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246 GH Building in Gangnam 3 – PART 1

 The interior work had been completed for the building in Sinsa Town, and Gun-Ho headed for Seoul. The new office on the 19th floor looked fabulous.

"As you requested, sir, this office is 70 pyung large in total. 30 pyung out of 70 is decorated for the office space, 10 pyung is used for a meeting room, and the remaining 30 pyung is your office, sir."

The office space was covered with a carpet, and a window curtain was already installed. The desk and bookshelf in the office were the best quality furniture in Korea. A sofa and a conference table were placed as well.

"As you instructed, all furnitures and necessary office supplies were already put in the office."

"You did a very good job."

Gun-Ho sat at his new desk for a while and then looked out the window.

"Nice view."

"That's right. The workers who came for the interior work were all amazed by the view from the window."

"Manager Kang, you must have been working so hard. Your lips are swollen."

"As a matter of fact, I lost 5 kilograms, which is good because I wanted to lose some weight, anyway."

"Do we have ten workers in total for this building?"

"Yes, sir."

"Who is supervising them?"

"Manager Jong-Suk Park has been supervising them. I wish he could stay here. We will have to find someone like him as a supervisor."

"Manager Jong-Suk Park can't work here. We need him at the factory in Jiksan Town. He has to continue his work maintaining our factory there."

"Manager Jong-Suk Park seems to be able to fix anything with just a screwdriver."

"Do we have employees' file that contains the current worker's resume?"

"Yes, we do."

Manager Kang brought a file for Gun-Ho.

"Can you ask the person who is now handling the automated parking system to come to my office? He seems to have several skill certificates."

"Yes, sir."

A man who looked like he was in his early 50s entered Gun-Ho's office.

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"Are you Mr. Soo-Nam Jeong?"

"Yes, I am, sir."

"You have a building management license. You also have a security instructor license, an electrical safety license, and a fire safety license. Have you previously worked in managing a building? What was your occupation before you join here?"

"I used to manage a small 10-floor building before."

"How long have you worked here?"

"I have been working here for about two years now."

"Manager Kang, please place him in the field as a team leader."

"Yes, sir."

"Also, change their uniforms to the ones of GH Mobile. Their uniforms are too shabby. You can just change the company logo from GH Mobile to GH Development on the uniforms. You can ask the general affairs department in GH Mobile to place orders for the new uniforms."

"Yes, sir."

"Ms. Ji-Young Jeong, your daily work is about to become complex since you'll be managing this building. Get an accounting software. We are now managing a large building, which is different from managing a few OneRoomTels as we did before."

"Umm, sir. I haven't used an accounting program before."

Ji-Young Jeong suddenly started crying after saying that. Gun-Ho was baffled.

"Okay, let's do this. We will have to hire additional workers, anyway."

Manager Kang had a pen and paper ready.

"Ms. Ji-Young Jeong takes the position as a general manager in managing the Four Major Public Insurance. You will have to manage the tenants in this building as well in addition to the Four Major Public Insurance."

"Yes, sir."

"Post a job opening for accounting staff who will be handling the accounting program and for a secretary position who can speak English."

"Yes, sir."

"I have one more task for you, Manager Kang. Send an official announcement to the tenants and let them know the recent changes. Tell them that the name of the building would be changed from RiverStar Building to GH Building and that the building owner is changed as well. We will have to issue tax invoices to these tenants with our company's name-GH Development."

"I am on it, sir."

Once everyone left Gun-Ho's office, Gun-Ho closed his office door. His office on the 19th floor was very quiet. The Gangnam district, which Gun-Ho was looking over from his office, looked so small that people looked like ants. Gun-Ho was now the new owner of the building in Gangnam.

Gun-Ho looked down the city from his office window.

"My future GH Holdings will be based in this building!"

While Gun-Ho was thinking of his future plans with the building, someone knocked on the door. It was Manager Kang.

"I have everyone here to meet with you, sir."

Mr. Soo-Nam Jeong, who was just promoted to a team leader, had the other workers make a line and shouted at them.

"Attention! And bow to our president!"

The workers were cleaning workers and security guards, and they were old men and ladies, mostly.

Gun-Ho offered his hand to each worker for a handshake and encouraged them to work hard before dismissing them.

Gun-Ho bought a few books from Youngpoong Bookstore that was located at the Gangnam Express Bus Terminal. They were economics and business management books. He then read the books in the comfortable sofa in his new office. It was nice, and Gun-Ho enjoyed spending time in his new office. Gun-Ho didn't go to the factory in Jiksan Town for the next few days.

Gun-Ho received a call from Director Yoon.

"The architect from U.S. is coming tomorrow."

"Really? Someone has to pick him up at the airport."

"I will do it, sir."

"Sure. You speak English very well, so you should be good. I am wrapping up things here, and I will come back to the factory in Jiksan Town tomorrow."

Once Gun-Ho came back to GH Mobile in Jiksan Town, the directors and managers started giving him a report, which they would have done if Gun-Ho was there for the past several days.

"You can give a report to the internal auditor for trivial matters and get approval from him."

Gun-Ho delegated a lot of work to the directors and managers. He asked the general affairs manager to implement a policy about the delegation of his authority to the directors or managers, so they could review and approve certain things on his behalf.

After Gun-Ho acquired the building in Sinsa Town, the workers of GH Mobile acted differently around Gun-Ho. They became more respectful and gave him a deeper bow than before, and Gun-Ho began to exude charisma.

After receiving reports from the directors, Gun-Ho asked for the manager in the purchasing team.

"Have you heard anything from the Seongil Polymer's president?"

"They are making an outcry for the unilateral termination of our business relationship with them. Their president wanted to get your cell phone number, sir. Of course, I refused to give it to him. He even came to our company yesterday to meet with you in person."

"Check if they are recently getting more product orders from Egnopak."

"I actually asked one of their female staff about it, and she said they are definitely having more product orders from Egnopak lately."

"I knew it."

"What do you want me to tell him if the Seongil Polymer's president comes to our company again?"

"Ask him to show us their monthly total sales revenue of the products that were sold and issued tax invoice to Egnopak. Well, it would be better if we could get their general ledger specifically, where we can see all of their dealings with Egnopak, retrieved from their accounting program. Then we will consider restarting the business with them."

"Yes, sir. And... the internal auditor said that the trial with Seongil Polymer will soon start."

"We will figure out once a trial is ordered"

"Yes, sir."