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630 You’re the Best Master in the World

 Days quietly passed. Because of the attack from the government, it caused quite a lot of destruction in the clan. Many of the members were injured and numerous properties were destroyed.

In the hospital owned by Kalin Family, two people visited one of the patients.

"James, Uncle Charlie will be fine," Taro patted the boy's head. "He just needs some rest because of overwork."

James nodded his head quietly. His eyes were locked onto the bed where Charlie lay. The man was still unconscious and there was an IV connected to him. His face was pale, but he was still breathing.

"I want Uncle Charlie to play with me again," James sulked a bit.

Taro sat down as he watched his brother on the bed. When he heard the news that his brother was safe, he was ecstatic. However, upon seeing his brother lying on the bed like this, he felt his heart was crushed to pieces.

He was already used to seeing Charlie's smug smile and stern expression. After all, this man was someone whom their family raised so strictly along with his older brother. If someone were to say the person who could follow those rules without batting an eyelid, he would point to Charlie. Aside from the fact that he didn't have any talent in marketing, he was the one who followed the rules the most.

"He'll surely recover and play with you again," Taro replied somberly.

James nodded his head. "I hope that Uncle Charlie can recover."


Taro flicked his gaze to the television. Just yesterday, he watched the news report about the fall in the Doha Family's stock market. It was so serious that numerous people have to quit and search for other jobs. Right now, the Doha Family was in tatters.

He sighed deeply to himself. The previous proud and unyielding young master has gone. Replacing it was a mature young man, who determined that he would never do the same mistake ever again.

'If I have the chance, I'll rebuild the family.'

It might be an inconvincible dream. With the Wells Family at the forefront and Nali Family behind them, the Doha Family stood no chance. However, he didn't want to abandon this dream. At the very least, he wished that his family could recover.

"Uncle Taro, where are the others? Brother Kevin and Sister Kanae say that they're busy," James pulled Taro's clothes.

Taro nodded his head. "They're quite busy right now, so they can't come here. Don't worry. They'll come to visit later."

"Mhm," James pursed his lips. He fixed his gaze on his uncle, unwilling to leave it to that.

Taro didn't say anything else. Today is the funeral day for Master Rudy. Those two must have gone there for the ceremony. He couldn't possibly pull them to come here just because of James. After all, Master Rudy was an important figure in their heart.


In the funeral, Kevin and the others were standing in front of a grave. Written at the tombstone was the phrase that described Master Rudy the most.

'The most unyielding man who fought his place in the rotten area of Black Street and the master of famous fighters in the city.'

Standing at the forefront was Patrick. He was the first disciple that Master Rudy ever accepted and groomed. Ever since he was young, he had learned a lot of things from Master Rudy to the point that he memorized them all.

"You're truly a selfish master," Patrick opened his mouth. "Deciding on things without consulting others, fighting recklessly, not caring about others, you're truly the most inconvincible master."

Others: "..." those descriptions could also apply to you.

Patrick shook his head lightly. "Still, you're the best master in the world. I never regret the day I'm meeting you even though you nearly killed me in that exchange."

Dean chuckled. "He always did that in the past. Everyone who met with him and survived in the exchange has the chance to become his disciple. However, not everyone accepted the notion."

"I know," Patrick rolled his eyes. "I have followed after him for years and walk on the path that he paved for me. There's no way I don't know how he recruited Matt and you."

"You miss our little junior, though," Dean pointed at the back.

Patrick followed Dean's finger and saw Kanae stood beside Kevin. The only disciple he missed was Kanae. They met in the most peculiar situation he could ever imagine. At the same time, it was the meeting that left him awestruck because of the power she had.

He turned his gaze back to the grave. "Anyway, this is our parting, Master. I wish you happiness in the other world out there."

"This is not a parting for me, Master," Dean looked at the grave. "You're the most unpredictable master that I ever met. Because of you, I suffered countless times in the past because of the weird training that you subjected me."

Others: "..." why did it sound you're cursing your master?

"However, they're all important phases of my life. Without your training, I can never become who I am right now. It's my foundation to overcome the obstacle on the street and become the leader of the strongest group -eh previous strongest group."

Kanae shook her head slightly. After a long time, it seemed that her senior still couldn't get over the fact that she took the title from him. Even though it was Dean who allowed her to take the title, the man didn't really want to acknowledge it.

Kevin glanced at Kanae. "Don't you want to send your final message to your master?"

"There's no need," Kanae replied. "I have told him everything that day."

Kevin glanced at Kanae's serene expression and didn't say anything else. On that day, she had reminisced about everything regarding her master, so she would not repeat them anymore.

If she had to summarize, she would just say two sentences.

"He's the best master in the world," Kanae murmured to herself. Her eyes were staring at her master's face. "Thank you for being there for me, Master."

The other two still chatted a bit more in front of the grave. They talked about their past and their time with Master Rudy.

When it was evening, a car came to the place. From inside, a man with a suit came out.

Patrick stared at the man. "Matt, you're late."

"I can't skip my work," Matt replied with a wry smile. "Sorry Master, I can't come earlier."

"You're talking about your work with the government?" Dean crossed his arm. "Why don't you come when they're attacking the Ryukalin Clan, Matt?"

Matt paused for a moment. "I'll talk with you all after we left this place. But for now, I just want to focus on Master."

"It's fine with me," Patrick nodded his head.

Matt glanced back at Kanae and Kevin. "In the discussion, I hope that they can be there too."

Kanae was stunned, but she nodded her head. By her side, Kevin stayed silent and didn't reply.