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163 Business Expansion 3 – PART 2

 When most of the vendor companies' presidents arrived at the meeting, President Young-Sik Park went back to his seat among them as the president of one of the GH Mobile's vendors.

All of 15 vendor companies' presidents attended the meeting that GH Mobile hosted.

Gun-Ho looked at every single face of theirs.

"All of them have a type of face that attracts money. They all have a company with about 50 employees and their sales revenue is in the range between 7 and 8 billion won."

Five years ago when he worked at a factory as a factory worker, Gun-Ho couldn't even get close to these people.

The meeting started with the internal auditor's report on the process from the acquisition of Mulpasaneop and the current state of GH Mobile after the company changed its name to GH Mobile. Gun-Ho then continued the meeting with his introduction speech.

"GH Mobile exists because of you all. GH Mobile has a new policy now. We pay the vendors in cash on time without delay. We expect you, in return, to provide us with quality products and services."

When Gun-Ho finished his short introduction speech, they all clapped.

Lunch was already prepared and served at the same place where the meeting was held. Steak and wine was the lunch menu. They were placed on each round table where the vendor companies' presidents sat at.

"Let's drink to the prosperity of GH Mobile."

"Drink to GH Mobile!"

"Drink to GH Mobile!"

Someone stood up and said,

"I am so happy to be here with you all, especially because it is not easy for us to get together like this. So I want to suggest you all something. Why don't we make this a regular meeting? Like GH club or something. What do you think?"

"I'm in! Let's elect a president of the club today too. I think President Young-Sik Park of YS Tech should take the position since his company supplies the largest amount of products to GH Mobile among us."

"I agree. Let's applaud President Young-Sik Park."

YS Tech's president-Young-Sik Park came forward and bowed.

"Thank you for your support, all. Let's make this club pleasant and productive. We can go playing golf together and also go on a trip abroad too sometimes."

"Sounds good! I like that."

"Can I come with you?"

When Gun-Ho tried to join them, they all laughed.

Jong-Suk Park headed to China.

When he arrived at the airport in Suzhou City, Min-Hyeok was already there waiting for him with his Audi.

"Hey, Jong-Suk!"

"Hey, Min-Hyeok bro!"

"It has been a long time. I think it has already been several years since I saw you last time."

"You seemed to gain some weight, bro."

"I think I am getting old; that's why. So, how do you like working at GH Mobile so far? Are you having fun there?"

"I've been so busy learning stuff. The work in the production department is sort of new to me, even though I've worked at a factory setting for a long time. As you know, my specialty is on maintenance and repair."

"Yeah, I know."

"Do you have many machines at the factory here?"

"We have 10 injection molding machines. They are for rubbers though, not for plastics. We don't have extruder machines yet."

"Are they all hydraulic press machines?"

"Six of them are."

As soon as Jong-Suk arrived at the factory, he started working on the machines right away; he dismantled the machines first and repaired them.

As Jong-Suk dismantled and assembled machines, Chinese workers all came to the place where Jong-Suk was working, to watch him repair the machines.

"Korean people's skills are the best."

They shouted with conviction.

Jong-Suk repaired the machines at the factory one by one every day.

The machines that had been in a stopping position started working while making a loud noise, appreciating Jong-Suk's touch on them.

"Hey, Jong-Suk. Don't go back to Korea, but stay here with me. The machines seem to like you a lot."

"How much can you pay me?"

"Man, it's about you and me. We don't talk about money between us, right? Haha. By the way, where did you learn all those skills?"

"Do you have any idea how many years I've been doing this?"

"How many years?"

"I started working at a factory with machines right after I had completed my military service, so that makes me work in the field for 7 years so far."

"Hmm. It's a long time."

"How many workers are here?"

"We have 40 employees. I believe we will possibly have more in the near future. Since I got the stock option, I have been working my as* off."

"What is a stock option?"

"Simply put, it's like a commission or incentive based on your work performance."

"Really? I hate anything complicated, and that stock option thing sounds very complicated. My dream is to become the factory manager at GH Mobile."

"Gun-Ho said, GH Mobile's current factory manager is about to retire because he is old."

"Yeah. He will probably retire by the end of this year."

"You will become their factory manager soon, right?"

"It's not a good idea to take the position so fast, and I'm too young to be a factory manager. GH Mobile has 250 employees. If I take that position at my age, they will all hate me and talk bad about me behind my back."

"But you have the skills to be the factory manager."

"It seems there are many skillful people there."

"Well, Gun-Ho told me that you are the most reliable and trustworthy person he could put in that position."

"By the way, Gun-Ho bro is really something."

"Yeah, I know."

"He is the most successful person in our hometown-Incheon City."

"Speaking of which, Gun-Ho once told me that he spent his adolescence there very lonely. He was depressed, and he didn't go to college like everyone else but through a bit different route. So, he said that he doesn't really have close friends there."

"I know Gun-Ho bro doesn't have many friends. I can tell because I am the only fishing buddy to him."

"Jong-Suk, let's do this."

"Do what?"

"I'm absolutely certain that Gun-Ho will be one of the richest men in Korea. His extreme smartness and brilliant judgment will make him become like one. Let's be his right-hand man and left-hand man."

"That makes us the major supporters of the GH Group founder, huh?"

"I suppose."

"By the way, bro. I brought 5,000 Yuan. I exchanged some of my Korean money at the airport. Let's have a drink somewhere really cool."

"I can use the company credit card to buy you a drink; it's within my authority as the president of the factory. You came all the way to China to help me. I should buy you a drink. You have been extremely helpful."

"Then, let's do this."

"What are you suggesting?"

"You buy a drink, and I treat us karaoke."

"Sounds great."

"Let's go somewhere where I can see many beautiful girls."

"Sure. You and me, we are still single, right?"

The two men headed downtown where they could find restaurants, bars, and karaoke or other entertainments while putting arms around each other's shoulders.