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631 Government Protection

 They departed from the cemetery using the car. As it was used to fit five people, the car became a bit cramped.

Matt eyed the four others. "Shall we start?"

"First, you have to tell me the reason why you're absent," Patrick remarked coldly. "I'm away because I'm in another assignment thanks to this annoying nephew of mine, but what about you?"

Matt sighed. "I'm working on papers for permission."

"What permission?"

He took out his suitcase and took out a stack of documents on the table. It was all the report regarding complaints about Ferdinand's behavior for the past few years, arranged neatly.

Kanae picked up several of them. She was surprised that there were a lot of different writers.

"How do you get this all?"

"I'm not a mere official," Matt rolled his eyes. "I have quite an important position in the government. Finding them all is easy as long as I work hard enough."

Patrick frowned. "What do you want to do with them all?"

"The media gets the news that Ferdinand makes a move against a young kid. Although this has happened a few times in the past, this time, the kid is from an influential family. I'm sure that the media are pretty hyped right now."

Dean nodded his head. "That's good. Whoever sends the report to them and publish are truly good people."

Kanae stayed silent at her senior's remark. The one who sold the surprising pieces of news was her. She contacted Alan using her other identity and told him that she wanted him to publish news regarding this matter. After that, she ordered the young man to hide because it would be very dangerous.

Tapping the chair, Patrick eyed Matt. "I'm still dissatisfied with what you're doing, Matt."

"Whether you can accept or not, it has happened, Senior Pat," Matt replied strongly. His eyes glared back at Patrick, unwilling to back down.

"Now you're brave enough to oppose me, Matt?"

"My personal matter is not for you to interfere. Besides, even if I'm there, do you think I can help him in battle?"

Among the five of them, he had the weakest strength. While Kevin and Kanae were away because they had to protect Alice, Patrick has also gone to do the mission. On the other hand, Dean has been fighting in the Ryukalin Clan Headquarter, so it was impossible for him to help. Even if he was there, he might not be able to help much.

Patrick opened his mouth. Although he knew that Matt wouldn't be able to help much in the fight, he couldn't help but wanting the man to be there. At the very least, he hoped that he showed an effort to help.

However, his words stuck on his throat. He couldn't bring himself to say anything at all.

Kevin knocked the glass to gain the others' attention. "Why do you call me to participate?"

"Ah yeah, I call you because of James Doha," Matt started. "The attack directed to him makes the government wary because we know that he holds an important place in Ferdinand's plan. Because of this, we want to offer protection."

"Protection?" Patrick snorted. "Do you think your lousy skill will be enough to grant you the power to protect James? The least you can do is keeping your neck intact."

"Senior Pat, don't test my patience," Matt glared at the man.

The two of them entered a staring contest as they stared at each other's eyes directly. Neither side was willing to back down as it seemed they wished for each other's death. Even though they were not truly hostile, it was clear that their emotion was currently raging.

Kevin frowned slightly. The position Matt has in this city was still below Ferdinand because of that man's achievement in the military. Asking for protection from Matt was simply impossible because it would be a piece of cake for Ferdinand to use his connection and make Matt hand the kid to him.

The only exception would be if the one Matt represented was not this city's government.

"Are you talking about this city's government or the country's government?" Kevin decided to ask.

Matt raised his head. "This country's government."

The word 'country' caused the other four to stay silent. All along, they have been operating their activity in one city, never leaving out or even participating in the various things in the country. The only ones who had connections outside were mostly businessmen.

Even though they knew that Matt was part of the city's government, they never suspected that he would also be part of the country's government. The scale of these two was completely different. After all, this country alone has numerous if not hundreds of cities under them.

This city, which is usually called as the Crime City, was only one among the few biggest cities in this country. Because of the size and the uniqueness of the people here, they were granted special privileges. The government at national level would never meddle in their business and let them alone to thrive.

"Now this is a surprise," Dean broke the silent after several seconds. "I never know that you have some connections to the real powerhouses of this country."

"Does Master know about your background?" Patrick frowned.

"Yes, Master Rudy knew about that," Matt replied.

Kanae crossed her arm together. "I thought that the country government left this city alone because of the lawless areas in this place. After all, it's a bit of a hopeless case in this city."

Matt put on a wry smile. It was not entirely wrong because they did plan to not touch this city at all. The crimes in this city made them raise their hand in defeat. They were not willing to come here.

"I come here because of a lottery," Matt admitted.

The others: "..."

"Do you truly expect me to ask for a job transfer to this city?" Matt didn't know whether to laugh or cry when he saw their faces.

"No, but I never expect that it's that bad," Dean replied.

"The last time someone from the country's government came to this city, they were almost getting killed. Because of that incident, they planned to send soldiers here, but then, the plan changed," Matt replied.

"Isn't it better if they just send soldiers here?" Patrick asked with confusion. In his opinion, it would be better to let them came here.

Matt shook his head. "Once they decide to send soldiers, everyone in this city is going to appeal to them. Everyone who has the crime record will be punished mercilessly. Once that happens, no one will know what will happen to this city anymore."

The other four stayed silent. The meaning of Matt's words was extremely clear. Once the country's government put this matter into their hand, it was game over for them. There wouldn't be black street anymore, but it would be bloodshed because numerous people would be killed. They wouldn't let anyone with a crime record to go away.

And that would definitely include groups, gangs, and clans. Not a single one of them would be able to stay alive.

"There's no need for that," Kevin spoke up. "I'll clean up the city."

"And who do you think you are, little brat?" Patrick raised his hand to flick his nephew's forehead. Unfortunately, Kevin avoided it at the last moment. "You're just a leader of a clan, you won't be able to do anything."

"I'll defeat Ferdinand," Kevin replied solemnly.

Matt raised his eyebrows. He knew that Kevin was serious. However, defeating Ferdinand would only be the very first step in changing the city.

"It won't solve everything."

"I know."

The unreadable expression on Kevin made Matt unable to read the young man's thoughts. He sighed silently.

"Let's back to the topic, I need to know your opinion about sending James out of this city. This requires the permission from you, Taro, or James himself."

"Wait, can you explain your position in the country's government first?" Dean interrupted.

Matt shook his head. "It's a classified secret."

"What? Even to your senior?"


Dean messed up his hair in frustration. "Fine, but you owe me an explanation once this is all over."

"I understand," Matt turned his head back to Kevin. "What do you think about this, Clan Head Kevin?"

Although Ferdinand was powerful, his power was limited to this city. Outside this city, the man didn't have too much power. This was the reason Matt's proposal was very interesting.


"I need time," Kevin replied. "This decision is not only up to me."

"I understand," Mat took out a card from his pocket. "If you have the answer, feel free to give me a call."

Kevin accepted the card and nodded his head. The car had arrived in the hospital. It was time for them to visit Charlie.