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243 GH Building in Gangnam 1 – PART 2

 Gun-Ho thought of Seongil Polymer and its president. Their president had a round face.

"He looked like an earnest man. I don't understand why he would do such a thing."

Gun-Ho thought that there had to be a reason for this.

Gun-Ho asked for the manager in the purchasing team.

"How long have we been doing business with Seongil Polymer?"

"If we count the days of Mulpasantop, it has been more than ten years since we started working with them. I've been very close with Seongil Polymer's president, and we called each other as big brother and younger brother. When I heard about their lawsuit against our company, I told him I wouldn't continue our close relationship with him and I was so upset."

"What did he say?"

"He said there is nothing much he can do about it."

"If they need money, they could have come to us and tried to work out, but they instead filed a lawsuit against us."

"Right. I don't understand why he did that. That's not like him at all. I was surprised by his action this time. Well, I guess you can't truly know a person."

"How large is that company?"

"The president of Seongil Polymer is the brother-in-law of the Hanyoung Group's vice president. Seongil Polymer takes Hanyoung Chemical's raw materials and sells them. Their annual sales revenue is about 8 billion won. They have 30 employees."

"They are actually a sizable company."

"Their customer companies are usually small companies except for us and Egnopak."

Gun-Ho was frightened.

"Did you just say Egnopak?"

"Yes, it's a KOSDAQ registered firm which is located in Jinwi Town, Pyeongtaek City. Seongil Polymer sells its products to Egnopak about 300 million won, and to our company, about 100 million won."

Gun-Ho bit his lip.

'It was the Egnopak's president.'

It was highly probable that the Egnopak's president promised Seongil Polymer that they would buy more of their products and asked them to file a lawsuit against GH Mobile in return.

"He is absolutely cowardly!"

The purchasing team's manager thought Gun-Ho was calling the Seongil Polymer's president as cowardly, and he agreed with Gun-Ho.

"The president of Seongil Polymer is definitely cowardly. He plays dirty."

"Let's set up a meeting with Seongil Polymer's president in the near future and you will come with me to meet with him."

"Yes, sir."

The purchase team's manager bowed to Gun-Ho and left his office.

Gun-Ho received a call from Chairman Lee of Cheongdam Town.

"Will you be available tomorrow? I made an appointment with President Park tomorrow evening."

"Where should I go to?"

"Come to the bar in Hannam Town. You will have to treat us though."

"Of course, sir. I will be there tomorrow."

"Don't be late."

"Yes, sir. Can I bring a friend with me?"

"Your friend? Who? Manager Jong-Suk Park? That's not a good idea..."

"No, sir. Not Jong-Suk, but I will come with an attorney from Kim & Jeong."

"Oh, an attorney? That sounds good. We might have to talk about some legal stuff before we make a contract. Sure, bring him with you."

"Thank you."

Gun-Ho made a phone call to Attorney Young-Jin Kim.

"Hey, it's me, Gun-Ho Goo."

"You haven't called me for a while. It seems you are doing well in Jiksan Town."

"It's all the same whether it is Seoul or Jiksan Town. I think it will take the same time from your office in the Gwanghwamum Gate area to Gangnam Station and from my place in Jiksan Town to Gangnam Station."

"Is that so?"

"Do you have time tomorrow? Let's meet in Hannam Town tomorrow. Well, since Hannam Town is more distant than Gangnam Station, it will take more time from my place."

"Why? Do you have any good news?"

"I am buying a building. It's a 19-floor building on the main road in Sinsa Town."

"Acquiring a building? Wow. You are so rich."

"I will need you in Hannam Town tomorrow. I want you to review a contract and examine any possible legal issues. I need your consultation."

"Are you requesting an attorney? Or a friend?"

"Of course, I am asking you as an attorney. I will pay you legal fees."

"Sure. I will definitely be there."

"The appointment is at 7 pm. We will meet with old men, so you will have to arrive there at least 10 minutes earlier."

The following day, Gun-Ho left his car at his TowerPalace in Dogok Town and took a taxi heading to Hannam Town. When he arrived at the bar's front door, the bouncers came out and greeted Gun-Ho. The one in the middle gave a 90-degree bow to Gun-Ho.

"Brother, welcome to Pine."

"Oh, Security Team Leader Tae-Young Im! How have you been?"

Gun-Ho tapped his back and the bouncer lowered his head.

"Thank you for remembering my name, brother."

"Did they arrive?"

"Not yet."


When they heard other customers coming into the bar, the bouncers ran to the front door.

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It was not Chairman Lee from Cheongdam Town or President Park-the owner of the building in Sinsa Town. It was other several middle-aged men.

"Mr. Minister, welcome to Pine."

"Mr. Congressman, it has been a while. Please come in."

Gun-Ho could guess that they were high ranked government officials by listening to the bouncers talking to those customers.

The minister and congressmen glanced at Gun-Ho before they entered the bar.

Ms. Jang came out and started making a fuss.

"President Goo. Welcome. Attorney Kim is here already waiting for you. President Park and Chairman Lee will arrive soon. Please come this way."

"Thank you, Ms. Jang. You don't have to worry about me, but take your time with other guests. It seems you are having high ranked officials today."

"Hahaha, the highest-ranked client to our bar is you, President Goo. You are buying more than anyone in our bar among other customers."

Gun-Ho entered the room that Ms. Jang showed.

Attorney Kim was watching TV in the room, and he stood up when he saw Gun-Ho entering the room.

"You came early?"

"No, I just arrived."

"Let's have a seat."

"How big is the building you are trying to acquire?"

"Its total floor space is 4,200 pyung and the land it 270 pyung. I brought the real estate registration."

"The building coverage ratio is 80%? I am not sure if that includes the basement. Well, it doesn't really matter. What is its appraised value?"

"It's 230 billion won."

"Wow. So, you are buying that enormous building?"

"Yeah, with a loan."

"I am so envious of you, Mr. Billionaire."

"Can you draft a sales & purchase agreement and conduct any due diligence beforehand?"

At that moment, Gun-Ho heard a dry cough outside the room.

"I think they arrived."

Ms. Jang's laughing sound filled the air.

"President Park! You came. It is the first time in a decade."

"Why? I shouldn't come here?"

"I thought you passed away since you haven't come here for too long."

"I'm here alive!"

"Please come up to the floor. Hold my hand. You look healthy."

"Your hand is still warm just like the old days."

"That's because I have a warm heart."

Once the two old men entered the room, Gun-Ho showed them a seat.

"Please have a seat over here, sir."

"Is this young man an attorney?"

"Yes, I am, sir. I'm Young-Jin Kim."

Attorney Young-Jin Kim gave his business card to Chairman Lee and President Park.

They had a drink while listening to Gayageum.

Chairman Lee and President Park were talking about their old days without saying a word about the building.

Gun-Ho and Attorney Young-Jin played along and talked about soccer, movies, and other trivial things.

Ms. Jang entered the room and clicked her tongue.

"You should blend in, rather than dividing up into the old man's group and young man's group. Why don't you listen to the music of the 70s or 80s? And stop listening to Gayageum? The music in the 70s and 80s is old songs for President Goo and Attorney Kim, but they are new songs to Chairman Lee and President Park."

Young ladies entered the room. They were not wearing traditional Korean dresses, but instead, they were wearing very short pants with a blouse.

One of the ladies carried an acoustic guitar. The ladies started singing songs that were popular in the 70s and 80s while playing the guitar. They were probably would-be singers because they sound like professionals.

Gun-Ho gave 100,000 won to each girl and told them to use it for their transportation expenses.