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248 Hiring New Workers for GH Development 1 – PART 1

 The Seongil Polymer's president started agonizing.

"It is certainly nice to be able to sell more products to Egnopak. We are now selling 400 million won worth of products to Egnopak rather than 300 million won. But I will lose another major customer-GH Mobile for this."

The president of Seongil Polymer went to see the Egnopak's president.

"I filed a lawsuit against GH Mobile as you asked. You will have to order an additional 100 million won worth of products from us as you promised."

"Okay, I will do that. But I will do that when you receive the payment order from the court."

"I will lose one of our major customers-GH Mobile because I am helping you, sir."

"Don't worry about it. The amount of the products you are selling to GH Mobile is only 100 million won, right? Our company will cover it for you."

"The problem is that President Gun-Ho Goo from GH Mobile is spreading a bad rumor about our company as they terminated the business relationship with us."

"What kind of rumor?"

"They are saying that they terminated the business with us because our products were defective and they are saying that they found foreign substances in our products. Also, they say that our product cost is unreasonably high."

"He is indeed vicious."

The president of Egnopak called for the company's in-house attorney. Because Egnopak was a large company, they had an in-house legal department and an attorney. The in-house attorney was leading the in-house legal department of Egnopak.

"I asked the Seongil Polymer's president to let us know right away once he receives a court order for the payment from GH Mobile."

"That's good."

"But the thing is... what if that Gun-Ho Goo person pays off the 300 million won debt as soon as they receive the payment order from the court? He seems to have a lot of money in cash, and he recently purchased a high-rise huge building in Gangnam."

"Well, if President Gun-Ho Goo pays off the debt to Seongil Polymer, then Seongil Polymer's president should tell that to everybody."

"Tell it to everyone?"

"Yes, he should."

"What for? Ohhh, so other creditor companies become aware of that fact."

"That's right. GH Mobile still has several creditor companies. Once they learn about GH Mobile's paying off the debt to Seongil Polymer, all of the other creditors will ask GH Mobile to pay off their debts too."

"Well, the people who graduate from law school are indeed smart people, just like you."

"If GH Mobile can't pay the debt after the court ordered the payment, Seongil Polymer will have to start collecting process immediately."

"So, they can seize GH Mobile's equipment or automobile, right?"

"Well, we want to focus on their accounts receivable from their major customers like S Group. That way, we can damage GH Mobile's reputation. It will also plant some bad images to S Group about GH Mobile."

"So we can reduce GH Mobile's business."

"That's right. Their customer companies would think GH Mobile has some problems with their financial system and would want to reduce their business with GH Mobile."

"You are so smart. Your LEET (Legal Education Eligibility Test) score when you were admitted to the law school was 130, right?"

"It was actually 140, sir."

"Oh, was it? Hahaha."

"Well, we still have to consider that GH will respond to all things that would happen around them with a smart move."

"What would they do?"

"They have highly educated and smart workers too and President Gun-Ho Goo is a self-made successful man. He won't be easy to defeat. I've reviewed a copy of their response to the court. I believe they are trying to buy some time."


"I think they will drag this case to the higher court."

The president of Egnopak seemed to feel very uncomfortable knowing that Gun-Ho probably had a good tactic.

"Okay. You are dismissed."

"Yes, sir."

The in-house attorney who graduated from a law school gave a deep bow to the Egnopak's president before leaving his office.

When Egnopak's president was looking for all the ways that he could think of to distress Gun-Ho, he received a call from the U.S. It was from his son who was running Egnopak's factory in California.

"Is that Gun-Ho something person from GH Mobile still bothering you, dad?"

"I had set up everything to start a joint venture with Lymondell Dyeon, and that son of b*tch appeared from nowhere and intercepted it. I am so still upset about it."

"Did you ask that Seongil Polymer company to file a lawsuit against them? I told you that when I was in Korea last time. What happened?"

"They did, but it seems like it would take a long time."

"I think I'd better come to Korea to teach him a lesson."

"I want to kick him in his belly if I could."

"Don't worry about it, dad. Even though I graduated from USC (University of Southern California), I still have a lot of friends in Gangnam, Seoul."

"We should refrain from using any physical violence. That could backfire."

"Don't worry about it, dad."

"You think about it, son. Don't you remember the time when I wielded my baseball bat at a bar? I wielded it because you were being insulted there."

"I was too young at that time, but now I am in control of those people. They will lick my feet if I ask them to do so."

"Well, just don't do it. We will have to think about it another way, something smart."

"I am coming to Korea next week. I will see you then, dad."

Gun-Ho went to work at the GH Building in Sinsa Town, Seoul two times per week and went to GH Mobile's factory in Jiksan Town, three days per week.

Gun-Ho was having a cup of coffee at his office in Jiksan Town while reviewing papers that he had to approve when he received a call from Manager Kang of GH Development.

"Sir, umm... We received the applications for the jobs of a secretary and a staff in the accounting team. There are so many of them."

"How many applications did you receive?"

"I actually posted on WorkNet only, but other job posting websites and job exam websites posted it without asking us. We received 750 applications for the secretary position alone and 320 applications for the accounting staff position even though we stated work experience in a related field as a requirement."

"Did you post the job opening with GH Development Company's name only?"

"Well... that was..."

"Did you put GH Mobile or GH Media in the job posting?"

"I'm sorry, sir. I think I misunderstood your intention. I actually listed all three companies' names."

The job posting that Manager Kang placed on WorkNet was like this,

[We are hiring for staff due to our company's expansion.

Secretary - 0

(A four-year college graduate who can speak English fluently)

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Accounting Staff - 0

(A four-year college graduate who has more than five years of work experience in the related field.)

Documents to be submitted-Resume, Self-Introduction Essay, Language Skill Proof (for

those who are applying for a secretary position), Accounting Related Qualification Proof (for those who are applying for an accounting staff position)

Address to send the application package-GH Development, 19th Floor at GH Building,

Sinsa Town, Gangnam District, Seoul City

Attn: Ji-Young Jeong (General Affairs Dept.)

By GH Development Company

GH Mobile Company

GH Media Company

GH Parts Company Suzhou City in China ]