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27 Chapter 27. B2B Electronic Payment 1

 The next day, Gun-Ho started his new job in the accounting team, sitting at his new desk.

"This is an office job. I am so happy that I don't have to do physical work."

Physically demanding job requires strenuous manual labor. Even though the object the manual worker has to lift at work is not so heavy, if he has to lift it repeatedly, it causes physical pain in certain parts of the body. It could be the worker's waist or wrist, or it could be his neck. When Gun-Ho worked at Dongil Tech in Yangju as a factory worker, he felt pain in his neck during physical work. Gun-Ho didn't have to suffer anymore.

"Here is the login ID and password for Douzone. Try to log in."

Manager Kim handed the chart of accounts to Gun-Ho, which she used to keep under the glass top of her desk.

"Are you giving me the chart? What about you? I can just make a copy of it for myself."

"Nah, that's okay. I memorized them all."

"You did?"

Gun-Ho watched Manger Kim working, from his desk next to hers. She was very fast in entering the data. When she was calculating numbers with the electronic calculator, she was so quick that her fingers were invisible.

"Wow, you are so fast. My eyes can't even follow your fingers."

"Stop watching me working and start entering this data. It is the detailed statement of deposits and withdrawals for our major banks from yesterday."

Gun-Ho started entering the data in the accounting software while holding the statement.

"Hmm. Rent? Okay, the rent is supposed to go to the debit column on the left side, and on the right side, the credit column, I need to put the landlord's name."

"You shouldn't say all those things out loud when you work. Whew, when are you going to finish up by fumbling like that? After entering the data, you need to print out the account payable/account receivable and cash payments as well."

"Okay, I will speed up."

Manager Kim was verifying the data that Gun-Ho had just entered from her desk. Manager Kim's computer and Gun-Ho's computer were sharing the same accounting software and data, so she had access to Gun-Ho's data within the application.

"You missed the service fee in the rent you just input."

"A service fee?"

"When you transfer money, a service fee incurs. Even though it is only 500 won, you shouldn't miss it. In accounting, you must not miss even 1 won."

"Huh? Oh, I will do it again."

"Whew, we sure will have tough days."

Manager Kim seemed to be worried about the days ahead with Gun-Ho.

"When you enter the service fee, don't forget to add the name of the bank."

"I, I am so sorry. I will do it right away."

At that moment, the president stopped by where these two were working.

"How's it going?"

The president looked at Gun-Ho's face and said.

"Yes, I am doing my best."

The president then looked at Manager Kim's face.

"Manager Kim, did we receive 20,000,000 won through the B2B payment from Namdojeongmill yesterday?

"Yes, we received it."

Gun-Ho listened to the conversation between the president and Manager Kim.


Gun-Ho had heard of the terminology, B2B, but he hadn't directly handled it before.

The president was about to leave when he turned around and talked to Manager Kim again.

"We didn't apply the early payment discount to that amount, did we?"

"Right, we didn't."

"Then please apply the discount to the amount, and send 5,000,000 won out of it to my personal account."

"Okay, I will do that."

"I have a business trip to Japan for 2 nights and 3 days from tomorrow. Please get 100 of 50,000 won for me."

The president handed his credit card to Manager Kim and left.

Manager Kim turned off the accounting software and took out the battery-powered device, TIME OTP (a password-generating device), from her desk drawer. She then opened one of the major banks website-Industrial Bank of Korea.

Gun-Ho worked until late at night every day.

"When I worked as a factory worker, if I worked overtime, I received the overtime pay. For an office job, there is no such thing. This is not an easy job, either."

When Gun-Ho stayed in the office working late, the general affairs manager sometimes came and annoyed Gun-Ho by saying, "Mr. Gun-Ho Goo, are you working overtime to show that you are a diligent and hard worker? Don't you know that the true hard worker is the one who goes home when it is time to go home?"

"Oh, I didn't mean that. I just need to finish the report before I go home."

"Let's not do that, okay? I'm leaving now."

Gun-Ho reviewed the past records using the accounting software including the records done by Manager Kim. He practiced input and output of data according to various account titles.

"This is the list of the current credit sales. Our company is dealing with over 40 entities. Mulpasaneop Corp. has gross sales over 500,000,000 won per month. The rest of the companies are just small fry; their gross sales are around 10,000,000 or 20,000,000 won."

One day, Gun-Ho asked Manager Kim about Mulpasaneop,

"We can say that the Mulpasaneop is feeding our company, right?"

"That's right. The rest of the companies have around 300,000,000 won in total per month."

"Their yearly gross sales are around 10,000,000,000 won in total."

"Sometimes more than that, and sometimes less than that. It changes."

"We can't lose Mulpasaneop, right?"

"Haha. You don't have to worry about it. Mulpasaneop CEO's wife is our president's sister."

"Oh, I see."

"It has been more than ten years already since they became our client. Mulpasaneop is a big company with more than 300 employees."

"Is it a KOSDAQ registered firm?"

"They tried last year but failed."

"I see. Oh, and I thought our company was related to the former president Young-Sam Kim since the name of the company is YS Tech. I didn't know our president's name is Young-Sik Park."

"Haha. Well, we do get that question a lot."

After a month of working, Gun-Ho became somewhat proficient at his job. It was a very windy day. Gun-Ho heard the president yelling from downstairs.

"Manager Kim, the president is reprimanding the workers in the field."

"He's doing it again. It has been quiet for a while."

"Does the president often reprimand workers like that? He seems to be gentle."

"He doesn't do that to us. But for the workers in the field, he sometimes kicks their shins if they make mistakes."


"But, that's just how it is. He doesn't linger on the incidents. Who would stay in the company if a president lingers on every mistake a worker makes?"

"That's another side of him that I didn't know..."

Gun-Ho pretended to go to the bathroom to see what was going on downstairs. The president was yelling fiercely at the group of five people: the production team's supervisors, manager, and team leader. When the president got furious, he spoke a dialect. He seemed to be from Jeolla Province. His handsome face contrasted with his harsh words.

"Are you going to keep working like this? What are you going to do with this mountain of claims? You, production manager! You speak!"

"Oww! Oww!"

The production manager screamed while holding his ankle; the president probably kicked his shin.

"You as*holes! You are doing this because I have been quiet lately? Did you lose your mind? How can you not verify the drawing sheet provided by our supplier before you proceed? You, production team leader! You speak!"

"I am, I am so sorry."

"F*ck, it makes me go nuts. What am I going to do with all this stuff!"

The president threw the product he was holding to the floor and got in his car.

"Sh*t! What am I going to tell the supplier."

"We, we are so sorry."

Those five people all bowed together in apology. Gun-Ho could see the products that seemed to be returned. The president had every reason to be upset.

Gun-Ho went up to the second floor and asked Manager Kim, "What should we do if all those products are returned and claims are filed?"

"The note receivable just needs to be written down. We already issued their tax invoices,"

Manager Kim answered like it was no big deal.