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262 Job Appointment 1 – PART 1

 Gun-Ho asked for the chief officer of the research center.

"Please select two smart engineers at the research center. We will send them to Dyeon to receive training on chemical compounds."

"Can I select someone who is currently working in another department?"

"Sure. It doesn't matter. We just need people who have great potential to be one of the top engineers."

"I suppose we also need to consider whether the person would stay with us for the long-term. We don't want to train someone who would leave the company soon."


"If the person left for one of our competitor companies either in Korea or in China after he receives necessary training from Dyeon and gains relevant work experience after he returns to our company, then that could incur a tremendous loss to our company."

"You're right. We will need to take that into account as well in selecting the engineers for the training."

"The new chief officer is coming to work next Monday. I will consider this task as my last work here as a research center's chief officer before I hand over my work to the new chief officer."

Gun-Ho received a report from the assistant manager of the general affairs department that he completed registration work for the new joint venture.

Gun-Ho started carrying out a large-scale job appointment within GH Mobile. At first, Gun-Ho appointed the plant manager and the research center's chief officer to a one-year advisory position since they both reached their retirement age. The chief officer of the research center would work with the newly formed joint venture-Deyon Korea; he would provide technical advice within the company. The plant manager would join Min-Hyeok Kim in China, and he would work at GH Parts Company in Suzhou City, China for a year.

There were a few employees who received their promotions: the sales director, the general affairs manager, production manager, construction director, etc. The letter of appointment was delivered to each department, and it was posted on the announcement board as well.

1. Advisory Position

Plant Manager, Man-Soo Li ----- Advisory position (1 year) GH Parts Company in Suzhou City, China

Research Center's Chief Officer, Gil-Hoon Bang ----- Advisory position (1 year) Dyeon Korea

2. Promotion

Sales Director, Dong-Chan Kim ----- Managing Director (Relocation to Dyeon Korea)

Construction Director, Hee-Byeong Yoon ----- Managing Director

General Affairs Manager, Joon-Young Choi ----- Director (General Affairs Team)

Production Manager, Jong-Suk Park ----- Director (Production Team)

Assistant Manager of General Affairs, Chang-Hoon Seo ----- Manager (Relocation to Sales Team)

3. New Hire

Chief Officer of Research Center, Joon-Soo Oh ----- Director Level

Gun-Ho proceeded the job appointment within GH Development in Seoul as well.

Manager, Seong-Il Kang ----- Director

General Affairs, Ji-Young Jeong ----- Assistant Manager

March 1, 201x. President, Gun-Ho Goo.

The ones who were promoted were extremely happy because the promotion would make a significant change in their benefits. First of all, their salary would be raised dramatically.

They were requested to come to Gun-Ho's office, and the general affairs director-Joon-Young Choi-led them to the president's office.

Gun-Ho had a handshake with every single one of them and congratulated them for their job promotion.

"I should actually have promoted all of you earlier. All I want from you is to work hard as you have always done."

"We will do our best, sir."

"And I want to introduce you to our new chief officer at the research center. He obtained his Ph.D. in Munich, Germany, and he worked at the research center with BMW, Hyundai and other companies, as a lead researcher."

"Hello, everyone. My name is Joon-Soo Oh."

After the new chief officer of the research center was introduced, Gun-Ho looked at the plant manager and the former research center's chief officer and said,

"Mr. Plant Manager, why don't you start working in China after a month? Director Jong-Suk Park will have to take a leave for a month in order to receive training in the U.S. I think you should stay here until he comes back."

"Yes, sir."

"Also, the new building of the joint venture is still under construction. It will take another three months to complete the building. For those of you who are relocated to work there, you can stay here until the new factory is ready."

"Yes, sir."

"Well, I congratulate all of you once again."

"Thank you."

The workers who were just promoted gave a deep bow to Gun-Ho before they left the president's office.

The news about the recent job appointment within GH Mobile and GH Development traveled quickly and reached Min-Hyeok Kim in China and GH Media. It seemed that the general affairs management department sent the announcement to them as well.

Min-Hyeok Kim gave a call to Gun-Ho right away.

"I've read the announcement about the job appointment, and I just gave a call to Jong-Suk to congratulate him on his promotion."

"What did he say? Is he happy?"

"Well, he said he feels a heavy burden on his shoulders because he thinks he is too young to be a director. Oh, and he said he is leaving for the U.S. soon."

"Yeah. He will receive training from Dyeon."

"I am sure he will do great. He is very loyal; he will assist you for a long time as your right-hand man, President Goo."

"Thank you."

"Is the plant manager coming here soon?"

"He will join you a month later because Jong-Suk won't be here for a month for his training, so we need the plant manager during Jong-Suk's absence."

"I am hoping to have him here as soon as possible. We have many machines and equipment that require his attention and care."

"Once the plant manager joins you, make sure the workers in China learn a lot of things from him."

"I know. I already told them to get ready."

"Once Dyeon Korea's factory is completed, you will need to form a separate entity to handle the sales of Dyeon Korea's products. Well, I think you'd better start preparing now. You will have a stock option of 5% for the new sales company, of course."

"Thank you."

"We don't say that between friends."

"Oh, I am getting married next month in Shanghai in a Chinese style. If you could come, I would really appreciate it."

"And you will have another wedding in Korea, too?"

"Yes, we will have a wedding in Incheon, too. I have relatives and my parents' friends to invite to our wedding."

"You are lucky enough to have two weddings. I am so envious of you."

"You don't have to. It is a very tiring process."

"That is happy tiring. Well, I gotta go."

As Gun-Ho anticipated, Egnopak's president came to see him in person. He brought four people with him, including the in-house attorney who was leading Egnopak's legal team.

Egnopak's president-Seung-Gak Kim-looked around Gun-Ho's new factory in Jiksan Town, and he said,

"The factory is larger than I expected, and it is very neat. Well, it's not bad at all."

Egnopak's president entered the company with his personnel. The general affairs department and the sales team were informed by the security office that Egnopak's president just arrived.

The newly promoted managing director, Mr. Kim, ran to the front entrance. He had known the Egnopak's president for quite a long time. He had met him several times for Mulpasaneop's business.

"President Kim, sir."

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"Oh, you are Director Kim from Mulpasaneop."

Someone poked Director Kim.

"I am the managing director now of GH Mobile."

"Oh, I see."

Egnopak's president extended his thick hand to Director Kim for a handshake.

"Is President Gun-Ho Goo in the office?"

"Yes, he is. We received a call from Egnopak's secretary's office that you will be visiting us, so President Gun-Ho Goo is expecting you."

Egnopak's president entered Gun-Ho's office as Director Kim showed him to. Gun-Ho quickly stood up when he saw Egnopak's president coming into his office.

"I'm the president of Egnopak."

"Good to see you, sir. And thank you for visiting our small and humble factory."

Egnopak's president sat on a chair.

"Why don't you all have a seat, too."

Egnopak's president told his four workers who accompanied him. He acted as if he owned the company.