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222 RiverStar Building in Gangnam 1 – PART 1

 The general affairs manager took Team Leader Min-Sook Oh from GH Media to a plum farm close to the GH Mobile factory. Surprisingly, there was a restaurant on the farm that looked like a restaurant in a fairy tale book.

"Wow. I never expected to see a restaurant in this location."

Team Leader Min-Sook Oh was impressed by the unusual restaurant that was situated inside a plum farm. It certainly gave exotic feeling to Min-Sook who was staying most of the time in a busy city-Gangnam, Seoul. Moreover, there was a pond in front of the restaurant with all sorts of various flowers that were blooming.

"This restaurant specializes in Korean food."

The general affairs manager ordered the Korean table d'hote for two, which included more than 20 side dishes. Team Leader Min-Sook Oh thought she was having an extravagant lunch that day. The general affairs manager asked a few questions to Min-Sook, which he had been wondering about.

"Does President Gun-Ho Goo own 100% of the GH Media?"

"As far as I know, yes he does."

"How many employees are there?"

"Just a few. We have our chief editor-Mr. Jae-Sik Moon-two design workers and one administrative worker. Oh, and President Jeong-Sook Shin, who is known as the hand of Midas in the publishing industry."

"You said that the company is located in Gangnam, Seoul City, right?"

"Yes, it is very close to the Gangnam subway station."

"How much is their sales revenue?"

"It is a startup company, so we have no sales revenue yet. GH Development is generating revenue though."

"GH Development?"

"Oh, you didn't know about it? There is another company called GH Development. It is a real estate development company doing mostly rental property business, and its office is right next to ours."


"President Gun-Ho Goo started his business with rental property. I believe he owns a few OneRoomTels."


"Manager Kang and Ms. Ji-Young Jeong are working for that company. Ji-Young is my friend, and she is doing bookkeeping there. I've heard them talking the other day; they said there is a rumor saying President Gun-Ho Goo is one of the big players in Gangnam."

"A big player in Gangnam?"

"I wish I could live in Gangnam. He is probably super-rich since he is a big player in Gangnam. They said they heard that rumor from a bank staff, which they have been using for the company business."

"Hmm. Really?"

To the general affairs manager's eyes, Gun-Ho looked mysterious. He heard that Gun-Ho once worked for YS Tech doing accounting work, and then he acquired the company, and now Min-Sook told him that Gun-Ho was a big player from Gangnam. The general affairs manager was confused; he just couldn't figure out what kind of man Gun-Ho was.

'He did seem to be highly experienced in business, but still... How had he accumulated that much wealth at his young age?'

The general affairs manager kept wondering while having his lunch with Min-Sook.

It was fall. The chirping sound of crickets could be easily heard everywhere.

Gun-Ho went back to his TowerPalace home in Dogok Town, Seoul after completing his morning work in Jiksan Town.

"I am meeting with Chairman Lee at Ms. Jang's bar in Hannam Town today. Let's see. The meeting hour is 7 pm. I can have a nap before getting ready for the evening."

Gun-Ho woke up around 5 pm; he had a sweet dream.

"I feel hungry. Maybe I should have a bite."

Gun-Ho then looked at the clock on the wall.

"It's five o'clock. I will have dinner after 2 hours when I get to the bar in Hannam Town. I'd better wait until then."

Gun-Ho changed his clothes and made a call to book a taxi. He decided to leave his Land Rover at home and go to Hannam Town by taxi.

It took quite a long drive from Dogok Town to Hannam Town. It was dark and people's rush to home after work created a slow-moving traffic. Since Gun-Ho left home early, he could arrive at the bar on time. When Gun-Ho entered the bar-Pine-several bouncers in black suits came out. Some of them recognized Gun-Ho.

"Hello, sir. It's good to see you again."

The bouncers gave a 90-degree bow to Gun-Ho.

"Hi, how have you been?"

Gun-Ho tapped their shoulders. He seemed to be relaxed with the bouncers now.

"Is Ms. Jang here?"

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"Yes, she is inside. Let me show you the way in."

"Oh, my gosh. President Goo. How have you been? Hahaha."

Ms. Jang laughed charmingly.

"You seem to become younger and younger every time I see you, Ms. Jang."

"Hahaha. President Goo, are you making a joke to me? You seem to be relaxed these days. Well, I guess that having a romantic relationship on a global scale makes you relaxed."

"A romantic relationship on an international scale? Don't say that. I don't want to be misunderstood by others."

"It's not a misunderstanding."

Ms. Jang pinched Gun-Ho's hand lightly.

"Are they here already?"

"No, they haven't arrived yet. I've already prepared the table in the room. Please go inside."

Gun-Ho entered a large room that was decorated with an embroidered folding screen. There was a big table in the middle and some snacks and tea were prepared on the table for now.

Gun-Ho saved a good seat for Chairman Lee, and he started playing with his smartphone to pass the time.

After a while, he heard a coughing sound with Ms. Jang's voice.

"Chairman Lee, please come in."

"Is he here already?"

"Of course, sir. A younger person is supposed to come early and wait for the elders. Hahaha."

"What about Master Park? Is he already here too?"

"No, he hasn't come yet. He will arrive soon."

When Chairman Lee entered the room, Gun-Ho stood up quickly.

"Please have a seat. You don't have to stand up for me."

Gun-Ho showed the seat to Chairman Lee, which he saved for him. Chairman Lee sat with the folding screen behind him. Ms. Jang quickly followed Chairman Lee and took his jacket and hung on the wall.

"How's business?"

"It's doing okay."

At that moment, Gun-Ho heard a loud voice outside the room.

"Hey, I am here. Why don't you, girls come out and greet me?"

Gun-Ho could hear girls' voices too.

"Why do I see only little girls here? Where is Ms. Jang?"

"Hahaha. I'm coming."

Ms. Jang quickly went outside the room and returned to the room with Master Park. Master Park was carrying a briefcase in his hand.

"You only greet people who have a lot of money, huh? Damn woman!"

Chairman Lee smiled.

"That man still talks harshly to people. Hey, friend, come here and have a seat."

Gun-Ho quickly stood up and bowed to Master Park.

"Hmm. The young man with ShinWangJaeWang fate is here too."

Master Park sat on the floor cushion that Ms. Jang prepared for him. Chairman Lee said while wiping his hands with a wet tissue.

"So, when are you planning to go back to your hometown?"

"I think I'd better leave as soon as possible. Maybe tomorrow is good. So many people come to see me. I'm tired."

Ms. Jang chipped in.

"Those people who come to see you are paying money for the consultation."

"This damn woman is so greedy."

"You referred a lot of customers to our bar. I don't want to lose that flow of customers coming from your business."

"It's time for old people like us to leave the field. This young man with ShinWangJaeWang fate will send you new customers, Ms. Jang."

"Are you talking about President Gun-Ho Goo? He came to our bar only three times so far."

"He will soon start sending a lot of customers to your bar. Don't worry about it."

Chairman Lee ordered the liquor and dishes to Ms. Jang.

"Please bring in food and liquor. I'd like to have the ginseng liquor you made, Ms. Jang."

"Sure, sir."

Ms. Jang stood up and left the room.