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150 Business Acquisition 1 – PART 1

 Fortunately, the claimed amount for unpaid wages had reduced since Gun-Ho joined Mulpasaneop. That was because the court officer made paying the unpaid wages the priority whenever the company's revenue was recognized. The court officer became very popular among the workers consequently.

"The court officer is the best. If the president was in charge of expenditure, he wouldn't have done the same. He would probably have paid for the overdue payment to those supplier companies."

"Well, we still need to get paid for the past three months though. However, at least I can pay some of my credit card bills, and my wife will not kick me out of our house."

"By the way, the new managing director... have you heard anything about him? He seems to be a rich guy. Did you see the car he is driving? He only wears high-end designer clothes."

"Is he from a wealthy family?"

"No, it seems like he is working with some big players from Gangnam."

"Someone told me that he used to work for YS Tech-one of our vendors."

"Maybe he is a crook. Don't you think?"

"Who knows? Maybe he is a corporate raider."

"His salary from our company is 2 million won, but he always goes out to have an expensive lunch every day. I've never seen him eating at our company cafeteria."

Gun-Ho thought that it was time to cast his fishing line.

He knocked on the president's office door and entered the office.

"One of my employees in China visited your son's factory the other day. The one that is located in Suzhou City in Jiangsu Province."

"China? How are they doing?"

"The workers took over the factory and seized all equipment."

"I knew they would. F*ck!"

"Where is your son?"

"I have no idea."

"Are you going to sell the factory in China?"

"Who would want to buy that factory? That factory only has machines without workers."

"You can make money by selling that factory in China so we can use the proceeds to pay off some of our debts."

"I know that. It's just... there would be no one who would want to buy that factory."

"The payment we received this month from our customers was all used up to pay our workers for their overdue wages."

"Hmm. I still owe some hard money lenders, and they are still harassing me. That's urgent money that I need to pay. Whew."

"The workers now really like the court officer since he made the workers' overdue wages the priority."

"Don't talk to me about that sh*tty guy. I hate him."

"Why don't you go with me to China?"

"That court officer man wouldn't allow me to use my company's money to go to China."

"I will use my personal funds for the visit. I have a joint venture with China too."

"You have a joint venture there?"

"Yes. It's not a manufacturing company though. It's doing selling and managing an industrial park."

"Oh, really?"

"We can take Friday off and visit China during the weekend. We don't even have to tell the court about the trip."

"Hmm, okay then. Let's do that. I don't even want to look at that court officer's face to tell him about the trip."

Gun-Ho made a call to Min-Hyeok.

"I'm coming to Suzhou City this Friday with the president of Mulpasaneop. Can you come to Pudong Airport in Shanghai to pick us up?"

"Oh, really? Of course. Why don't you stop by our industrial park to see the current development then?"

Gun-Ho met the president of Mulpasaneop at Incheon International Airport for their short trip to China. He was wearing a fedora hat. He was exuding the distinct vibe as the president of a company. His 30 something years of time as an owner of a company was somewhat reflected on him.

The flight landed on Pudong Airport.

The president looked up at the sky of Shanghai.

"It has been a while since I came here. When my company was doing well, I used to see managers and directors here who came to greet me and pick me up from the factory in Suzhou City. I don't see anyone here anymore."

Gun-Ho looked at the president's profile as he talked. He looked older than when he was in his office. His wrinkles seemed to be more noticeable.

"President Goo, over here!"

"Min-Hyeok, hey. This is the president of Mulpasaneop."

"Nice to meet you, sir. I am Min-Hyeok Kim."

Min-Hyeok showed his respect by bowing and handed him his business card. The president frowned while trying to read the business card. He probably needed reading glasses at his age.

"Nice to meet you, too."

"I brought a car to pick you up over there. Please come with me."

"Oh, you already reserved a taxi?"

"No, I brought my own car, sir."

Min-Hyeok took the president to his Audi that was freshly washed for this occasion.

Min-Hyeok then headed to Jinxi Industrial Park in Kunshan City.

A lot of huge factories were already settled in the industrial park.

"Oh, the industrial park is already filled with many factories."

"With the contracts made recently, the industrial park will be two-thirds full by the end of this year."

The president seemed to be impressed.

"So this industrial park is the joint venture that you, Managing Director Goo invested in, right?"

Min-Hyeok answered for Gun-Ho.

"That's right. President Gun-Ho Goo owns 50% of the joint venture. I am just an employee who is working for him."

"Hey, don't say that you work for me. We are business partners."

"Wow, I am impressed."

Min-Hyeok took Gun-Ho and the Mulpasaneop president to his office, and they had Dragon Well tea. The president could see the workers and the heavy equipment moving busily here and there. He then nodded his head.

After walking out of Min-Hyeok's office, they headed to Mulpa Automotive. The president kept letting out a deep sigh in the car.

"You have been to your son's factory before, haven't you?"

"Of course. I've been there a few times."

The president cringed a bit when he saw the factory's door was closed and locked. They asked for the caretaker and asked him to open the door.

"You can't get in. You will need permission from the representative of the factory workers."

When the caretaker refused to open the door for them, Min-Hyeok raised his voice.

"Hey, look. I am running an industrial park in your neighboring city-Kunshan City. We just want to take a quick look at the inside of the factory. That's all."

When Min-Hyeok gave his business card to the factory caretaker, he hesitated.

Gun-Ho quickly slipped 100 Yuan into the caretaker's pocket.

"It won't take long."

Gun-Ho's 100 Yuan was way more effective than Min-Hyeok's business card. The caretaker opened the door to them right away.

"Please make it quick."

The president went into the factory and checked the machines that were all in a stopping position. He seemed to have mixed feelings as he petted the machines with his hand. Gun-Ho who was standing next to the president thought his hand looked sad.

Tears eventually welled up in the president's eyes. Gun-Ho wanted to cry too; he turned his head instead so he wouldn't look at the president's tears.

"My stupid son!"

"My stupid son!"

The president kept petting the machines as he cried. He seemed to think of his son as he was petting the son's machines.

In an effort to change the mood, Min-Hyeok said with a smile.

"You know, Chinkkweo Seon-the president of Jinxi Construction Company and the business partner invited us for dinner when he realized President Goo is here. He already reserved the restaurant-Hwadongchancheong."

"Oh, really? Let's go then! The president will like the food there too."