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179 Company Restructuring 5 – PART 2

 GH Mobile had 5 directors. They all got together and went to a Korean Galbi* restaurant in downtown, Asan City.

Gun-Ho, the chief officer of the research center, internal auditor, plant manager, sales director, and the new general director sat at the restaurant and had Galbi. They were all in their 50s or 60s except Gun-Ho.

"Why don't we have soju?"

"It will turn our faces red."

"We can stop by the Asan Bay area and get some fresh air after lunch before going back to work. That will sober us up."

"Since our president allowed it, let's have a drink."

The sales director showed the highest alcohol tolerance among the party. Having a drink was actually part of his job in selling the products to potential customers. He also had excellent conversational skills. On the other hand, the two executives in their 60s-the chief officer of the research center and the plant manager didn't seem to enjoy the meeting. The research center's chief officer eventually asked Gun-Ho after finishing a glass of soju.

"I have a question I'd like to ask President Goo."

"Sure, go ahead."

"There was a rumor that once we move to a new location, the research center will be closed. Is that true?"

"We don't have a specific plan like that; however, we will consider the possibility."

"I suggest you reconsider your decision on dissolving the research center."

"Can you show that the research center is producing any beneficial outcome for the company, so it is absolutely worth keeping the center?"

"That's... umm..."

"Well, nothing hasn't been decided yet. We will have to review all the possibilities. Let's continue to enjoy our drink for now. Haha."

"I know I can't just ask you to keep the research center without showing anything. However, even though you decide to dissolve the center after your review, I'd like you to take care of the workers there."

"What do you suggest in 'taking care of them?'"

"I can retire since I almost reached the age, but there are many young workers in the research center, who still need to support their family."


"I believe they deserve the second change by being reallocated to other new departments instead of just being laid off. It would be fair that way."

"Hmm. I do admire your care towards the workers, Mr. Chief Officer. I understood your concern. Even though the decision is not made favorably towards the research center, I will not just lay the workers off."

"Thank you, sir."

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The chief officer of the research center seemed to feel a sense of relief.

"Why don't you have more Galbi, Mr. Plant Manager? How're your teeth?"

"I still do have good teeth."

The sales director made a joke.

"Big brother, if you still have good teeth, then you should be good down there too."

Everyone at the table laughed.

The plant manager handed an empty glass to Gun-Ho, and said,

"I guess I won't be able to assist you for more than a couple of months, sir. I really wanted to stay here and worked for you for a long time; however, I am getting old and it's my time to retire soon."

"You are already reaching the age of retirement?"

"Yes. I will be with the company until the month after next month. It's already time to retire."


The sales director tried to make the plant manager feel better by saying,

"Brother, be cheerful. Life after retirement is a new real life. Your new life starts soon."

"Have you thought about what you want to do after retirement?"

"No, nothing. I guess I will have to stay with my wife all day long."


The plant manager looked like he was withering. Gun-Ho felt bad about it; however, that didn't mean he wanted to let him stay in the company for additional years. Gun-Ho couldn't put his company at risk by holding old workers who no longer could efficiently perform their duties.

Gun-Ho said slowly with his arms crossed.

"What if we do this?"

"What, sir?"

"After you retire, you can go to the factory in China and work there for one more year like a temporary work."

"To China?"

"Our newly acquired factory in China doesn't have enough skilled workers yet. Why don't you stay there for about a year and give them technical advice and also educate the workers there?"

"That sounds great. Thank you."

The plant manager's face became brightened.

Min-Hyeok called Gun-Ho to let him know that the factory in China received the certifications for both their quality management system and environmental management system.

"Our factory in China received ISO 90001 and ISO 14000."

"Aren't they the certifications for the quality management system and environmental management system?"

"That's right. We just have them certified."

"It must have cost money to get them certified, and also we need to maintain the system at a certain level and that will cost money too, right?"

"I've been trying to earn more business with local automobile manufacturing companies. They told me that in order to register as their vendors, we need to receive ISO 90001 and ISO 14000. That's why I applied and have them certified."

"Haha. You are the expert in that field. You used to work at a quality assurance department in a company in Korea. That work experience came in handy."

"However, there is something troubling."

"What is it?"

"The Chinese workers here, they handle the machines so carelessly. That really upsets me."

"How serious is it?"

"They are producing so many defective products, and the machines got broken down way too often."

"Hmmm, that is troubling."

"It drives me crazy."

"You know what? Our factory manager here will retire soon. So I was thinking that maybe he could work at the factory in China for a year or so temporarily."

"The plant manager?"

"He has been with the machines in his entire life. He will be very helpful there in managing the factory and also managing the workers there. He can educate the factory workers."

"That sounds really great. Please send him here as soon as you can."

"Okay. I will send him there as soon as he retires."

"I will talk to you again later, once I make a contract with local companies."

"Sounds good. Keep up the good work, Min-Hyeok."

Gun-Ho called for the new general director-Director Yoon.

"We have a new factory in Jiksan Town, Cheonan City, which we recently purchased at the auction. Have you visited there?"

"I've heard of it, but I haven't had a chance to visit the factory."

"Why don't you go there with me today?"

"Yes, sir."

Gun-Ho headed to Jiksan Town, Cheonan City with Director Yoon.

An old security guard of the factory ran towards Gun-Ho to greet him when he saw Gun-Ho came to the factory. He had been guarding the empty factory.


"How are you? Would you open the factory for us please?"

The security guard unlocked the factory door so Gun-Ho's car could enter the factory yard.

"Wow. It is huge."

"It's about 5,000 pyung large. There are weeds growing here already. Hmm."

"The location is excellent. It's on the main road."

"That's why I grabbed this factory when I saw it."

"It must cost you a fortune to buy this."

Director Yoon looked around the factory thoroughly.

"The overhead crane is getting rusty. That's a shame."

"I want to build a new factory here, about 2,000 pyung large factory."

"Did you say 2,000 pyung? Wow. That will cost you a lot."

"According to the internal auditor, I will have to expect the construction costs of about 2 million won per pyung."

"Hmm, that's about right."

"You, Director Yoon has extensive experience in building a factory, right? You used to work in a construction company."

"That's right."

"Can you take over the work here to oversee the construction of our new factory?"

"Oh, me?"

"We will have to demolish the existing factory first. You can find a subcontractor to do the work."

"Yes, sir."

"Also, you will need to find a construction design company."

"I know many people in that field."

"I want a highly advanced factory that can effectively manage dust, temperature, and humidity."

Note *

Galbi - Korean grilled beef ribs.