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221 Moving to the New Location 3 – PART 2

 Gun-Ho received the original letter from Lymondell Dyeon the following day by mail. It was written in English and clearly had Lymondell Dyeon's president's signature on it. Gun-Ho called for a staff from the general affairs department and had him type what Attorney Young-Jin Kim said on the phone yesterday.

"Make a document in Word and print out ten of them. We will hand it out to the managers and directors during the meeting."

"Yes, sir."

The meeting started. GH Mobile's managers and directors were sitting in Gun-Ho's office.

The meeting lasted longer than usual because the monthly loss and profit report came out about.

The conference table was situated in Gun-Ho's office. Gun-Ho was sitting in the middle of the table, and the internal auditor who used to work at a bank as a branch manager and managing director was sitting on Gun-Ho's left side. Gun-Ho met the internal auditor for the first time when he was working as a court officer during the Mulpasaneop's court receivership. Director Yoon was sitting next to the internal auditor; he graduated from Seoul National University majoring in Architecture. On the right side of Gun-Ho, the chief officer of the research center was sitting; he had a Ph.D. from Germany. The plant manager who graduated from Inha University, College of Engineering, was sitting next to him. The managers and directors in their 50s or 60s were looking at Gun-Ho's face, who was in his 30s.

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"Mr. Internal Auditor, please proceed."

"Okay. I will start with the report on the loss and profit of last month. Our sales revenue increased significantly once we started supplying our new product-AM083 Assembly-to S Group. Our sales revenue for last month was 7.2 billion won. It's still short of our goal that our president had set, which is 10 billion won as monthly sales revenue. I suppose we will soon be able to achieve the goal since we are all working so hard."

"Hmm. What about the cost?"

"The cost of sales also increased a bit. It was caused by our recent moving to our new location. Our usual maintenance expenses stayed the same; however, our profit on sales is 600 million won due to the increase in Public Charge and Tax Profit."

"600 million won... Once we make a payment for our financial loan, we won't be left with much."

"For now, that's true. However, we are still hopeful since our loan payment has decreased. We are expecting to see an increase in our ordinary income by the end of this year."


Gun-Ho was listening to the report with his arms crossed. Once it was done, he placed the letter from Lymondell Dyeon on the table.

"What is this?"

"I applied for doing a joint venture with Lymondell Dyeon. And this is their response to my application. They will send their staff to our company early next month."

Gun-Ho handed out a copy of the letter to each person in the room.

"I will read it for you all."

Once Gun-Ho finished reading the letter, some of them groaned lightly.

"Hmm, a joint venture..."

The GH Mobile's manager and directors nodded their heads.

Once the meeting was over, the general affairs manager entered the room.

"Sir, Team Leader Min-Sook Oh from GH Media will be here with our uniform's new design today."

"She is coming here?"

"Yes. She said she would be here by noon. Would you like to meet her?"

"Sure, I will be here all morning, anyway."

"She said she didn't want any payment for the uniform design, so I told her we have to pay her; otherwise we will get scolded by our president."

"Right. Tell her to issue a tax invoice for that."

"I already sent our business registration to her so she could issue a tax invoice to us."

"That's good."

When Team Leader Min-Sook Oh arrived at the factory in Jiksan Town, she was astonished. She knew Gun-Ho was a rich man, but she didn't imagine that he would run a company this big. Well, she actually had never seen a factory before that was as enormous as what she was seeing now.

"I've been jealous of the workers working in a big publishing company in the publishing complex in Paju City; however, this company is even way larger than that."

Team Leader Min-Sook Oh was walking around the factory out of curiosity; she had a visitor pass hanging around her neck. When a team leader at the production field saw her wandering around the factory, he yelled at her,

"Who are you? You shouldn't be here. It's not safe. You can get injured here!"

Team Leader Min-Sook Oh was frightened and quickly walked up to the second floor where all the offices were located. She saw workers moving busily in their office in uniforms, and she felt envious of them. She had always been working in a small office, and when she was standing in this large building, she felt like she was in a government building or something.

The workers in the office area seemed to be so busy that they didn't even realize Min-Sook was there.

"Hello, I came here to see the general affairs manager."

The workers indicated a desk surrounded by partitions.

When Min-Sook approached the desk, she could see the general affairs manager drawing a chart with his computer.


"Oh, hi. Are you Team Leader Min-Sook Oh from GH Media?"

The general affairs manager easily recognized her.

When Min-Sook took out her design drawing from her bag to show him, the general affairs manager suggested,

"Hold on to it. The president is in his office right now. We will hear your explanation about your design there. The general affairs manager took Min-Sook to the president's office. When they entered Gun-Ho's office, a president from a vendor company was about to leave."

"Sir, we have Team Leader Min-Sook Oh from GH Media here."

"Please send her in."

Min-Sook entered the president's office; it was a 30 something pyung large room. Gun-Ho was sitting at the conference table. He was wearing a white shirt with a tie.

"Oh, Team Leader Min-Sook Oh, please come and have a seat."

Gun-Ho showed her a seat.

To Min-Sook's eyes, Gun-Ho looked powerful. It must be hard to get a job in a company this big, but Gun-Ho owned the company. She couldn't believe Gun-Ho was the same man who she had met in the office close to Gangnam Station.

"Hello, sir."

Min-Sook sat carefully on the chair that Gun-Ho showed. She felt proud that she was working for GH Media, which was a part of GH "group."

Min-Sook started explaining her design drawing to Gun-Ho; her voice was shaking slightly. She had done presentations to many presidents of many companies before; however, Gun-Ho's company was the biggest among them.

Once she finished her explanation about her design, Gun-Ho smiled at her.

"That's good. I like the design. It's fresh and sophisticated. What do you think, Mr. General Affairs Manager?"

"I agree with you, sir. It will make the workers feel energetic and encouraged."

"Let's use this design for our uniform then."

"Yes, sir."

"How's the publishing company doing? When do we expect Professor Jien Wang's book to be released?"

"The translation for that book is already completed. Our chief editor-Mr. Jae-Sik Moon-is working on proofreading and editing. Once he is done with editing, I will start the design work."

"I see."

"President Jeong-Sook Shin likes the fact that design and editing work can be done within the company, so we don't have to outsource those works."

"Haha. That's true. How are the Japanese books that were published last time? Are they selling well?"

"Yes. The first editions are sold out already, and they are printing the second edition. The media talked good about those books, and that helped our sales."

"That's nice."

"Well, I'd better get going then."

"We can't just let you go like this, Ms. Oh; you came all the way from Seoul. Mr. General Affairs Manager, why don't we buy her lunch?"

"Yes, sir. I will do that."

The general affairs manager said with a smile.