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233 Lymondell Dyeon’s visit 1 – PART 2

 Gun-Ho was thinking of who he should ask for the interpreting work.

"Maybe I should ask President Jeong-Sook Shin of GH Media if she knows any good interpreter. She probably has good connections to people who can speak English fluently since she has given translation work to those people."

Gun-Ho made a phone call to President Jeong-Sook Shin.

"Oh, President Gun-Ho Goo. This is Jeong-Sook Shin speaking."

"How are things going there?"

"Everything is fine. I sent you our profit and loss statement for this quarter via email already..."

"I'm not calling you for that. Do you have anyone you want to recommend for an interpretation job?"

"English interpretation?"

"Yes. There is a company in the U.S. called Lymondell Dyeon, and it's a multinational chemical company. I am trying to have a joint venture with them and I need an interpreter for three days."

"When do you need one?"

"They will send their personnel to us on the 20th of this month to Incheon International Airport. I will need an interpreter from that day for the following three days, so it will be in a total of four days if I include the days when they arrive and depart."

"I do know someone for the job. He is doing a translation job for us, usually for a business-related book. He used to work in the U.S. for a long time as a branch manager. He also studied in the U.S.

He started his translation work after he retired. You probably want him for the interpretation job for the work with Lymondell Dyeon, than getting a young English instructor in college for the same job."

"He used to work as a branch manager in the U.S.? That sounds very good. Can you send him to Incheon International Airport on the 20th of this month at 11 am? We will pick him up from there."

"Sure, I will let him know right away."

Gun-Ho let the managers and directors know that Lymondell Dyeon was sending their personnel to the company soon, during the meeting.

"They are finally coming."

"Mr. Plant Manager, please have the workers in the production field to clean up the machines and equipment."

"Yes, sir. I will also ask them to do some paint touch-ups on machines where its paint is peeled off."

"Also, please check the lab equipment as well."

"Yes, sir. We will check all the equipment in the research center, including the ones that we rarely use."

"Mr. Director Yoon, you said the demolition of the factory in Asan City is completed, right?"

"Yes, sir."

"It rained last week. Can you check the land if there are any holes or anything because of the rain? They will visit the land in Asan City."

"Yes, sir. I will have our workers to flatten the land with a roller."

Gun-Ho called for the general affairs manager after the meeting ended.

"We will have Lymondell Dyeon's personnel on 20th."

"I just heard it from the sales director, sir."

"I think you should go to Incheon International Airport that day to pick them up."

"No problem, sir."

"Our interpreter will be there too. Why don't you rent a van so you can take them all in one car? Please make sure that you get a new model and a clean one."

"Yes, sir."

"When you go to the airport to greet them, take Hee-Jeong Park with you. She will assist you."

"Okay, sir. Am I driving then?"

"Haha. No, you shouldn't. You should focus on Lymondell Dyeon's personnel. I will ask to send a chauffeur along with the rental car."

"What about I take the assistant manager of general affairs? He and I can drive in turn."

"Would the general affairs department be okay without you and the assistant manager?"

"It should be okay. They can give us a call if they need us, and we have the team leaders too."

"Okay then. The assistant manager and Hee-Jeong Park are good-looking people. They are appropriate to greet our guests."

"I look okay too, sir."

"Haha. Okay. You are dismissed."

"I will then find a nice rental van now."

The general affairs manager bowed to Gun-Ho before he left the office.

It was the day when people from Lymondell Dyeon arrived.

The general affairs manager of GH Mobile headed to Incheon International Airport with the assistant manager and the secretary. Attorney Young-Jin Kim and the interpreter who used to work as a branch manager in the U.S. for a big company were in the waiting area.

"Attorney Kim, I think we have met at the building dedication ceremony."

"Right. You led the ceremony, didn't you? How is President Goo doing?"

"He is doing fine."

"I will have to leave the airport right after we meet with the people from Lymondell Dyeon. Once their investigation is completed, I will come to the factory in Jiksan Town on the last day. I already talked with President Goo about this."

"Oh, really?"

The general affairs manager looked at the man who looked like in his 50s with grey hair, who was standing next to Attorney Kim.

"Are you the interpreter, sir?"

"Yes, I am. President Jeong-Sook Shin from GH Media. GH Media then referred me to this job. I look forward to working with you for the next four days."

"We welcome you, sir. I am the general affairs manager of GH Mobile."

The general affairs manager gave his business card to the interpreter.

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Travelers started coming out from the exit gate at the airport. There were many Americans among them. Attorney Kim waved his hand when he saw Vice President Brandon Burke of Lymondell Dyeon. Attorney Kim could easily recognize Mr. Brandon Burke.

The general affairs manager, assistant manager, Secretary Jeong-Hee Park, Mr. Brandon Burke and other people from Lymondell Dyeon exchanged their business cards with each other. The interpreter also introduced himself to them.

"It will take about two and a half hours from here to our factory in Jiksan Town, Incheon City. We were instructed by President Gun-Ho Goo to show you around Seoul City before coming to Jiksan Town. We will take you to Gyeongbokgung Palace and Namsan Tower."


Mr. Brandon Burke declined the offer.

"We will visit Seoul for a tour on the last day after our investigation is complete."

"If we return our factory without showing you around, we will get reprimanded by our president."

"Okay, then let's just have a brief drive around Seoul City before we head to Jiksan Town. This is my second visit in Seoul, but these two gentlemen have never been here."

The Starex van with everyone in it departed Incheon International Airport and headed to Seoul. They passed by Yeouido Island and arrived at Gwanghwamun Gate. Attorney Young-Jin Park got off the van and said,

"That is Gyeongbokgung Palace. Our king used to live there during the Joseon dynasty."

"Who is the statue?"

"He is Naval Commander Yi Sun-sin. He is a war hero during the war against Japan about 400 years ago."

One of the staff from Lymondell Dyeon was enthusiastically taking pictures.

The Starex van took a highway after taking a short trip to Teheran-ro in Gangnam. They arrived at Jiksan Town after 4 pm. There was a banner hanging at the factory entrance and it said 'Welcoming Lymondell Dyeon.'

When the people from Lymondell Dyeon arrived, the GH Mobile's managers and directors came out and greeted them.

"Vice President Brandon Burke, thank you for coming."

"Oh, President Gun-Ho Goo. Good to see you again."

They exchanged handshakes.