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260 Lynch 4 – PART 1

 When Gun-Ho announced that he wanted to teach the guy a lesson, Tae-Young Im quickly came forward.

"Big brother. We will be on it. We need some exercise anyway."

"I don't want to give him a lesson in a physical way. But I want to educate him with words."

When Jong-Suk realized that Gun-Ho didn't intend to beat that guy up, he burst with anger.

"They attacked us physically. If you don't want to beat them up, I will do it. You just watch me do it, bro."

Gun-Ho shook his head slowly.

"We are mature people. We don't do that. We are not gangsters like them."

"Bro, you are too nice, you shouldn't be especially to them."

"Well, just leave it to me for now. Dong-Hwan Kim is not my target. I want his father-Seung-Gak Kim-to submit himself to me. The reason I want you all to be here today is that I want to show you how Dong-Hwan Kim would surrender to me. I want you to witness it. Just stay next to me and watch it."

Gun-Ho headed to the room, where Dong-Hwan Kim was enjoying his time with his friends, accompanied by Jong-Suk, Tae-Young Im, and other bouncers.

Dong-Hwan Kim was having his liquor while hugging a girl who was half-naked. When he saw the group of nine sturdy men entering the room, he seemed to be frightened.

"Who are you? This is my room!"

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Gun-Ho said slowly, "Are you Dong-Hwan Kim?"

"Who are you?!"

Dong-Hwan Kim hadn't seen Gun-Ho before. He asked someone to take a picture of Gun-Ho in order to show the gangster who they should attack, but he hadn't actually seen him in person.

"Me, I am Gun-Ho Goo!"

"Gun... Ho Goo?!"

Gun-Ho looked at the girls in the room.

"Why don't you give us some privacy here?"

The female workers grabbed their clothes and purses and left the room hastily.

Gun-Ho then talked to the other two men in the room, who was drinking with Dong-Hwan Kim.

"We have some business to take care of with Mr. Dong-Hwan Kim. Why don't you give us a moment and continue having fun in the next room? Tae-Young Im! Show these two gentlemen to the room next door!"

"Yes, brother!"

The two men, who were having a drink with Dong-Hwan Kim, picked up their jackets and followed Tae-Young to the room next door. They seemed to be scared.

Once Dong-Hwan's friends left the room, Gun-Ho came forward to the table where Dong-Hwan was sitting at. Gun-Ho then put his right foot on the table and grabbed Dong-Hwan by his hair. Dong-Hwan was frightened. Gun-Ho asked,

"Why did you do that?"

"What are you talking about? Let go of my hair and let's talk."

"The gangsters, who were arrested, confessed everything at the Asan police station. The police already verified the payment of 3 million won you sent to those gangsters."

Gun-Ho shook Dong-Hwan's hair twice and Dong-Hwan screamed in pain and also in fear.

"Please let go of my hair. Let's talk face-to-face."

At that moment, Jong-Suk suddenly took out a sashimi knife. Jong-Suk didn't tell Gun-Ho that he would bring a knife, but he carried it with him.

"Do you recognize this knife?"

Jong-Suk held the knife close to Dong-Hwan's eyes.

"The men you sent to us cut my forearm with this knife."

Jong-Suk rolled up his sleeve and showed Dong-Hwan his wound. There was an ugly scar on his forearm, which looked like a centipede.

"I'm going to give you exactly the same scar."

Jong-Suk then held his knife to Dong-Hwan's neck.

"Pl... please don't kill me."

Dong-Hwan was terrified in extreme fear, and he even peed his pants. He was shaking. Dong-Hwan had beaten up a lot of people so far, but he had probably never experienced the fear of being beaten up or killed by others. That was the life he had until now as a man who was born into a wealthy family.

"Stop it."

Jong-Suk retrieved his knife as Gun-Ho asked him to, but he kicked Dong-Hwan's shin before he retreated.

Dong-Hwan screamed. He grabbed his shin while frowning in pain.

"Kneel! You son of a bi*ch!"

Dong-Hwan was rubbing his shin pretending he didn't hear that Jong-Suk asked him to kneel.

"I said kneel! I guess you need something else other than my words to hear what I say."

Jong-Suk pulled out his sashimi knife again.

"You son of a bi*ch, I will give you a mark on your face!"

Jong-Suk gestured as if he would really cut Dong-Hwan's face. Dong-Hwan was terrified.

"I... I will do it."

Dong-Hwan finally kneeled, and he was shaking in fear.

Gun-Ho pinched Dong-Hwan's cheek with his thumb and finger; he then shook it. Dong-Hwan screamed in pain.

Gun-Ho kept pinching and shaking Dong-Hwan's cheek despite his scream. Gun-Ho then said,

"You jerk. You have a pretty face, but what you did to us was not pretty at all."

Gun-Ho then pulled out a piece of blank paper from the inner pocket of his jacket.

"Write down that you paid the gangsters 3 million won and asked them to assault Gun-Ho Goo, and as a result, they attacked Gun-Ho Goo near the Onyang Hot Spring Hotel. And also, write down that you are the wire puller of the Onyang Hot Spring Hotel assault case."

Dong-Hwan wrote a confession statement as instructed by Gun-Ho. His hand was shaking while writing the statement. The statement was then signed by himself with his thumbprint.

"If you are arrested by the police, it will work unfavorably to your case. If you want to have less time in prison, go to Asan City tomorrow and turn yourself in."

Dong-Hwan started shedding tears.

"Okay. I will do that."

Gun-Ho then turned around and said to Jong-Suk Park and Tae-Young's party,

"Thank you for coming today. Let's go. I guess we are done here."

Jong-Suk protested,

"Bro? Are we done? Are we just going to leave that son of bi*ch like that? No, bro. I need to beat him up today."

"That's enough!"

Jong-Suk Park had the last words for Dong-Hwan before he left the room. He pulled out the sashimi knife again and walked toward Dong-Hwan, and said,

"You, if you try anything stupid again, I will poke your belly with this knife."

While saying that, Jong-Suk simulated poking Dong-Hwan's belly with his knife. Dong-Hwan was surprised, and he covered his belly with his hand. Jong-Suk then grabbed Dong-Hwan's hair and shook it. A few strands of Dong-Hwan's hair fell to the ground.

"You, as*hole, I was a member of the gangster in Incheon City. It's a piece of cake to make a jerk like you disappear! Just know how lucky you are. If Gun-Ho brother was not here today, you would have been dead already! You got that?"

Tae-Young Im, who was in a black suit, came forward and talked to Dong-Hwan,

"If I see you around our big brother again, I will bury you alive. Be very careful about walking on the street."

Dong-Hwan was just kneeling on the ground while his body shook because of fear. He had probably never been treated like this by others in his entire life. He was born rich and raised in the same environment, and he had acted as if he was above all others.

The following day, Dong-Hwan went to Asan City and turned himself in.

Gun-Ho was having a cup of coffee in his office when he received a call from the detective who was in charge of Gun-Ho's case.

"The wire puller turned himself in. We also arrested the other two attackers, and they are on their way to our police station now. Once the investigation is completed, we will send them to a prosecutor's office."

"Thank you for your hard work, detective."