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269 Tokyo Planning 2 – Part 2

 It was getting dark outside, and it started raining.

"Oh, I didn't bring my car to work today since I came here straight from the airport. I should ask Director Kang to drop me off at my house. I believe that Director Kang is living in Bongcheon Town. If I ask him to give me a ride to my TowerPalace home, he will probably have to make a detour."

Gun-Ho suddenly grabbed his cell phone and made a call to Manager Gweon. Manager Gweon was the one who accompanied Chairman Lee wherever he went to assist him.

"Manager Gweon, how have you been?"

"Oh, President Goo? To what do I owe the pleasure of this call?"

"You are in the Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, St. Mary's Hospital with Chairman Lee, aren't you? What is the room number that Master Park is staying in?"

"It's Building No. 5, Room No. 902. The hospital is located across the street from Gangnam Express Bus Terminal. It's not the Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, St. Mary's Hospital in the Yeouido location."

"Got it. Thank you."

"Are you coming?"


Gun-Ho called for Director Kang.

"Why didn't you leave for today already?"

"I have some work left for today, sir. I will get off after you leave, sir."

"I didn't bring my car today; I came to work straight from the airport. My car is in Cheonan City."

"I can give you a ride in my car, sir. It's an old car, but it's still running."

"That would be great. I need to go to the Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, St. Mary's Hospital."

"Oh, someone is in the hospital?"

"Yes, someone I know."

"I live in Bongcheon Town. The hospital is on the way to my home. The traffic will be heavy though since it's raining, and it's the after-work rush-hour. We'd better leave now to avoid the worst rush-hour of the day. The traffic around the Gangnam Express Bus Terminal area should be terrible."

"Let's go then."

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Gun-Ho stood up from his seat.

Gun-Ho and Manager Kang got into the elevator together and pressed the button for the ground floor for parking. It was the time when people started getting off work, and the elevator stopped at almost every single floor on the way down. Many people greeted Manager Kang while no one did to Gun-Ho since Gun-Ho didn't know anyone in the building except his office workers.

The elevator arrived at the ground floor-B1. Manager Kang's car was parked at the most convenient parking stall. At that moment, Team Leader Soo-Nam Jeong ran to Manager Kang when he saw Manager Kang at the parking lot, and then he was surprised when he found Gun-Ho standing next to Manager Kang.

"Sir... sir."

"How have you been?"

Gun-Ho offered his hand to him for a handshake and Team Leader Soo-Nam Jeong held Gun-Ho's hand with his two hands and bowed to him. When Gun-Ho was about to get into the Manager's Kang's car, Team Leader Soo-Nam Jeong opened the door for him.

Manager Kang's car was heading out of GH Building's parking lot when Gun-Ho noticed that Manager Kang's car looked new.

"Did you get a new car? If I remember correctly, you were driving a Sonata. This is a Grandeur."

"Oh, when my old Sonata's timing gear broke, I just sold it and purchased this car. It's a used car with only 60,000 kilometers on it."

"It looks like a brand new car."

"I just thought I'd better drive a good car to maintain the class as a person who is managing a huge building. I am paying for this car in installments."

"You made a good call."

"Sir, have you noticed all those luxurious cars being parked in our building's parking lot? Many of them belong to young people who are working for a company in our building, and they are driving a luxurious car. That's the trend these days. Many young people want to have a luxurious car even though they can't afford to even pay rent."

"Haha. Really?"

The traffic in front of the Gangnam Express Bus Terminal was indeed terrible. Manager Kang's car was just stuck there and moved really slowly. Gun-Ho dozed off in the car until they finally arrived at the hospital.

"Sir! We've arrived."

Gun-Ho stopped by a convenience store inside the hospital before heading to the patient's room where Master Park was staying. He wanted to buy some drinks and fruits.

Master Park was staying in a first-class hospital room. Master Park was with a couple of guests-Chairman Lee of Cheongdam Town and President Park, who sold the building in Sinsa Town to Gun-Ho.

"It's raining outside. You didn't have to come."

Chairman Lee said while standing up from his seat when he saw Gun-Ho entering the room.

"Hi. How are you?"

"Oh, good to see you again."

President Park extended his hand to Gun-Ho for a handshake.

Master Park was in a half-sitting position in the bed, and he was wearing a patient gown. It seemed like they were having a good time while talking about the old days since they were all at a similar age.

"Okay, now we have one more person who is exuding rotting money smell."

When Master Park blurted out, Chairman Lee said to him,

"Don't say it like that. He came all the way here to see you on this rainy day with a fruit basket."

"You have been bragging too much about money. That's why..."

"You can't brag about having no money, can you?"

President Park, who was sitting next to Chairman Lee, chipped in.

"The one with money is a true patriot. Look at President Goo. He is paying high taxes, and he is creating so many jobs for the people of this country."

Chairman Lee said to Master Park again,

"You are staying at a first-class hospital room because you made a lot of money on people who wanted to consult you about their lives and fates. President Goo will make more and more money in the future."

"Ha! YangJeonManGyeon is IlSikYeeSeung, you guys."

"You are saying that even though you have a farm that is as large as ManGyeong, you can only have two meals per day? Having a meal is not all that people do these days. I make money not just to buy a meal but to achieve something in my life."

"That's why your life is so busy for nothing."

Chairman Lee turned around to see Gun-Ho and said,

"Are you still there? You'd better go home now. You need to go to work tomorrow morning."

"Haha. I was having fun by listening to you, sirs."

"You don't have to listen to that old man."

"I don't know... Whew... How can I enlighten these silly people."

"At our age, what we can do is share our life experience and wisdom to young people. Don't say anything depressing or nonsense."

"Wisdom? Well... then... I recommend reading a lot of books."

"I've been reading many books related to business management."

"Reading a book is the foundation to restore a family."

"Master Park looks so ugly and dumb, but he always has something good to say when sharing the wisdom of life."

"Hello? I'm right here."

Gun-Ho looked at his watch. It was getting late.

"Haha. Well, I guess I'd better go now. I had a great time with you all, sirs. I hope you feel better soon, sir."

Master Park said to Gun-Ho before he left the room,

"Mr. Gun-Ho Goo, work hard and remember that you are the one who is making your own destiny."

"Understood, sir. Thank you."

Gun-Ho walked out of the room after giving the three old men a 90-degree bow. When he walked out of the hospital, the rain had already stopped.