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58 Transfer to a college in China 1

 Gun-Ho took the HSK test and passed level-4.

He was disappointed about the fact that he couldn't reach the level-5's passing score since he studied so hard. However, he knew that he could try again next time so it was okay. When he had failed the level-9 government job exam in Korea, he felt devastated. He didn't feel that way anymore.

"I used to feel like a loser whenever I had failed the government job exam because at the time having a government job was the only way to handle my situation; I didn't know any other way out. I was so scared of being left out, and not knowing what to do to overcome my financial difficulties. Damn Korea's level-9 government job exam!"

Eun-Hwa was not sure whether she should congratulate him or comfort him when she heard that Gun-Ho passed the HSK level-4, instead of level-5.

"G-jjong, you did a good job in passing the level-4. It was your first time trying the exam."

"I actually thought I might pass the level-5, but I missed a lot of questions in the listening comprehension section"

"I heard people who passed the level-5 are the ones who majored in the Chinese language in a 4-year college. You made it to level-4 in just a short period of time, and level-4 is not a low level at all. The admission requirement for most universities in China for international students is HSK level-4."

"Oh, really?"

An idea flashed across Gun-Ho's mind when he heard the college admission requirement for international students was HSK level-4.

"Right. That's it!"

"What's on your mind?"

"Let's transfer to a college in China. There is Zhejiang University close to the condo I acquired. I heard Zhejiang University is one of the best universities in China!"

Gun-Ho decided to explore quietly more about transferring to Zhejiang University.

Gun-Ho felt sorry to Eun-Hwa who tried hard in preparing Gun-Ho for the HSK exam.

In appreciating her effort, Gun-Ho took an envelope from the inner pocket of his jacket and put 300 Yuan without showing it to anyone and then handed it to Eun-Hwa.

"Ms. Eun-Hwa Jo, I appreciate your efforts in preparing me for the HSK exam, and I want you to take this. I was only able to pass level-4 because I had a good teacher like you."

"Wow. Is this for me?"

Eun-Hwa took the envelope from Gun-Ho; she seemed to have felt shy but delighted.

Korean international students sometimes came to Gun-Ho's Korean restaurant. They couldn't come very often because the food's price there was not cheap. However, they came when they were tired of having Chinese food every single day and missed Korean food. A few Korean students came to the restaurant on a Saturday.

"How're your studies? It's not easy to study while being away from your home, right?"


"Try this. It's a Korean pancake."

"Is it complimentary?"

"Don't worry. It's free."

The Korean students ordered a few bottles of beer. When they almost ran out of beer, Gun-Ho brought one more bottle of beer to their table."

"What is this? We didn't order it."

"This is on me. You are like my younger brothers. Enjoy the beer, on the house."

"Wow, thank you, sir!"

"Oh, umm, can I ask you something? Do you know anything about transferring to Zhejiang University?"

"A new semester starts in September, so I guess they are accepting applications right now. I heard that a transfer admission is less competitive than admission directly from high school."

"Do they accept HSK level-4?"

"I believe so. A student with HSK level-4 might face difficulties understanding the lectures in the university, but I believe they can be admitted."

"What about a cyber college. Do they accept a cyber college diploma for transfer students?"

"I don't know. I guess as long as it is a bachelor's degree, they will accept it. Why don't you ask the admission office?"


"Why are you asking all this? Is your younger brother thinking of transferring to Zhejiang University?"

"Huh? Oh, no... someone asked me to find out about the transfer process to that university."

Gun-Ho wanted to say, 'Not my younger brother, but I want to transfer to that university, kids!'

Gun-Ho visited the admission office of Zhejiang University and asked about the transfer process with his not so fluent Chinese.

"You need to submit a copy of your passport, HSK test result, college diploma, college transcript, and a financial document showing how you receive your tuition and living expenses, etc."

"Do you accept a college diploma from a cyber college?"

"A cyber college? Like Dienseutta? (a college with TV lectures) As long as you can provide a college diploma, that's fine."

"What kind of majors are there in the business department?"

The staff in the admission office showed Gun-Ho their brochure about programs the university provided.

"Hmm... I guess I should choose the accounting major. I've obtained the computerized accounting level-2 certificate in addition to my work experience in the field. I think I can understand better the accounting lectures with my background. Moreover, since accounting majors use more numbers and fewer writings compared to other majors, that could work as an advantage for me."

Gun-Ho knew he should make a quick trip to Korea soon to prepare all these required documents.

Gun-Ho went to Korea for the documents required to transfer to Zhejiang University.

Gun-Ho's mother was happy and surprised when Gun-Ho arrived home unexpectedly.

"I knew you told me you would come soon, but I didn't expect you so soon."

"I need to prepare some documents for college as soon as possible."

"A college? What college?"

"I am going to transfer to a college in China this coming semester."

"Transfering to a college? I thought you went to China to work."

"I work there. I am running a Korean restaurant. I can do both studying and working."

"Are you taking night classes? What about the tuition?"

"Mom, stop asking all these questions. I'm handling the situation. I am starving mom. Can I have your Doenjang-jjigae? I love your Doenjang-jjigae. Oh, and this is for you. I bought it at the duty-free shop at the airport. I want you to look younger using this cream."

"Wow! This is made in another country. It should be expensive!"

"I bought one more for sister. Please give it to her when she visits you. And this is for dad. It's a fancy Chinese liquor, called Maotai."

"Oh my gosh! These are all way too expensive."

"This is a chocolate for Jeong-Ah."

Jeong-Ah was Gun-Ho's niece, his sister's daughter. She was going to kindergarten.

"Wow. This chocolate is huge. You didn't forget about your niece when preparing all these."

Gun-Ho's mother seemed to be happy, and the sound of cooking from the kitchen became vigorous.

Gun-Ho transferred to Zhejiang University at the age of 33 as a third year in the accounting major. He seemed to be the oldest student in the university, and he didn't have a chance to spend time with other Korean students. He didn't have time for it either because he had a restaurant he had to run.

"Big brother, we are going to have a gathering for Korean students. Will you join and support us?"

Sometimes the Korean students came to Gun-Ho to ask for something. Some students had a lot of nerve to call him big brother instead of sir.

"I'm afraid that I won't be able to attend. I am a student here but I also have to work. Instead, I will get you three boxes of beer for the gathering!"

"Whoa, you are the best, big bro!"

Gun-Ho ran the restaurant and also went to college.

"It has been one and a half year already since I came to China. I've purchased two condos a year ago, and I have been studying in college for eight months now. I am not sure if I am doing good. I hope I am not missing anything."

Gun-Ho received a call from the branch manager of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

"It has been a while since we last met, Mr. Gun-Ho Goo. The spring had passed and it's almost summer. Do you know how to play bowling?"

"Bowling? I am not good at it but I do love watching others playing it. Haha."

The last time Gun-Ho visited Korea, he purchased Korean cosmetics for the branch manager. He loved it.

'I don't know how to play bowling, but I had to tell him that I love to watch others playing it, so he could invite me for bowling. Who knows? Maybe he has some valuable information for me.'

Gun-Ho thought.

When Gun-Ho said he loved to watch others playing bowling, the branch manager continued talking about bowling,

"We are not very good at playing bowling either. Let's meet at the bowling alley in Wonalu. How about 3 PM tomorrow?"

Gun-Ho didn't have class tomorrow. The restaurant was being handled by Dingming and Mae-Hyang. Since Eun-Hwa, Gun-Ho's private tutor hadn't found any job yet she would probably have time tomorrow. Gun-Ho thought that he should better ask Eun-Hwa to go bowling with him.

"Sounds good!"