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266 Tokyo Planning 1 – Part 1

 Gun-Ho was heading to his work when his Land Rover was running out of gas. Gun-Ho stopped by at a gas station in Baekseok Town, Cheonan City to fill up the tank of his car. He was heading out when he received a call from S Group's former vice president.

"President Goo? I'm afraid that I will have to take a rain check for our lunch appointment today."

"Something happened?"

"One of my close relatives just passed away. He was in Seoul National University Bundang Hospital. Since he didn't have any children, I will have to handle everything for him."

"I am so sorry to hear it. We can have our lunch at any time, sir."

"Me too. I know that you are a busy man, and I know you make time today for me."

"No, it's okay, really. When everything gets settled, just let me know, so we can have our lunch then."

Gun-Ho was reading a newspaper in his office when the directors and managers started pouring into his office.

"Oh, that's right. Today is a meeting day."

The managers and directors in uniform were all carrying a note with them for the meeting. It was the first meeting for the new chief officer of the research center; he joined the meeting instead of the former chief officer. Without the former chief officer and former plant manager, the members of the executive group looked more vibrant and young overall.

A total of five members attended the meeting today: Sales Director Dong-Chan Kim, Construction Director Hee-Byeong Yoon, General Affairs Director Joon-Young Choi, the new research center's chief officer- Joon-Soo Oh, and Internal Auditor Hee-Suk Goh. Director Jong-Suk Park couldn't attend the meeting since he was in the U.S. for training.

"Let's get started with the sales report. We will hear the report from the general affairs department later."

As Gun-Ho instructed, the sales director started giving a report.

"We are ordering raw materials from Seongil Polymer once again for the products, T-Cap that we provide to H Mobis. We have sold 50,000 of them last week, and the total sales revenue is..."

Gun-Ho looked at his watch and the sales director took it as a sign that he was making Gun-Ho feel bored. The sales director started wrapping up his report. After the sales report was done, the construction director and the chief officer of the research center gave their reports by turns as well. Receiving reports by itself took about an hour. Gun-Ho made some comments on them from time to time.

"The plant manager in the production department is now in an advisory position and the production director, Jong-Suk Park is in the US for training. So, please visit the production department in turns while their director and manager are absent."

"Yes, sir."

"I had worked at a production department as an apprentice years ago, and I know, from my personal experience, that the production field could become slow when there is no one supervising it."

"We will take turns in supervising the production field until Director Park comes back."

Once the meeting was over, a bunch of reports piled up on Gun-Ho's desk waiting for his approval. Gun-Ho didn't review all of them thoroughly but he sometimes read just the title of a report before he signed it.

Around 10 AM, Gun-Ho usually started reading an economic newspaper or watching the news on his smartphone, after reviewing the reports and signing them. That day, Gun-Ho was watching the news with his smartphone when he received a call from Tokyo. It was Ji-Yeon Choi- the restaurant owner in Akasaka, Tokyo.

"President Goo? It's really hard to get in touch with you these days. It seems that you haven't come to Tokyo recently."

"I've been really busy with my factory work. I know I should visit Tokyo soon."

"I can tell that you have been really busy there since I am reading a Korean newspaper from here too. I am aware that you will soon start a joint venture with the American company, Dyeon and also you acquired RiverStar Building in Gangnam."

"I see."

"But you have Mori Aikko here who you have to take care of. You can't just let her be here by herself all the time."

"Haha. I will make time to visit her soon."

"I received a call this morning from Mama-san Segawa Joonkko of the bar in Shinjuku."

"What did she say?"

"She said Mori Aikko is in a hospital right now."

"What? Is she okay? Is it serious?"

"She got a kidney stone or something. I forgot the exact word already. President Goo, if you can't come to visit her to the hospital, call her at least."

"I will go see her right away. Thank you for letting me know."

Gun-Ho called for his secretary, Hee-Jeong Park immediately.

"I will need a flight ticket to Tokyo, Japan. I will leave tomorrow. I don't need a travel visa, so just reserve a flight ticket leaving tomorrow."

"Yes, sir."

When Gun-Ho arrived in Japan, he first stopped by New Otani Hotel in Akasaka, Tokyo and reserved a room for himself. He wanted to leave his luggage at the hotel before going to see Mori Aikko at a hospital. Gun-Ho first went to the restaurant in Akasaka which Ms. Ji-Yeon Choi was running; he was carrying cosmetics that he purchased at the duty-free shop at the airport. But Ms. Ji-Yeon Choi was not there. Gun-Ho left the cosmetics with a staff at the restaurant and made a call to her.

"President Choi? I just came to your restaurant and you are not here. Do you have the name of the hospital where Mori Aikko is at?"

"Hahaha. You came so fast because your lover is sick. Give me one moment; I will find it out for you."

After a moment, Gun-Ho received a call from President Choi.

"It's Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital. She is in the room no. 1206. Her examination was done, and she will have an operation today."

"Where is Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital?"

"It's in Kawadacho, Shinjuku. Why don't you take a taxi? All taxi drivers should know where that hospital is."

"Sounds good. Thank you."

Gun-Ho arrived at Tokyo Women's Medical University Hospital, and he headed to the patient's room no. 1206. When Gun-Ho entered the room, Mori Aikko was reading a cartoon book on a bed in a half-sitting position. Mama-san Segawa Joonkko was there too. She was looking at her smartphone while sitting next to Mori Aikko.

"Mori Aikko!"


Mama-san stood up and greeted Gun-Ho as well.

"You came."

"I must look so ugly now. I didn't even wash my face today."

"Don't worry about it. You are always pretty."

Mama-san chipped in,

"Her surgery is scheduled at 3 pm today. After the doctor who has been taking care of Mori Aikko completes his ambulatory care duty, he will start her surgery."

"Is she seriously ill?"

Mama-san said some words describing Mori Aikko's illness, but Gun-Ho couldn't understand the word. When Mama-san realized Gun-Ho couldn't understand the Japanese word of that illness, she wrote corresponding Chinese characters on the cartoon book which Mori Aikko was reading. It said kidney stones.

"Oh, kidney stones!"

Gun-Ho nodded his head showing he now understood.

Gun-Ho looked around the hospital room where Mori Aikko was staying at. She was sharing the room with several other patients and the room didn't seem to help Mori Aikko take a good rest.

"Let's move her to a first-class hospital room."

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Mama-san nodded her head.

Once Mama-san left the room, Gun-Ho and Mori Aikko left alone. Gun-Ho held Mori Aikko's small hand.

"You will be fine."

"I know."

"They just need to take out stones from your kidney. No big deal."

Aikko nodded her head.