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267 Tokyo Planning 1 – Part 2

 Gun-Ho felt like other patients in the room kept staring at him and Mori Aikko, so he closed the curtains to have some privacy. Mori Aikko handed an album to him.

Gun-Ho opened the album to find the pictures of Mori Aikko in Kimono. She was posing for pictures on a bridge and in a bamboo grove. In one of the photos, she was looking up to the sky with an umbrella in her hand.

"It's a pictorial book made to attract more visitors to the park. The pictures were taken in Arashiyama, Kyoto."

"Really? You look so beautiful."

Gun-Ho kissed on the pictures of the photo album.

After having lunch, Aikko fell asleep, and Gun-Ho left the room quietly and took a walk on the street. After visiting the Gekkoji temple nearby, Gun-Ho hurriedly came back to the hospital. It was almost 3 pm when Mori Aikko's surgery would start. Aikko was still sleeping in the room.

Her surgery didn't take long. It was simple, short and painless. It was laparoscopic surgery performed under anesthesia. Once the surgery was completed, the nurses moved Mori Aikko to a first-class room as Gun-Ho previously requested. Gun-Ho kept watching Mori Aikko's face while sitting next to her bed before he eventually fell asleep.

How long did he sleep? Gun-Ho opened his eyes and looked at Mori Aikko. She was still asleep. She looked pale. She looked like the sleeping Snow White in a children's storybook. Gun-Ho lightly pressed his lips against hers. At that very moment, someone knocked on the door. Gun-Ho was frightened and jumped out of his chair.

"I brought the patient's meal."

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Aikko opened her eyes when she heard someone talking. Her meal was clear-colored porridge prepared by the hospital.

"How are you feeling? Are you feeling any pain?"

"No, I'm okay."

"Get some of this porridge. You have to eat something."

Gun-Ho spoon-fed Aikko, and Aikko ate her porridge as if she was a baby bird being fed by her mother.

The next morning, Gun-Ho woke up in his New Otani Hotel room in Akasaka. It was already after 9 am.

"It's already 9 am. What time did I come back to the hotel last night?"

Gun-Ho quickly put some clothes on and headed to the restaurant in the hotel.

"I must have been really exhausted yesterday."

Gun-Ho had some white-rice porridge and some fruits before walking out of the restaurant.

The hotel already started being crowded. Gun-Ho could see a lot of men in a business suit in the lobby. There was a sign right next to the stairs; it said 'conference room,' and those men in a suit followed the sign and went upstairs.

"Tsuru? Maybe it is the name of the conference room."

There was a room with a sign-Tsuru (a crane) on it, and the door was slightly open. Gun-Ho looked inside the room. There was a huge banner hanging on the wall. It said,

[Year 201x OO Group's New Executives' Orientation]

"Hmm. This company is doing an orientation for their new executives here. Well, I heard that the founder of Samsung, Byung-Chul Lee used to have a meeting for his branch offices' presidents here in Tokyo pretty often."

Gun-Ho came back to his room and had a cup of coffee while looking out the window. He could see Japan's State Guest House.

"The founder of Samsung, Byung-Chul Lee used to come to Tokyo at the end of every year and make a plan for the next year. People call it Tokyo Planning. I read it from some newspaper."

Gun-Ho was lost in thought while having a cup of coffee.

'GH Mobile, GH Development, Dyeon Korea, and GH Media... How am I going to operate all of these companies?

Once Dyeon Korea opens its door, I will have to hire at least 100 workers for it. It will add another huge group of people to my employees. What am I going to do with them... As GH Mobile brings more and more sales revenues, each department started demanding more workers. The number of employees of my companies keeps increasing.

However, none of my companies have a unique product or invented product. Can a company survive for 10 or 20 years without its own patented product?'

Gun-Ho took out a cigarette and started smoking, then cast his stare out of the window again. He looked just like President Byung-Chul Lee when he was planning for his companies for the next year.

Gun-Ho was deeply lost in thought; he even forgot to smoke but he was just holding a cigarette. After a while, he nodded his head as if he made up his mind.

No one knew what Gun-Ho planned for his companies while he stayed in Tokyo.

Gun-Ho headed to Kawadacho, Shinjuku where Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital was located in. When he entered Mori Aikko's hospital room, he saw Aikko reading a cartoon book in her bed just like she had been yesterday. Mama-san Segawa Joonkko was looking at her smartphone sitting next to Aikko, just like yesterday.


Aikko greeted Gun-Ho when she saw him entering the room.

"I just talked with the nurses on the way here. They said your surgery was successful."

Mama-san said while standing up from her seat.

"If we get cooked rice instead of porridge for Aikko's meal after three days, then that is the time we can go home."


Gun-Ho came close to Aikko and held her hand, and said,

"I have to go now. I have too much work waiting for me in Korea. I will come to see you again soon after I finish those work."

Aikko looked sad but she nodded her head.

Gun-Ho then took out an envelope from the inner pocket of his jacket.

"I want you to use this for Aikko's medical bills."

Mama-san was frightened when she looked inside the envelope.

"This is way more than her medical bills."

"Well, once she is released from the hospital, she will need to have a lot of good food to fully recover and to be recharged."

"You are leaving now like that? Give her a kiss at least. You can't just leave her after only holding her hand."

Gun-Ho gave Aikko a kiss on her cheek.

When Gun-Ho arrived at Gimpo International Airport, he headed to his GH Building in Sinsa Town. The security guard in the building quickly ran out of his desk and greeted Gun-Ho, and pressed the elevator's button for Gun-Ho.

There seemed to be heavy traffic in the building. When some of the building's occupants tried to get into the elevator which Gun-Ho was in, the security guard chased them out, by saying,

"We are currently testing this elevator. Please take another one."

Gun-Ho and the security guard were the only ones who took that elevator. While they were inside the elevator, Gun-Ho told him,

"Next time, don't do it. Let others take the elevator with me. It's okay. Because of those people, our company can go on."

"I will keep that in mind, sir."

When Gun-Ho appeared at the GH Development's office, the workers ran towards Gun-Ho to greet him. Gun-Ho came to his large office and sat on his chair when his secretary-Ms. Yeon-Soo Oh followed him to his office.

"Could you get me a cup of warm green tea?"

"Yes, sir."

"Oh, and please call Dyeon and ask Ms. Angelina Rein how our workers are doing there. Tell her that I asked you to ask her about it."

"Okay, sir."

At that moment, Director Kang hastily came into Gun-Ho's office.

"Sir, you came."

"Yes, I was on my way from Japan. How's everything going here?"

"All good, sir. Nothing special."

Director Kang left Gun-Ho's office shortly and came back with a pile of documents.

"What are those?"

"These are the reports for your review, sir."

"I am so tired today. I will take a look at them tomorrow."

"Yes, sir."

After Director Kang left Gun-Ho's office and when Gun-Ho was in his office by himself, he started thinking quietly about how he was going to execute his plan that he made during his stay in Tokyo