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208 New Product 3 – PART 1

 Gun-Ho received a call from Professor Jien Wang.

"President Goo? Are you publishing my book in Korea?"

"Yes, I am working on it."

"I received a call from a young man who speaks fluent Chinese. He said once I approve publishing my book, he will work on translating my book into the Korean language."

"That's good."

"I was told that there is a president who is running the publishing company, but the actual owner is you- President Goo. Is it true?"

"Think about it, Professor Wang. What was the name of that publishing company?"

"GH Media? Oh, that's right! It's your company. GH is your name initials."

"So, did you approve publishing your book in Korea?"

"Of course I did. As soon as I heard that they will give me 7% royalty plus 3,000 dollars in advance, I approve it right away. I need money. Moreover, I am honored to have my book published in Korea. Thank you."

"Don't mention it. I thank you, Professor Wang, for allowing us to publish your book."

"I have one concern though."

"What is it?"

"The book is more like a scholarly book; it was not written for fun reading. I'm not sure if it will sell."

"Of course it will because the book was written by the famous Professor Jien Wang."

"Hey, cut it out, man."

"How is Seukang Li doing?"

"He has been extremely busy since he moved to Shanghai. He will be like that until he gets familiar with the new job."

"Of course."

"Oh, since Seukang Li's bureau oversees publishing books and media stuff, I can ask him to introduce a good Chinese publishing company to you. What do you think?"

"For what?"

"If your company has a good book that was published in Korea, you can publish it in China too."

"We handle foreign books mostly, so it won't be necessary. However, if we happen to have a book written by a Korean author, I will ask them."

"It would be nice if we can do a joint venture with you for a publishing company, but China doesn't open its door in that field."


"Well, books can greatly influence the thoughts of people in China. I guess that's why they don't want to open the door to the world in that particular field."

"My publishing company is a start-up company. I don't really get involved in the operation. I invited a lady president and she is running the company."

"I think women would probably do a better job in the publishing industry since they are more delicate and sensitive than men."

"I was told that many book readers are women as well."

"By the way, I've already sent the publishing contract to GH Media. I will send the original contract by EMS."

"I hope your book will hit a jackpot, so we both can make money, and you can become famous."

"Haha. Let's have our fingers crossed."

Moore Investment brought two versions of the business plan: English version and Korean version.

"Thank you very much."

Gun-Ho picked up the Korean version of the business plan.

"It's pretty thick."

"It's 50 pages thick."

"What about the English version?"

Gun-Ho looked at the English version; it said 'Joint Venture Company's Business Plan.'

"It's about the same."

Gun-Ho opened the Korean version.

"Business Outline, Products, Estimated Demands, Sales and Production Plan, Investment Plan..."

"Please take a close look at the plan for the raw materials' supply and demand, and estimated financial statements."

"Okay, I will. Let me take some time to go through this, and I will give you a call."

"We've consulted with the plant manager and the chief officer of the research center before completing the plot plan for the factory."

"Oh, is that right?"

"As indicated in the conclusion at the end, if you target China and other Asian markets, the company will grow larger than GH Mobile."

"You mean the new joint venture company?"


"Let's add one more thing to the conclusion."


The two staff from Moore Investment pulled out a pen and paper to write down what Gun-Ho would say. The watches that they were wearing and half-covered by their white shirts looked like high-end expensive watches.

"If we will target the Asian market including China, we will have to change the joint venture's name to something else. I suggest GH Chemical rather than Dyeon Korea."

"Yes, sir. I will make the modification right away."

"Do you have extra copies of the business plan?"

"Of course. We always prepare extra copies in case our client needs more."

"When you return to Seoul, could you send one copy to Attorney Young-Jin Kim at Kim & Jeong Law Office? One English version and one Korean version, please."

"Sure, we will."

Gun-Ho received a call from Min-Hyeok. He said he would visit Korea soon.

"My grandmother passed away. I need to come to Korea to see my family for a few days."

"Really? I am so sorry to hear that, Min-Hyeok. Once you arrive in Korea, come to see me in Asan City. Why don't you make your return to China on Sunday? We will have a high school reunion in the Gangnam Station area on Saturday."

"Meeting our high school classmates? I don't want to see them."

"Why not?"

"They are a bunch of condescending jerks. When I worked for a small company and when I studied for the government job exam, they looked down on me. Especially, Won-Chul Jo and Suk-Ho Lee, they treated me like I was invisible."

"Just come, and you buy the second round at the union. They are our friends who will come to your future wedding."

"Oh, that reminds me of my mom. My mom will start nagging again. She wants to set up a meeting with girls so I can marry soon."

"That's nice, right? You and I, we will have to get married soon before we get older."

"Well, actually, I have someone. But don't tell anyone, okay?"

"Really? That's great. Who is it? Is it someone I know?"

"She is an English teacher in Shanghai International School. It just happened like that."

"Oh, nice. Congratulations. I am envious of you!"

"Thank you."

"Did you meet her when you were in college?"

"No, she is Chinese."


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"She is actually a Korean Chinese. She studied in the U.S. though."

"Really? You can settle down in China once you marry the Chinese lady. That's good."

"I don't know. I am not sure if it is okay..."

"No, it's good. We are living in a globalized world. International marriage is good."

Gun-Ho wanted to tell Min-Hyeok that he was also dating someone who was Japanese.

After getting off the phone with Min-Hyeok, Gun-Ho felt uneasy.

"I think Min-Hyeok will get married soon. Am I the only one who will be left as a single at my age?"

Gun-Ho missed Mori Aikko. He felt like Mori Aikko would run towards him anytime soon with a bright smile.

"I am wondering what Mori Aikko is doing now. Is she on a trip for her dance performance in other provinces? Or is she working at the bar in Shinjuku City?"

Gun-Ho sent a text message to Mori Aikko. Texting in English was actually the best way to communicate with her since they didn't speak the same language.

"Mori Aikko, I love you. I am missing you right now."

Mori Aikko replied to Gun-Ho's text message right away.

"I love you, Shacho-san. I miss you too. I am in Nara, Kinki right now. There is an event I participate in Yoshiki-en. I will be back in Tokyo next week."