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257 Lynch 2 – PART 2

 "I have a favor to ask you, Attorney Kim."

"What is it?"

"I'm going to make a request to Asan Police to reinvestigate my case. I will then give you a call."

"They will find out what really happened if they reinvestigate. What do you need me for?"

"You don't know how things work in the police system. I don't want to prolong the reinvestigation process. The police are not loyal to the citizens, but they are loyal to their boss."

"Wow. You are incredible. I thought you accumulated your wealth by sheer luck, but I guess I was wrong. So, you are asking me if I know any high ranked officer in the police, am I right?"

"If the wirepuller has enough power and right connections, he could have some controls within the police as well. So, I want to give him Omni-directional pressure."

"How are you are going to do that?"

"I won't give him enough time to defend himself. I will make him kneel down on the ground in front of me."


"I don't intend to put a few gangsters behind bars. I want some gains in my business."

"You are suspecting Egnopak."

Gun-Ho didn't say anything but he smiled in response to Attorney Kim's speculation.

"A businessman usually wants practical benefits rather than justification, I can see that."

Gun-Ho said while wiping his mouth with a paper napkin after having a sip of his black tea.

"There should be someone in Kim & Jeong Law Firm, who used to work as a policeman, isn't there?"

"Of course, there is. One of the advisors used to work as a police commissioner."

"Once I file my request to reinvestigate my case with the Asan police station, will you ask him to give a call to their chief police officer at the Asan police station?"

"What do you want him to say to them?"

"He can just tell them to reinvestigate it thoroughly and find out what really happened. He doesn't have to ask them to work in favor of a victim or an attacker."

"That's it?"

"I will take care of the press afterward."

Gun-Ho came back to Korea. Once he returned to his office, he showed the contract with Lymondell Dyeon to the GH Mobile's directors and managers. He also sent the contract to GH Development's office in GH Building in Sinsa Town, Seoul, and asked the new secretary-Ms. Yeon-Soo Oh to translate it into the Korean language.

The secretary from GH Development asked Gun-Ho over the phone with a sweet voice,

"Is that okay for me to send you the translated contract via email, sir?"

"No, please make five copies of it and mail them to me to my office in Jiksan Town by express mail."

"Yes, sir. I will do that."

Gun-Ho then asked for Director Yoon who was in charge of construction.

"Director Yoon, we finally have the contract signed. Prepare to start the infrastructure construction work."

"Yes, sir. I've already selected a construction company. We can get it started right away."

"Just get ready to start it for now. I will have to let you know the right time to start it."

"What do you mean, sir?"

"Just be prepared until you hear further notice from me."

Gun-Ho went to the police station in Asan City and made a formal request to re-investigate his case. He attached to his request, the injury certificates of himself and Jong-Suk, which were issued by the hospital. The injury certificates stated that both Gun-Ho and Jong-Suk required 2 weeks to fully recover from the injuries, even though Gun-Ho had 4 stitches and Jong-Suk had 16 stitches. This was because healing would take about the same time once the stitches were done. Gun-Ho, therefore, added Jong-Suk's additional injury in other body parts to the certificate so he could get 3 weeks' recovery time indicated on his injury certificate.

Gun-Ho made a phone call to Attorney Young-Jin Kim.

"I just submitted my request for re-investigation."

"Okay. I will ask our advising attorney to call them right away."

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"Thank you."

"Did they already start their investigation per your request?"

"I'm not sure. I just received one phone call from a policeman for it. He just wanted to verify if I requested the re-investigation."

"Haha. Okay. I guess we will have to make them expedite your case."

Gun-Ho asked for the general affairs manager.

"We have a few journalists attended at our building dedication ceremony last time, right?"


"Can you contact them and thank them for coming to our earlier building dedication ceremony, and also tell them that we want to invite them for dinner. And ask them to bring more journalists who couldn't attend our ceremony last time."

Four journalists came to GH Mobile. Journalists usually came to meet business owners gladly when their presence was requested. One of the journalists talked to Gun-Ho. He attended GH Mobile's building dedication ceremony before.

"Our newspaper covered your joint venture contract with a big American company."

This journalist worked for an economic newspaper, and it was sometimes fed by Kim & Jeong Law Firm as their source.

Another journalist chipped in.

"I read that news. Our community is so proud of GH Mobile."

Gun-Ho responded with a worried look on his face,

"I initially planned to build a factory for our new joint venture business in the Northern area of Chungnam province, but, I think I have to move it to another area."

"Why? Is there any reason for the change in your plan?"

"Security. The area is not safe. I was once beaten up on the street near a hotel without any reason. Lymondell Dyeon wouldn't want to invest in a provincial area where the safety issue is apparent. So I am seriously considering moving our factory to Gyeonggi Province."

"What the hell the local police are doing?"

The journalists started raising their voices.

"I think we can talk about the incident on the newspapers, so the local community becomes aware of the safety issue and the police would improve the security in the area."

"You are absolutely right. If that's what happened, it is a big problem."

"Hey, Mr. Park, why don't you cover the story? I will send it to my head office too."

The chief police officer in Asan City received a phone call from the former commissioner police. Once he got off the phone, he called for the police officer who was in charge of Gun-Ho's case.

"Detective Kim. The assault case you are working on to reinvestigate. The one that occurred near the Onyang Hot Spring Hotel."

"What about it, sir?"

"How is the re-investigation going?"

"I am working on it, sir."

"Make it quick. An important person is paying attention to that case."

"Yes, sir. I am analyzing the CCTV records right now."

Newspapers covered public safety issues in Asan City. The news articles stated that the safety issue was hindering foreign investment to the area. The government officials in Asan City started raising their voices on the issue.

"It is already hard to attract foreign investment to our community, but the ones that were planned to be established in our area will be taken away because of our community's security issue? What the hell the police is doing?!"

Asan City's police station started getting calls.

"I am the president of the Chamber of Commerce. Did you read the newspaper? We are actively promoting the business in our area. But you are killing it because you don't do your work right."

"I've read the newspaper. We are reinvestigating the incident."

"Are you the chief police officer? I am the president of the Small and Mid-size Business Committee. Did you read the newspaper today?

"Yes, I have. I am so sorry. We will arrest those people who were involved in the assault."

The chief police officer was vastly upset.

"Have the chief criminal investigator, the head of the police investigator, and the detective in charge of this case come to my office right now!"