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265 Job Appointment 2 – PART 2

 Gun-Ho was a bit concerned.

'I am sending three of our workers to the U.S. for training. One of them is our lead researcher at our research center and he is 38 years old. Another one is the senior researcher who is 32 years old. Jong-Suk is going with them for training and he is 33 years old. Jong-Suk is our production director. The two researchers are in a lower-ranked position than Jong-Suk. The thing is that the two researchers are highly educated, on the other hand, Jong-Suk didn't even finish his college education. I am concerned that they might be jealous of Jong-Suk or feel unfair that Jong-Suk is in a higher position than them, given the fact that he is young and doesn't have a high education degree.'

However, it turned out that Gun-Ho was worrying unnecessarily. The two researchers viewed this trip as an opportunity to get close with Jong-Suk who was very close to their company's president.

'The rumor says that Director Jong-Suk Park is like a brother to our president, he is even closer to the president than his own siblings by blood. Maybe I can get close to Director Jong-Suk Park during this training period. I will have to take every opportunity to stay close to him and do things together with him.'

The workers in the company talked down on Jong-Suk behind his back even though he was a director in the company because he was young in age. However, the same workers acted very friendly with Jong-Suk when they were with him. People tend to act by self-serving when it came to money or power.

Sales Director Kim came into Gun-Ho's office.

"The president of Seongil Polymer is here. He is hoping that he could talk with you, sir."

"Seongil Polymer? The one who filed a lawsuit against us?"

"That's right. He said he wants to withdraw the suit."

"So I guess he changed his mind, huh? Please let him in."

Seongil Polymer's president entered the office.

"Sir, I am so sorry. I made a huge mistake with you."

The president of Seongil Polymer quickly kneeled down on the floor in front of Gun-Ho. Gun-Ho was surprised. The president was in his 50s while Gun-Ho was in his mid-30s.

"Don't do this. Please get up. If you have something you want to talk to me about, please have a seat."

After Director Kim helped the Seongil Polymer's president stand up, Gun-Ho smiled and said,

"Seongil Polymer is a creditor company of GH Mobile. You don't do this to your debtor."

"I already withdrew the lawsuit. I didn't think straight when I filed a lawsuit against your company, sir, just because the Egnopak's president asked me to do so. Please forgive me."

"Did you make some sort of deals with Egnopak for the lawsuit?"

"As a matter of fact, yes. Egnopak promised me that they would buy more products from our company if we file a lawsuit against GH Mobile for the debt that GH Mobile owe to us. Our company was recently going through some difficult times, so I thought it would be really nice if I could get cash in a lump sum once we get the payment from GH Mobile, and also if we could sell more products to Egnopak."

"I see. That's why you filed a lawsuit against us, even after you signed the agreement about our payment plan."

"To be honest with you, I figured that you were paying us in installments not because you have no money to pay us at once. I realized that when I learned that you acquired RiverStar Building in Gangnam. Moreover, there is a limited amount of products that Egnopak could buy from us realistically."

"I see."

"Additionally, the president of Egnopak told me that they are getting along with GH Mobile these days, so there is no point for us to be hostile with GH Mobile."

"Sir, you are way older than me and way more experienced than me. You shouldn't act based on shallow decision. I can continue to do business with your company, but the damage is done already."

"I was so stupid. You are indeed a man of generosity."

The Seongil Polymer's president's eyes filled with tears. Gun-Ho looked at Director Kim.

"Director Kim, please help Seongil Polymer's president walk out of the office, and get him some warm tea."

"Yes, sir. I will do that."

Director Kim helped Seongil Polymer's president who was staggering, by holding his arm and walked him out of Gun-Ho's office.

Gun-Ho was having a green tea in his office while taking some rest when the S Group's vice president crossed his mind. He was taking some time off at home without trying to get a job yet.

Gun-Ho made a call to him.

A man picked up the phone; he sounded sleepy.


"Hi. This is Gun-Ho Goo from GH Mobile."

"Oh, President Goo. Good to hear from you."

"How have you been doing, sir?"

"I started feeling bored while staying home. So, I was thinking of contacting a headhunter. Some vendor and customer companies of S Group offered me a job but I don't want to work for them."

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"Since you have extensive job experience in the field, once you contact a headhunter, a lot of companies will start offering you a job."

"Well, I doubt. I am already 56 years old. Many people might consider I am too old to be employed."

"I heard you moved to Suji in Yongin City."

"That's right. My family and I moved here three days ago. We just finished unpacking."

"You must have a lot of stuff since it took three days to unpack."

"We threw out a lot of things during the moving, but there seem to be still tons of stuff once we unpacked our boxes. This apartment that we just moved in is 60 pyung large and it looked really big when we first saw it. But now it doesn't look that large at all with all our furniture and stuff in it."

"I believe it takes only 30 minutes if you take a highway from Suji, Yongin City to be here in Jiksan Town. Since you finished moving, what do you say if I ask you to have lunch with me? What about tomorrow? I've found a really nice restaurant in this area. Many people come by that restaurant after playing golf."

"Tomorrow... I'm good, but you must be busy, President Goo."

"I'm good too. Why don't you come to the area and have lunch with me? I want to show you our new factory in Jiksan Town too."

"Sure. Sounds good. I will get there by noon tomorrow."

"Haha. I will be waiting for you, sir."

Gun-Ho went to a bar after work to have some beer. The bar was located next to the KTX Station of Asan City, Cheonan. It was close to his home. He received a call from Jong-Suk while he was having a beer there.

"Bro? It's me. We just arrived at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport."

"Did you already meet with the interpreter who Dyeon sent?"

"Yes. We are on our way to the downtown altogether."

"I hope you have a valuable time there. You will learn some advanced technology of Dyeon there."

"I can't believe I am in the U.S. Because of you, I could come this far, bro. I guess I can consider myself as a successful man."

"Enjoy while you can, and teach yourself well while you can."