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26 Chapter 26. Moving to Asan, Chungnam 3

 The president looked at the manager and said, "Manager Kim, can we have some tea?"

The manager laid out all the papers that Gun-Ho brought in today in front of the president before standing up.

"I will bring some tea."

After the manager left for preparing tea, only Gun-Ho and the president were left in the office.

"Where is your home?"

"I am currently staying in Dujeong Town, Cheonan City. I am planning to move to Dunpo Town soon."

"What about your parents?"

"They are in Incheon."


The manager brought three cups of green tea. The president spoke after having one sip of green tea. He didn't even bother looking through the Gun-Ho's application papers.

"You have probably noticed already that our company is not big enough to require two persons in an accounting team. We decided to hire one more person to assist Manager Kim because she is expecting a baby soon. The pay is not high, but it will gradually increase as you work hard."

"I understand."

Gun-Ho responded by bending himself to show his respect.

"Oh, Manager Kim! How much do we pay to the new employee in the quality assurance team downstairs?"

"It is 1,800,000 won."

"Our starting salary is 1,800,000 won. I had looked through your application when we had the interview, and I believe you didn't have a lot of work experience, Mr. Goo..."

The president couldn't remember Gun-Ho's name; he picked up Gun-Ho's resume from his desk. He found Gun-Ho's name on top of the resume and said, "We didn't actually select you, Mr. Gun-Ho Goo. The person we initially hired had ten years of work experience in a fodder company, but she decided to stay with her current employer. That's how we hired you. Since you are male and have work experience in a factory, we thought you could work in other teams later on such as the general affair, logistics, or sales if necessary."

"I see. I appreciate it."

"Our company has a very friendly work environment. Many of our workers are long-term employees. Manager Kim also has been working with us for fifteen years probably; isn't it?"

The president looked at Manager Kim's face.

"Yes, that's right."

"Manager Kim will explain you about your work here. If you work hard, you can be promoted to manager and general manager. You do look like a hard working person."

The president smiled at Gun-Ho. Gun-Ho felt so grateful and he bowed deeply to the president.

Manager Kim introduced the employees on the second floor to Gun-Ho.

"This is Seon-Hong Hwang, our general affairs manager."

The general affairs manager looked three to four years older than Gun-Ho.

"I am Gun-Ho Goo; I will be working in the accounting team. I look forward to working with you."

"I am the one who's look forward to working with you. You will be working in the accounting team that handles money."

The general affairs manager seemed to be a sarcastic person. Gun-Ho was introduced to the logistics team leader and the sales manager as well. The logistics team leader and sales manager were both in their 50s. They were so busy at the time that they didn't pay attention to Gun-Ho.

"The logistics team has two more workers, and there is a sales assistant manager as well; they seem to be working away from the office at the moment, so you can meet them later."

When Manager Kim came back to her desk with Gun-Ho, the general affairs manager came to her.

"You need to give me his papers."

Manager Kim handed the papers to him. The general affairs manager said to Gun-Ho,

"I will have to give you the employment contract, so stop by my desk later."

"Okay, I will do that."

Manager Kim showed Gun-Ho's desk which was next to hers.

"No one is using that desk. You can work there. The computer is not new, but it still works well. I will make a link to the accounting program that I am using so you can use it too."

"What accounting program does this company use? Is it Douzone?"

"Yes, we are using Douzone."

Douzone is an accounting software that was developed by Douzone company. Gun-Ho would finally start working with an accounting software.

"As the president told you, I will be on maternity leave after three months from now. As such, you should familiarize yourself with the work during the next three months."

"I will do my best. I'd love to learn from you and to have you as my mentor and big sister."

"I saw your resume earlier. I am actually ten years older than you. Haha."

If so, she was already 42 years old. Being pregnant at this age made it evident that she had married late.

"Is that so? You have extensive work experiences and you are an expert in this field. Me... I have a lot to learn. In my previous company, they didn't even use any accounting software."

"You know how to do journalizing, right? While you are journalizing, you just need to record them. I will do the tax return when I come back, you just need to record deposits and withdrawals, and fill in the expense report accordingly."

Gun-Ho felt really anxious. He felt like he would get lost even in journalizing. Manager Kim seemed to be concerned a bit about Gun-Ho as well.

"Are you done here?"

The general affairs manager came over.

"Not yet. We will need a few more minutes."

"I have to go to the Department of Labor after processing Mr. Goo's papers. So please finish up with him as soon as you can. Mr. Goo will have to sign the employment contract and meet with the team leaders and supervisors."

"Ten minutes will do."

The general affairs manager didn't seem comfortable with what Manager Kim said. He went back to his desk while murmuring.

Manager Kim warned Gun-Ho quietly in a low tone, "The general affairs manager has a ferocious temper. You want to be careful with him. He graduated at Dankook University here in Cheonan. He joined our company through some high-ranking official."

"Oh, really?"

Manager Kim talked more about a few tasks Gun-Ho had to perform. Gun-Ho diligently wrote it down, but he didn't fully understand what she said.

Gun-Ho went to the general affairs manager.

"This is the employment contract. Let's start by signing on this paper."

Gun-Ho had seen the employment contract before when he worked in a production line in a factory. Gun-Ho signed on the contract without any problem. The general affairs manager continued talking while looking through Gun-Ho's resume.

"You graduated from a cyber college. Is that college accredited?"

"Yes. As far as I know, it is an accredited college."

"You went to a college in the countryside as well. You need to bring the enrollment certificate for that college. Also, please bring the level-2 computerized accounting certificate. We need to include all of those papers in your file."

"I, I will do that."

"Since you will be working in one of the influential teams, accounting team, I hope you will be easy with our general affairs team."

The general manager extended his hand for a handshake while implying something. Gun-Ho laughed while shaking hands.

"I believe all teams have equal power; there is no such thing as a more influential team."

"That's not true. Our team handles the Four Major Public Insurance, but the withholding tax is handled by the accounting team."

"Is it? Haha. I am not so sure yet."

"Let's go to the work site and meet with people. If you don't meet with them now, they will talk behind your back when they see you in the cafeteria."

Gun-Ho followed the general affairs manager to the work site. He stopped by the quality assurance team, production team, and maintenance team, and introduced Gun-Ho to the team leaders. They all welcomed Gun-Ho with broad smiles, maybe because it was their first time meeting him. The team leader of the production team talked to the general affairs manager.

"Sir, the paystub for the last month doesn't seem to be right. The withholding tax was higher than the previous month as well."

"Oh, that? We have this skillful worker in the accounting team now. He will take care of it from now on."

Gun-Ho understood that the general affairs manager was a twisted talker.