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198 Establishing GH Media 1 – PART 1

 Gun-Ho received a letter from Lymondell Dyeon in Seattle, U.S.A.

"Shoot. This is all written in English."

Gun-Ho decided to bring the letter to Attorney Young-Jin Kim who studied in America. He called Attorney Kim to check if he was available to meet.

"Attorney Kim? It's me. I will come to Seoul soon to see you. Will you be available this afternoon?"

"Yes, I will be in the office. What's up?"

"I submitted my application to participate in a joint venture with Lymondell Dyeon, and I just received a letter from them. I think I'd better discuss it with an attorney."

"Really? So you are going to do a joint venture with them."

"GH Mobile will soon move to a new location, and I will keep the current factory in Asan City. I want to start Dyeon Korea there."

"Okay. Come quick. I am really curious about what the letter says."

Gun-Ho took a KTX train heading to Seoul and went to Kim & Jeong Law Office located in the Gwanghwa Gate area.

"Gun-Ho Goo? You are so quick. Let me see the letter."

Gun-Ho handed the letter which was sent by Dyeon to Attorney Kim, and Attorney Kim thoroughly read the letter.

"Well, they said your company's financial statements report that you sent to them was not quite satisfactory to their qualification requirements."

"Really? I lowered the company's debt ratio a lot, but still, it is not sufficient for them?"

"However, they said, they highly recognize the president's drive, work experience, and character, so they decided to invite you for an interview."

"Haha, really?"

"You can come for an interview in the first week of next month. And they said, before you come, they want you to contact their personnel-Angelina Rein-to arrange the specific date for the interview."

"Angelina Rein? Is it a lady?"

"Yes, it's a female name. They gave you her phone number as well."

"They said that you need to bring some photos of the factory's exterior and interior. Also, if you could bring some product samples that your factory manufactured, that would be great."

"That's it?"

"They are also asking you to bring a business plan written in English."

"Hmm. There are a lot of things I need to prepare for the interview..."

"Why don't you ask a professional to do the business plan?"

"A professional?"

"Yes, there are people who are good at it, especially the ones that mostly worked for international companies. Those people usually have an MBA degree and speak fluent English. They can make a beautiful business plan."

"Hmm. Really? They will have to come to my factory then before they start writing our business plan."

"They should. Even though they are the ones who will write your business plan, GH Mobile needs to provide them with basic information about the company."

"Do they charge a lot for their service?"

"Not really. They have their fixed man-day rate."

"Can you then tell them to visit our factory?"

"Okay, I will ask them. Why don't you make a contract with our law firm for your joint venture matter? You will need some legal review of a contract with Dyeon later, anyway."

"Kim & Jeong is notorious for their high legal fees, right?"

"We won't charge you a lot. When you go to Seattle for your interview with Dyeon, you'd better go with us too."

"Hmmm. That's right. Okay, then let's make a contract."

Gun-Ho thought it was a good idea to get help from a law firm since he was about to work with a global company-Dyeon. He was willing to pay for the legal fees.

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Two days after Gun-Ho came back to Asan City, two young men visited Gun-Ho's company. They looked distinctive. They were wearing a blinding white shirt with overalls. Their hairstyle was unique as well. They definitely seemed to be people who were heavily influenced by American culture.

"Are you President Gun-Ho Goo? I've heard a lot about you, sir. We are referred by Attorney Young-Jin Kim. I am the planning director of Moor Investment."

"Are you here for a business plan?"

"Yes, we are. The most important thing in writing a business plan is to grasp the gist of it. We will start by having a tour of the factory."

Gun-Ho asked for the plant manager, but he was out of the office for the moment. Gun-Ho instead asked for Jong-Suk.

"These gentlemen came here to help us write a business plan. Please guide them to the factory tour."

"Yes, sir."

Gun-Ho introduced the sales director to those people and told them that the sales director was the best person to ask about the company if they had any questions. The sales director could explain very well about the company's value to them since he was once involved in figuring out the company's value with accountants during the past court receivership. They could also have a tour to the research center as well since the research center hadn't dissolved yet. They also visited the new factory in Jiksan Town and took photos.

"Do you think you can make an excellent business plan for our company?"

"Yes, we can. However, I think we need to exaggerate a bit of the sales plan. We will take care of it."

"We are counting on you, people. Thank you for your work."

"We'd like to visit GH Parts Company that is situated in Suzhou City, China, that you have invested in."

"Oh, you do want to visit the factory in China too? It's a small factory though."

"Yes, actually we need to see that factory too. The important key to the business plan is to establish the sales and business network overseas. GH Parts Company in China will be the base camp of the Dyeon Korea for China's market, right?"

"Yes. Okay."

"We will need two flight tickets to Suzhou City, China and a hotel reservation."

Gun-Ho asked for the general affairs manager.

"Mr. General Affairs Manager, these two gentlemen need to see our factory in China too. Please prepare two flight tickets to Suzhou City and a hotel reservation for them."

"Yes, sir."

Gun-Ho then made a call to Min-Hyeok in China.

"Min-Hyeok? It's me, Gun-Ho. We will send two gentlemen to your factory. They are from a company called Moore Investment. Please take care of them. They will need a tour of the factory."

"What is it regards to?"

"I am trying to do a joint venture with Lymondell Dyeon, and we need a business plan for it. So I asked a company to do the job. These two gentlemen are professionals from that company. Please show them around."

"Oh, I see. Sure, I will take care of it."

"If we successfully start a joint venture with Lymondell Dyeon, we will sell the Dyeon's products that would be produced from the factory here to China's market."

"Don't they want to produce it at a factory in China?"

"It seems that they don't want to have a factory in China."

"Really? Then the base camp for sales will be here, huh?"

"I think so. I will give you a stock option for those sales as well."

"Haha, really? I guess I will have to work really hard! I will have the factory ready for their visit."

Gun-Ho thought that Min-Hyeok would do a very good job in selling Dyeon Korea's products rather than sitting in the office at the factory and manufacturing products.

"Once Dyeon Korea succeeded in selling a lot of products, Min-Hyeok will become rich."

Gun-Ho smiled.