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103 Conversation with a Wise Man 2 – PART 2

 All offers had been submitted. The bailiff was announcing the auction result.

"Case number 000, Mr. Gun-Ho Goo who offered 2,981 million won the auction. Please come forward with your photo ID."

"Whoa, 2.9 billion won?"

People who were sitting in the front area whispered about the high price that Gun-Ho offered and that he had to pay.

Gun-Ho now owned 50% of the 200 pyung land in Gangdong District, which had been used as a parking lot.

After the mandatory period of the filing of the appeal passed, Gun-Ho wanted to meet the other owner who owned the equal property interest in the land.

"Where can I find him? Should I ask that realtor who was talking about this vacant lot during the auction school gathering?"

Gun-Ho wanted to call the auction private institution and ask that realtor's contact number when Manager Kang walked into the office.

"Manager Kang, do you know how we can find the other owner of that land in Gangdong District? The address shown on the real estate registration is Sampung condo in Seocho Town."

"That doesn't necessarily mean the owner is actually living there. I will go to the realtor's office in front of that vacant lot. Since there are tenants there, the owner probably used the same realtor's office that is close to the land for the lease agreements.

"Okay, then let me know if you find anything."

"Okay, I'll do that."

Manager Kang returned to the office after visiting the land area.

"I talked with the realtor and with the parking lot owner. They said the landowner is actually residing at the Sampung condo in Seocho Town."

"The Sampung condo is the one close to our office, next to the subway station of Seoul National University of Education, right?"

"That's right. The owner and his wife are living in that condo, and their son is living in Mapo Town. Their son is a theatre actor as well."

"A play?"

"Why don't you meet with him?"

Gun-Ho and Manager Kang headed to the Sampung condo to meet the other owner of the land while carrying a box of healthy organic juice.

"Sir, even if this condo looks old, it is still quite expensive because of the location. It's right in the center of Gangnam."


When they arrived at the door of the land owner's condo, they rang the doorbell. No one came out. They tried again. It was still quiet.

"Probably no one is home. Should we just go and come back later? We don't even have his phone number."

They were about to leave when the door was open.

"Who is it?"

An old man who looked like in his 80s came out. He had age spots on his face, and he was wearing pajamas.

"Hello, sir. Are you Mr. Hak-Chul Jang?"

"Yes, I am. Who are you?"

"I am the one who just purchased the land in Gangdong District at the auction. I'd like to talk to you for just a moment."

"Hmm, really? Come on inside."

"Thank you, sir."

Gun-Ho and Manager Kang entered the condo and sat in the living room. There were an old wall clock and an old oriental painting hanging on the wall. It indeed looked like a place where only old people lived in.

"I'm sorry for the mess. I didn't expect anyone so..."

"Please don't mind us. We are good."

"My wife is in a hospital right now, so I am here alone, and I just woke up. What can I get you for a drink?"

"We are good. Thank you, sir. Actually, we brought some drink for you."

The old man went to his kitchen and brought hot green tea.

"So, do you have something you want to do with the land?"

"I'm thinking of building an office-tel. I was wondering if you would sell your property interest to me."

"I'm not selling it."

Manager Kang put his cup of green tea on the coffee table and said.

"Sir, you probably have children and grandchildren and so. Why don't you sell your interest in land and give some of the proceeds to your descendants and enjoy the rest of your life with your wife?"

"I'm not selling. Just have a cup of green tea and go home. Haha."

It seemed like the old man did not need money. He seemed to have enough money and didn't have any reason to sell the land now.

"How many children do you have, sir? I guess they are probably about our age."

"I have a son and two daughters. They do make their living just fine."

"I heard your son is acting at a theatre."

"That's right."

The old man said bluntly. He might not like what his son was doing.

"Are your daughters living around here?"

"No, one is living in Incheon City, and the other one is living in Banpo Town."

"Did you say Incheon? My parents are in Incheon."

The old man didn't seem to be glad to hear it.

Gun-Ho thought the old man seemed to disapprove of things that their children were doing.

"I'm sorry, sir if this sounds offensive, but you don't take the land when your time comes, right? Why don't you sell it when there is someone who wants to buy it? You can't really utilize the land with your 50% interest either."

"The half of the rent from the tenants there is coming to my bank account."

"It's not much, you know that. Please sell it to me."

"I'm not selling it. I won't change my mind, so please leave once you've finished your tea."

"Okay, sir, if you insist. Let me at least have your phone number, sir."

The owner gave his number to Gun-Ho.

"I will leave Manager Kang's business card with you."

Gun-Ho didn't give his business card to the old man. The old man stared at Manager Kang's business card for a while.

"Manager Kang, let's do this. We won't be able to fully use this land since we have half of the property interest in it, so let's use it as collateral when we need to borrow money from a bank."

"Okay, since it has the appraised value, a bank will certainly lend money with this land."

"Okay, then. Sir, have a wonderful day. If you happen to change your mind, please let us know any time."

The old man seemed to be thinking about something.

Gun-Ho and Manager Kang walked out of the condo and went to a soft tofu stew restaurant around the Sampung condo.

Manager Kang talked first while having his soft tofu stew.

"The old man doesn't want to sell the land."

"I think he will sell it. One of his children would face some financial difficulties in his or her life and also he knows he couldn't take the land with him to his grave. He was just trying to raise the price."

"Then, should we contact him after one or two weeks?"

"What about... we meet his son who is acting at a theater?"

"I think that's a good idea. Do you want me to find him?"

Gun-Ho received an unexpected call from Attorney Kim who was working at Kim&Jeong.

"How have you been? I talked with Professor Wang at Zhejiang University the other day, and he has some spare time these days since the exam period at the university is over. I am calling to ask you if you would like to join me in playing golf in China. I haven't played golf in China before. I heard their golf field is really nice."

"Haha. Actually, I am not a good golf player. I'm learning it these days though."

"Oh, are you?"

Attorney Kim sounded disappointed a bit.

"Where do you go for golf practice?"

"I'm taking lessons at the indoor facility inside the Education Community Center building."

"I see. Good luck then. I will go with you when you go to the field for the first time."

"Haha, thank you."

Gun-Ho hadn't played golf for the past several days.

"I will have to practice diligently. I have a golf buddy now who would share my first experience at a golf field."

Gun-Ho walked out of the office and headed to the golf practice facility.

He was practicing with his 7-iron when the coach lady approached him.

"Sir, why didn't you come to your lesson last time? You have to keep practicing; otherwise, you won't improve."

"I won't miss it again."

Gun-Ho stopped his swing and smiled broadly.

"Do your arms like this, and grab the grip this way with your hand."

The coach held Gun-Ho's arm to correct his posture. Gun-Ho could smell her lotion.

"Let's practice today until a blister starts appearing on your hand."


After a while, Gun-Ho started sweating.

"Hmm, this small golf swing movement makes me sweat."

The coach came back to Gun-Ho.

"When you address the ball, stretch your left arm lightly and bend your right arm."

"It's more difficult than it sounds."

Gun-Ho hit the golf ball.

"At impact, don't lift your head."


"Your weight should be on your left foot. Hit the ball again."

Gun-Ho hit the ball again and the ball flew.

"It's getting better."

The ball flew farther than last time. Gun-Ho felt good. From that day, Gun-Ho came to the indoor golf facility every day to practice his swing.