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632 Visiting and Jealousy


"Do you want to visit Mr. Charlie Doha too, Brother Matt?" Kanae asked the man as she alighted from the car.

Matt shook his head. "I'm thankful for your invitation, but I have to go again. This is already the time for me to return back. Even though I'm not look like one, I'm still a minister in this city."

He has to appear on numerous occasions in this city, which led to the media knowing his face. With the recent fame of this case thanks to the leak of news, there was no way he could appear here. No one ever knew about his relation with Charlie Doha and there was no need for him to appear there.

Closing the window, he ordered the driver to take him back.

"Do you really want that man to visit Charlie too?" Patrick asked when Kanae followed after the others to climb the stairs.

Kanae raised her eyebrows. "Why not?"

"Well...." Patrick didn't know how he should answer them. Right now, his mood was rather bad because of his failure to appear during the time his master was attacked. Although he wanted to blame Matt too, he knew that he himself was not any better.

If he could control himself better, Kevin wouldn't send him away from the clan.

"Stop blaming yourself, Father. There's nothing you can do to change the past, but you can move on to the better future," Kanae smiled. "Let's go visit Mr. Charlie. I'm sure James is waiting for us there."

The four of them headed to the elevator and waited for it to arrive. Dean felt that he didn't belong to the group, but he decided to follow after the other three. After all, Taro had told him that he wanted the latter to come.

"Did you place them in the VIP room?"

"Yes," Kevin replied coolly. In fact, it was the VVIP room as he wanted to keep the hospitalization of Charlie Doha a secret. The reporters were eager to find out where Charlie Doha was hospitalized because of the recent report. Many of them made the trip to numerous places just to gain the information.

When the elevator arrived, they got in and waited for several seconds. The hospital itself was not too big, which made it possible for them to arrive so quickly. In fact, they could just take the stairs if they didn't want to wait for a long time.

"Where's the room?" Patrick frowned when he saw the design of the hospital. Those rooms looked extremely similar with one another. How can one find the patient when they come here?

"Over there," Kevin walked ahead and stopped in front of the door that has several bodyguards waiting. They quickly moved to make a way for Kevin and the others.

"Brother Kevin, Sister Kanae!" James's eyes lit up when he saw the two of them. He sprang up from his position and ran to them. "You come!"

"We have promised that we'll come," Kanae smiled and hugged the boy. Internally, she sighed to herself. If only James was a little bit shorter, she would not mind carrying the boy up.

James nodded his head as he snuggled to Kanae's neck. It didn't even take him one second to be pulled back by someone, who was staring at him with a dark expression.

"Brother Kevin, you're jealous again?" James pursed his lips.

Kevin's expression didn't change. "If you cling on Kanae for a long time, I'll never visit your uncle again."

"It's fine for you to not visit. As long as Sister Kanae is here, I don't mind."

"That's including her," Kevin secretly vowed to himself that he would never allow Kanae to stay with James alone anymore. This brat would surely take advantage of the fact that Kanae didn't mind hugging the boy. He would not allow James to get that close to Kanae!

James' lips were pursed in annoyance. "Don't limit Sister Kanae's movement. It's up to her whether she wants to come or not!"

"I'm her boyfriend."

"There's no relation with that!"

"Come on you two, stop fighting," Kanae sighed to herself as she pulled James away from Kevin. "Why are you getting jealous of a kid? He didn't do anything wrong."

Seeing James already happily snuggled to Kanae's embrace again, Kevin's expression turned dark once more. James might be only a kid, but it was still out of the question for him to see the two of them cuddling together so closely. He wanted to be the one in her embrace!

While these three were playing around, Dean watched from behind with confusion.

"I never know that Kanae is Kevin's girlfriend," he turned his head to look at Patrick.

Patrick shrugged. "A lot of things happen. These two just happen to like each other, so I let them be."

No matter how nonchalant Patrick pictured himself out, Dean knew that it was not that simple. There was simply no way this man would let his precious nephew and little junior be together just like that. In fact, it was harder to imagine how these two could meet in the first place.

Patrick knew that Dean didn't accept his explanation, but he simply didn't care. He glanced at Taro and beckoned the young man to come closer.

"Is there anything that I can help?" Taro asked.

"There's a protection program from the country's government for James. I'll give you the detail later," Patrick thought to himself that he would pester his little junior for the detail after this has been over. "But if you agree, James will be taken out of this city."

Taro was stunned. He stared back at Patrick with a blank expression. Although he knew that it was not completely impossible, he never expected to hear any news from the government at the higher level.

As a matter of fact, the city's government has been paying close attention to James and wanting to take the boy in for their experiment. Although the country's government should be different, he still felt wary for them. After all, he didn't want to risk his nephew's life for something that he was not certain of.

"You can trust me that they'll treat James with utmost care," Patrick continued. If they dared to mistreat James, he would surely pay a visit out there to give some lessons to them. After all, it was not out of the question for him to travel out of the city.

"I see," Taro replied.

"You don't have to answer right away," Dean added. "You can take your time to weigh your decision before telling us. Besides, it's important to talk with James about what he wants."

James' health was no longer a large problem, but Taro was worried that something may happen to the young kid. After all, if he decided to agree, James would be out there, alone.

"Let's separate the three of them," Dean pointed to the annoyed James and the black faced Kevin. Even though the situation has grown to that level, Kanae was still trying to calm them down.

"Ah, okay."

As they tried to meditate, Taro's mind was filled with the thought regarding the program that Patrick told him. He wondered what his decision should be.