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207 New Product 2 – PART 2

 "Okay, then we will directly contact Professor Wang. I have a translator with me here right now, who is very good at translating Chinese into Korean. I will ask him to translate this book."

"Is that translator good at the Chinese language?"

"Not only the Chinese language. He speaks Korean fluently too."

"Korean language?"

"The translator studied in China. He is also a writer. His novel was once selected for an award as well. He is currently teaching the Chinese language in a college. For the translation work from Chinese into Korean, a translator needs to know not just the Chinese language but also the Korean language."

"Hmm. I see. All other books started being translated already? Since you made a contract with an agency for those books."

"That's right. The process of publishing a book is quicker if we do it through an agency. They proceed with all the necessary steps on behalf of us. However, as to the Professor Jien Wang's book, we have to take care of everything; we will even have to go to a bank to send the money to be paid in advance to Professor Jien Wang to China."

"I see."

"The Japanese books that we are publishing with the help of an agency are light read books with small pages, which are easy to read. The translation for those books won't take long."

"What about Professor Wang's book? Will it take long to translate?"

"That book is more like a scholarly book. The translation will take about two months."

"I see. Well, I am not familiar with the publishing business, so I am heavily counting on you, President Shin."

"Thank you."

Gun-Ho was sitting on his chair in his office, and he was thinking quietly with his eyes closed.

'I formed a publishing company-GH Media-sort of on impulse because I had adequate workers for that business: Jae-Sik and the workers from the design company. I am not sure if the company will generate enough revenue though. I invested 300 million won in that company, and I wonder if that money will vanish in a short period of time. Seukang Li is now the director of the bureau of cultural affairs in Shanghai, China, and he has the power in the field, including publishing books and media. I wonder if there will be an opportunity for me to do something using my connection with him.'

Gun-Ho couldn't think of anything for now, that would bring him some profit using his connection with Seukang Li.

"Well, there is nothing much I can do other than to rely on President Jeong-Sook Shin, who is known to have the hand of Midas in the publishing industry."

Gun-Ho then chuckled.

"The hand of Midas? The real hand of Midas should be my hand, I suppose."

Gun-Ho then thought of the joint venture opportunity with Dyeon.

'I am moving my current factory in Asan City to Jiksan Town and establish Dyeon Korea at the current location by investing in kind. Once I form a new company-Dyeon Korea-I will have to invest funds in it again. Would 3 million dollars be enough? Dyeon America probably invested in kind with old equipment and valued it at a high price.'

Gun-Ho continued to think while having a cup of coffee.

'I will tell them that we shouldn't name the company Dyeon Korea. The company will target the entire Asian market. If other companies which buy our products name their company as Dyeon China, Dyeon Indonesia, or Dyeon Taiwan, that would be overwhelming. I will name the company GH Chemical instead. Its products are a sort of synthetic resins; I guess I can add the word 'Chemical' to the company name. The problem is whether those Americans would approve the name-GH Chemical?'

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Gun-Ho started having a headache. He wanted to get some fresh air and get some rest. He headed to Dujeong Town in Cheonan City and went into a massage shop behind the Lotte Mart.

"This is so good. I feel so relaxed."

After having a massage and while he was walking out of the massage shop, Gun-Ho gave a call to Director Yoon who had been working at the new factory construction site in Jiksan Town.

"Why don't we have lunch together today?"

The two men went to a Galbi* restaurant called Gyeongbuk Palace. Money was good. Gun-Ho had nice food all the time, and he could get a massage whenever he felt like it. He was living large.

Gun-Ho received a call from Suk-Ho Lee from Geyongridan Street. It was the first time in a long time.

"You have been busy, right? I am just calling you to hear your voice."

"How's your honeymoon life? Aren't you having a baby yet?"

"Speaking of which, I decided to expand my business."

"Expanding to where?"

"I saw a nice place in Itaewon Town."

"Oh, really? You will do fine since you are good at business."

"But I am a bit short on funds to expand my bar. Are you willing to invest about 200 million won in my business?"

"Haha. I don't invest in anything; especially between friends. If things go well, that would be great, but if things don't go well, I might lose a friend. I don't risk that."

"Umm... If you say so..."

"Also, I don't handle funds myself. My company's accounting department handles all financial related matters."

"What about you personally invest in my business?"

"I don't have personal money. I put everything I had into the company when I bought the company. I am on a payroll just like any other employees."

"Really? I thought you would invest some in my bar business."

"I'm sorry that I couldn't. I know it wasn't easy for you to ask me for it. Why don't we have a drink or something?"

"Actually, Won-Chul Jo called me and suggested having a gathering sometime soon."

"Sure. Let's get together. It has been a while since I saw you guys."

Once Gun-Ho got off the phone with Suk-Ho, he talked to himself decisively.

"I have more than 200 billion won in my stock account. However, I will never be involved in a personal monetary dealing with anybody. I am sorry but I can't spend my money on anyone even though someone is dying. When I worked at a factory, no one lent me even 100,000 won. Whenever I asked someone to borrow money, they would ask me how come I couldn't even borrow 100,000 won from somewhere else. I will never spend my money on anyone, never ever."

Gun-Ho then yelled loudly while looking up at the sky,

"I won't spend even a penny to anyone! Never! Ever!"

Several days passed when Gun-Ho received another call from Suk-Ho Lee from Gyeongridan Street again.

"Gun-Ho? I talked with Won-Chul. We will meet at Gangnam Station next Saturday. You are coming, right?"

"Gangnam Station?"

"Yeah. I actually wanted to meet in Itaewon Town, but some of them complained that it wasn't a convenient place for them to come. I think they are all the same: Itaewon Town and Gangnam Station. Don't you think?"

"Oh, that's good. Jae-Sik is working in a publishing company close to Gangnam Station. I will ask him to find a good place for us all to meet around the area."

"Jae-Sik is working for a publishing company?"

"Yeah. It's a start-up company. He is working as a chief editor there."

"Really? Well, I received the high school alumni directory book, so does everyone else. I guess he is not a swindler after all."

"No, he is not at all. He is a very earnest man. You guys just don't know."

Gun-Ho thought that his high school friends didn't have someone to bully anymore, and they might feel bored by now.


Galbi - Korean grilled beef ribs.