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254 Lynch 1 – PART 1

 The gangsters were about seven to eight people. Some of them were carrying a club. One man came forward in front of Gun-Ho. He looked like the leader of the gangster.

"Are you President Gun-Ho Goo?"

"Yes, I am. Do I know you?"

"You are creating too much noise these days."

"What? Who are you?"

"The one in a business suit is Gun-Ho Goo. Beat him up!"

The group of men started beating Gun-Ho with a club.

Gun-Ho was hit and staggered.

"You, f*ckers! Who the hell are you?"

Jong-Suk stood up in front of Gun-Ho to prevent any further beating while yelling at them.

And then, he punched one of the gangsters, who was standing close to him, with his fist.

The man who was just hit by Jong-Suk on his face screamed in pain and collapsed on the ground. Another man attacked Jong-Suk, but Jong-Suk was faster than him. The second man got hit in his stomach and was knocked down.

"You, f*ckers! Are you still here? Are you waiting for another blow? I've been in this field before. F*ck away, you small fries!"

The group's leader took out a sashimi knife, and the others also took out their knives.

"He is wishing for his death! Kill him!"

Jong-Suk took out his screwdriver that he was always carrying around with him.

The gangsters attacked Jong-Suk and Gun-Ho with knives and clubs.

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Four of them started fighting with Jong-Suk, and three of them attacked Gun-Ho with clubs and sashimi knives. Gun-Ho quickly blocked himself with a freestanding ashtray; it was more like a reflex which fortunately slowed down the attackers. The ashes from the ashtray scattered around, and the attackers couldn't open their eyes.

Gun-Ho could avoid the man with a knife, but he was hit in his head by a club. He was now bleeding from his head. Jong-Suk ran toward Gun-Ho and landed a blow on the attacker who just hit Gun-Ho with a club. The attacker's mouth became filled with his blood.

"Bro! Run! Go to a place where you see lots of people!"

Jong-Suk was fighting alone with four gangsters, but it was beyond his capacity. At that moment, one of the attackers successfully cut Jong-Suk's arm with a sashimi knife.

Jong-Suk and Gun-Ho started running toward the hotel.

"Don't let them slip out!"

When Gun-Ho arrived at the hotel lobby, he grabbed a plant that was placed inside the lobby and threw it toward the gangster group. It spattered soil in the air.

The customers inside the hotel lobby started screaming. The hotel staff ran toward Gun-Ho. Gun-Ho was blocking one of the gangsters using a chair while bleeding from his head. Jong-Suk Park was actively fighting with several gangsters; he was agile and skillful. The hotel was in chaos.

The police arrived. Someone must have called 911.

Gun-Ho could hear a police car siren. When policemen in uniforms were pouring out from the car, the gangsters quickly left the scene. The police arrested one gangster who was hit in his stomach by Jong-Suk and who was lying down on the ground along with Jong-Suk Park and Gun-Ho.

"Show me your ID. Are you injured?"

The gangster acted as if he was in severe pain and said,

"I am the victim here."

"You, son of a bi*ch. He is not the victim."

Jong-Suk screamed.

"Be quiet. Give me your ID."

The policeman was trying to control the situation.

The police took the three men, who were involved in the fight and found at the scene, in the police vehicle and headed to a hospital. The gangster grabbed his stomach while he was in the process of seeing a doctor; he looked like in a lot of pain.

"Are you okay?"

The gangster didn't even respond to the policeman. In Jong-Suk's eyes, he was acting as if he was seriously injured. Jong-Suk quickly pressed the gangster's neck with his uninjured right hand and yelled at him,

"You, son of a bi*ch! Who sent you? Who is behind you?"

The policeman quickly separated Jong-Suk from the gangster and shouted at him,

"He seemed to be severely injured because you beat him up. And that was not enough for you? You are still trying to beat him more in the hospital? It seemed to be obvious that you are the assailant!"

"What are you talking about? They are the ones who attacked us first."

"We will see who is telling the truth. If you don't stay quiet, you will end up in jail soon!"

Gun-Ho talked Jong-Suk out of it,

"Just stay put, Jong-Suk. Let's get medical treatment first. Your left arm doesn't look good."

Fortunately, Gun-Ho was not seriously injured. His forehead needed some stitches; other than that, he was fine. Jong-Suk, on the other hand, was cut in his left forearm by one of the gangsters' sashimi knife. His cut required 16 stitches. The gangster made all the fuss about his pain and injury, but he was fine. After going through all sorts of medical examination including x-rays, the doctor concluded that he was totally fine except a small cut on his face which required 2 stitches. Jong-Suk kicked his face while fighting and that probably made that cut on his face.

Gun-Ho was lying down on the hospital bed while his forehead was being stitched. It was painful. While he received medical treatment, Gun-Ho thought.

'Who sent those gangsters to me? I didn't do anything that would incur someone's grudge against me. Maybe the workers who quit when we moved our factory's location? Nah. They are little people; they don't have that kind of money to buy those gangsters. What about... the BM Entertainment's manager who came to see me the other day? Well, he doesn't have enough motive to do this egregious act. He wouldn't get any benefit from this because it's not something I could make work. Then... who else? Oh, Egnopak? He is from a wealthy family and has enough money to do that. But he is an old man, and he should know better. Then who did this? I can't think of anyone who would do this to me.'

Gun-Ho and Jong-Suk didn't have to stay in the hospital. They were immediately released from the hospital once they were treated. Before they could leave, the doctor told them,

"You should avoid any contact with water, and you should be careful when you wash your face. If you do that and take these pills as instructed, you should be fine. And don't forget to come to us every other day so we can check your wound and disinfect it until we could remove the stitches."

Gun-Ho was sitting on the hospital bed while getting an IV injection when the policeman entered the room with some paperwork.

"We need to talk with you about the fight you were involved earlier. Do you want to do it here or do you want to come to the police station with us?"

"I prefer to do it here."

Gun-Ho looked at the paper that the policeman took out. It was the statement of the gangster.

"We are the victims."

"He said that they were the victims."

"They attacked us with sashimi knives without any apparent reason."

"He told us a different story. He said, the Jong-Suk Park person attacked them with a screwdriver and threatened them that he would kill them. So one of his friends who was working in a restaurant brought a knife. Does it sound right?"

"No, not even close."

"Mr. Gun-Ho Goo! You seem to be a gentleman. You must be honest with us."

"They attacked us as a group. And they were all prepared with a club and sashimi knives. It was a planned attack."

"According to the other party's statement, they didn't bring a knife at first. But as the fight became serious, one of his friends brought a knife from his workplace. And he picked up a club to protect himself. He said Jong-Suk Park attacked him first with a screwdriver. Does he carry his screwdriver all the time?"

"He is an engineer at a factory, so it's not strange at all to carry a screwdriver. It could be just a habit of his."

"So you are saying that he carries a screwdriver even if he was off duty. Well, let's move on."

The policeman seemed to think Gun-Ho's explanation about Jong-Suk's screwdriver was ridiculous. Gun-Ho was baffled, but he couldn't think of any way to convince the policeman in the very situation.

"We will find out who is the victim or the attacker later. For now, I will just take your statement, your side of the story. Just tell me what happened in your own words."