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258 Lynch 3 – PART 1

 Detectives in the criminal investigation department at the police station in Asan City were summoned to the chief police officer's office. The chief police officer was vastly upset and said,

"What's going on with the assault case that occurred near Onyang Hot Spring Hotel? The entire city is paying attention to it. You all read the newspaper, right? I can't do my work because of this. Calls kept coming into my office regarding that case!"

"We are done with analyzing, sir, and we are in the process of arresting the guys who were involved in it."

"I saw the CCTV record. They are obviously gangsters! Arrest them all. Oh, and check if there is a wirepuller and arrest him too!"

"Yes, sir."

"Detective Kim! Do you remember the three things that would show what really happened? I told you about it before. Tell me those three things!"

"They are CCTV analysis, phone logs, and bank statements, sir."

"Did you look at all three of them or not? Did you send a letter to KT (Korea Telecom) asking for their cooperation? Did you?"

"Umm, yes, sir. We did."

"Expedite the investigation and give me a report quickly. I will need the report by the day after tomorrow. I will be questioned about the case during the meeting for local government officials. Don't make me feel embarrassed in that meeting, okay?"

"Yes, sir."

"Detective Kim, go and see the victim and apologize to him. And tell him we will do everything we could in order to arrest the attackers. I think we are dealing with a powerful person here. Do you have any idea who the victim is? He is the one who acquired RiverStar building in Gangnam, Seoul!"

The detective knew intuitively,

'This is not a simple assault. I smell something fishy about this case.'

Once they walked out of the chief officer's office, the lead detective called for the lead investigator and the detective in charge of the case, and told them,

"The assault was committed to a businessman. This case must be handled with care. We might be audited for it as well. Moreover, it's already in our local newspapers, and it could appear soon in other national newspapers. For the moment, you two go meet the victim and apologize to him. After you meet with the victim, arrest all of those attackers."

The lead investigator and Detective Kim arrived at Gun-Ho's GH Mobile factory. The detective was surprised after learning that the victim was the owner of the factory.

"I thought the victim was just working for this company like a manager or something because he is so young. I didn't expect to find out he was the owner of this company."

"The victim is in his mid-30s, right? Yeah... he must have a rich daddy, that's how he can run a big company like this. The small people like us, we have to work our asses off and go around catching gangsters without getting enough sleep at night."

The lead police investigator and the detective headed to the general affairs department.

"Excuse me. We are from the criminal investigation department at the police station in Asan City. We'd like to talk with President Gun-Ho Goo."

A staff at the general affairs department showed them to Gun-Ho's office.

Gun-Ho was reading a newspaper when they entered the office. Gun-Ho lifted his head to look at those two sturdy men whom a staff of the general affairs department brought to his office.

"Are you President Gun-Ho Goo? I am the lead investigator at the Asan City's police station."

"Oh, I see. Please have a seat."

A female staff from the general affairs department brought green tea to them.

"We are so sorry that you have been attacked within our precinct."

"Oh, okay."

"We have the list of the assailants who attacked you, sir. There are eight. Four of them are the gangsters from the Cheonan City area, and four of them are from Seoul. We will arrest all of them within the next two days."

"I am more interested in the person behind this incident, who hired those gangsters to attack me."

"Once we arrest and started interrogating them, we will find out the wirepuller soon. Usually, their bank statements and the call logs will tell who paid them to do this."


"Our chief police officer is paying close attention to this case. You don't have to worry about it. We apologize to you again, sir, for this unfortunate incident that happened in our precinct."

Once the detective and the lead investigator left Gun-Ho's office, the lady staff from the general affairs department brought a mail to Gun-Ho. It was from the U.S.

"Oh, it's from Lymondell Dyeon. We are sending the power of attorney along with the resolution of the Board of Directors, so please register for foreign investment. Well, they know what has to be done next. They do have a lot of experience with foreign investment."

Gun-Ho called for the same lady staff of the general affairs department.

"Can you scan these documents and send them to Secretary Yeon-Soo Oh at GH Development? And ask her to translate it into Korean and send it back to me."

"Yes, sir."

Gun-Ho then made a phone call to the general affairs manager.

"Mr. General Affairs Manager? Is the assistant manager available? I have something that I want him to work on. Please send him to my office."

"Yes, sir."

After a moment, the good-looking assistant manager of the general affairs department entered Gun-Ho's office. He was of the same age as Gun-Ho and he was from Cheonan City.

Gun-Ho said with a smile,

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"Please have a seat."

"Yes, sir."

The assistant manager carefully sat at the table. The assistant manager felt difficult around Gun-Ho even though Gun-Ho was of the same age as him because Gun-Ho was the company owner president and he also owns several other companies.

"How's your work? Do you like what you do here?"

"Yes, sir."

"I've heard a lot about you from Manager Jong-Suk Park from the production team. He said that you are a hard worker."

"Oh, ummm. Thank you, sir."

"You have heard that we will soon start a joint venture, haven't you?"

"Yes, sir. I am well aware of it. We are building a new factory for the joint venture with Lymondell Dyeon on the land where we used to have an old factory in Asan City."

"We need someone who takes charge of the registration work for that joint venture. We will need to register the foreign investment. Will you undertake the work?"

"Oh, the registration work? I haven't done it before though..."

"No one has experience with the foreign investment registration in our company. You graduated from a college in this area with high grades, and I highly evaluate your work here as well. I believe you can do this."


"We all have the first time for everything, and we learn as we do. And we become experienced like that. Here are the documents from Lymondell Dyeon. They are all written in English. They are the power of attorney and the resolution of their board of directors, and they are all notarized. GH Development in Seoul is working on the translation of these documents into Korean. Once we receive the translated version, make a report for the foreign investment first."

"Where do I make a report to?"

"You can do it to Korea Exchange Bank. I believe most banks such as Kukmin Bank, Shinhan Bank, and Woori Bank will handle it these days. They all handle foreign exchange work with their international business networks."

"Okay, sir. I will do it."

The assistant manager from the general affairs department took the documents that Gun-Ho handed to him and walked out of Gun-Ho's office.