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633 Things are Getting Messy

 "Have you calmed down?"

Kevin raised his head and saw Kanae holding a glass of water to him. Because of a special brat, he got annoyed a lot and ended up showing a completely different side of him to the young girl. Still, he didn't like seeing that brat took advantage of his age to get closer to Kanae.

"Thanks," Kevin took the glass and gulped down the water in one go. "Why are you tolerating that kid so much?"

"Well, he's young," Kanae tilted her head.

"I'm also young."

"Kevin, you're a year and one day older than me."

Kevin was still feeling dissatisfied with Kanae's answer. "But I'm still considered as young."

"Then, James is cute."

"I'm..." Kevin was unable to continue his words. How could he say that he himself is cute? It would be the same thing as lowering his dignity. What kind of man would be happy being called cute?

Seeing that Kevin was unable to answer, Kanae pursed her lips. She was only teasing him because it was funny to see the proud Kevin argued with a young brat like that. She already knew from a long time ago that James liked to stay close to her even though she was not clear of the reason.

"He's not going to take me away, Kevin. You don't have to worry so much," Kanae reassured the young man.

Kevin sighed. "I know."

"Then why are you angry?"

"I don't like seeing you get close with him."

Kanae smiled slightly and stood up. "It's pretty tiring today. Do you want to have a walk outside?"


They were still in the hospital because Patrick and Dean were having a talk with the guards there. Even though the one who handled the matter was mostly Dean, Patrick tagged along because he didn't want to disturb the two of them. In his opinion, it would be better to leave these two alone.

Kanae looked up to the windows on the buildings. She wondered how their condition was.

"Are you still thinking of visiting James?"

"He's going to be fine. Taro is over there," Kanae smiled. "That reminds me, I'm always curious how you can befriend Taro."

Kevin arched his eyebrows. "Is there anything wrong?"

"You two are just... very different."

Saying that they were very different would be a complete understatement. Kevin was someone from the Black Street and also known as a cold leader. On the other hand, Taro was a complete troublemaker from a renowned family. That man did nothing every day but create trouble.

Though, he had changed recently.

Kevin didn't reply right away. He thought about the words he should use before he finally sighed. "I'll just keep it short. He's hitting on me."

"He's wha...?"

"I'm not going to repeat it."

Kanae's face turned weird as she was looking at Kevin. She did hear that Taro had some quirks, but she never heard of him hitting on another boy. Was there anything she missed?

Kevin sighed. "He's dressed as a woman at that time to get out of his family surveillance. I have just finished a deal in a hotel at that time, and he bumped into me then tried to flirt as a way to escape from his guards."

That was a memory he didn't like to bring up. At that time, he was completely confused as to why there would be a weird woman coming at him. Of course, he made sure that he beat up Taro afterwards because Neo found out right away that he was the young master of Doha Family. He disliked being used that way by Taro.

Since that time, he met that brat a few times when Taro was disguised as a woman.

"I see," Kanae smiled slightly. "That sounds like something that Taro will do."

She still remembered when that young man dressed as a woman. He could basically do anything. Besides, his slender figure made it easy for him to sneak out as a woman whenever he wanted to.


The two of them no longer talked as they walked around the hospital. The sun was setting and the sky turned red. It took them a few minutes before they returned back to the front of the hospital.

"Oh? You two are taking a walk around the hospital?" Patrick waved his hand when he saw them.

Kevin nodded. "Have you finished arranging them?"

"Dean is the one taking care of them," Patrick pointed to the man beside him. "They seem to be quite thorough."

"Well. This idiot over here just didn't know how to handle them without threatening, so I have to make sure that they can do their work," Dean shrugged without care.

Kanae giggled. "That's just like him."

"What? Why are you on his side too, Kanae?"

"Uncle, I can arrange a work in the West area for you again," Kevin interrupted. "I'm sure that they're going to be happy if you can help them out again."

"No thanks," Patrick rejected right away. "I'm not going to have any good sleep if I have to stay away from here. Let's return back to the clan. I���m sure that you have a lot of work to do."

"Right. Let's go back, Kanae," Kevin extended his hand.

Kanae looked at his hand for a few seconds before placing her own hand. He gripped it the moment she touched him, not letting her go.

Seeing their action, Patrick sighed to himself. For how long would they kept their distance like this? Well, it was indeed inappropriate to get close in public, but he felt a bit tired to see this.

"You look like you're eager to see them get close," Dean patted his senior brother's back and entered the driver seat.

"I wish to see my grandchild before I die."

"You're going to live a long life," Dean laughed as he fastened his seatbelt. "However, things are pretty messy so right now. You shouldn't have so much hope."

"Right," Patrick replied somberly. A lot of people died recently, and he knew that these two would never think of something like that when the situation was this chaotic.

They needed to finish their work first.

"What are you talking about?" Kanae asked when her father entered the car.


"Patrick will help out doing paperwork," Kevin replied.

"What? I never say that!"

"Oh right, he will."

"Dean, you too?"

"Wow, Father, I didn't know that you want to help out."

"Kanae... why are you doing this to me?"