?"

"We will follow your decision, sir."

"Director Choi from the general affairs department, would you like to make any comment on it?"

The director of the general affairs department didn't know much about the fields other than his own department, just like the research center's chief officer and the construction director, so he responded,

"I have nothing to add, sir."

Once the meeting was over, Gun-Ho asked the general affairs director to stay.

"This is President Jang-Hwan Song's phone number. You probably need to talk with him to prepare the necessary paperwork before he starts working with us."

"Yes, sir. I will need his job acceptance letter and his certificate of a registered seal. I will talk to him."

"Oh, and get a job application papers from him too."

"Yes, sir. I will ask him to send us his resume and resident registration."

"Sounds good. You are dismissed."

The general affairs director didn't leave the office right away; he seemed to have something to ask Gun-Ho.

"Umm... Sir, how much salary are we offering to him?"

"Oh, his wage? Hmm... Let's give him 90% of what I currently receive."

"Yes, sir."

"Oh, one more thing. Do we need to make a modification on the business registration?"

"Since we are having a co-president, yes, we will have to file for the change. Also, you will need to let our vendors and customer companies know about it too. I will have to put them on notice about the major changes in our company."

"A lot of work to do."

"For our major customer companies, we need to send an official letter to them in informing that we now have a new co-president. For other customer and vendor companies, we can just send our new business registration reflecting the change. And don't forget to register the new co-president's certificate of the registered seal. I guess you are about to be very busy."

"Sir, I am on it."

The director of the general affairs department left Gun-Ho's office after giving him a bow.

The secretary-Ms. Hee-Jeong Park brought Gun-Ho newspapers and mails.

Many of them were spam mails. Gun-Ho had no idea how all these people learned his name, but he received tons of mails from all sorts of organizations such as business owner's golf clubs, overseas travel clubs, health improvement for business owners' clubs, and etc.

Gun-Ho didn't even bother to open those mails, but he just threw them out into a trashcan.

Gun-Ho opened the newspaper. He loved his newspaper reading time during his working day when he read a newspaper while having a cup of coffee. Gun-Ho could read news through the Internet, but he preferred to read paper news. That way, he didn't feel very tired with his eyes.

When he was enjoying his time reading a newspaper, Secretary Hee-Jeong Park entered the office.

"We have someone here, sir. He'd like to talk with you."

"Who is he?"

"He said, he is from Egnopak."

"Egnopak? Hmmm. Their president came and talked with me not long ago."

"This man is younger."

"Probably, Egnopak's president sent someone. Let him in."

Surprisingly, it was Egnopak's president's son-Dong-Hwan Kim. He didn't come alone, but he was with three men who looked like a bouncer.


"President Dong-Hwan Kim? You came to see me with bouncers or are they your bodyguards? You are not supposed to visit another person's company with bouncers."

"I came to apologize."


At that moment, the general affairs director came into Gun-Ho's office with several other male employees. Gun-Ho was wondering what the general affairs director was doing there, so he asked,

"What are you doing, Director Kim?"

"Oh, umm... I was told that several strangers went into your office, sir."

"Hahaha. Nothing to worry about, Director Kim. This is Egnopak's president's son."

The director of the general affairs left Gun-Ho's office with the male employees he brought with.

Dong-Hwan Kim lowered his head in front of Gun-Ho and said,

"I am so sorry, sir. I have just been released from jail. My father told me to come and see you and apologize for my earlier behavior."

"Let bygones be bygones. We can get along fine from now on."

Gun-Ho extended his hand to Mr. Dong-Hwan Kim for a handshake.

"We apologize to you too, sir."

The three bouncers stood up from their seats and kneeled on the floor.

"What are you guys doing? Please get up! This is a business entity. I don't want anyone to misunderstand what's going on here. Get up!"

"We didn't know you are the big brother of our Tae-Young bro."


Gun-Ho couldn't quickly recall who Tae-Young was at first, and then he realized they were talking about Mr. Tae-Young Im.

"Oh, Tae-Young Im!"

Gun-Ho smiled.

"I am so busy today, so let's just have a cup of tea before you leave."

Gun-Ho asked his secretary, Ms. Hee-Jeong Park to bring some green tea.

While having a cup of green tea, Gun-Ho said,

"We shouldn't use violence. It doesn't just prevent you from harming others, but you can get hurt too."

"We will keep that in mind, sir."

"Also, Mr. Dong-Hwan Kim. You will inherit your father's company, and it is wise for you to act with discretion and caution."

"I will keep it in mind."

One bouncer chipped in.

"I don't see the person who was with you, sir. The man who attacked us with a screwdriver."

"Oh, Jong-Suk Park?"

"He has really fast kicks. I've been in this field for a long time, but I've never seen a person with that kind of kicks before."

Dong-Hwan Kim added,

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"I thought he was the leader of a gangster."

Gun-Ho laughed, and he asked the bouncers,

"Were there anyone who got injured?"

"Of course there were. Our people got injured too. One of us lost several teeth after having hit by that person with a screwdriver."

"Oh, really?"

As a matter of fact, I believe more people were injured in our party than yours, sir."

"Anyhow, using violence only produces more harm to both parties. I accept your apology. You can leave now. I have work to do. My employees are probably waiting for me with reports to be reviewed and signed by now."

Gun-Ho had a handshake with the bouncers and tapped their shoulders.

Dong-Hwan Kim and the bouncers gave Gun-Ho a 90-degree bow before they left Gun-Ho's office.