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629 Good News and Bad News

 In a certain place

"Lou, we managed to find the abandoned warehouse," Neo informed through the communication device. He was following behind Mike as they approached the place closer.

"I'll be reaching the place in a few minutes. How many enemies left?"

Neo looked around. There were numerous bodies around them as the result of him shooting them and Mike fought. "I don't think there's any."

"Neo, can you find the keys? This door is sturdy," Mike shook the door with annoyance.

"Wait a minute," Neo crouched down as he tried to find the keys from the dead men.

Mike shook his head. He stepped back then raised his feet near the handle. With a kick, the door was opened.

"Well, you can do that," Neo shrugged.

Mike didn't pay any heed as he walked inside. In the middle of the room, a man was tied to the chair with his head hung low. Dried blood dyed the floor around the chair. His heart skipped a beat in fear as he approached the man. He quickly took the man's pulse.

"We found Charlie Doha," Neo informed Lou.

"How is he?"

"He..." Neo eyed Mike. Mike's face was dark as he took out a knife and started untying Charlie.

"Charlie is alive, but his heartbeat and pulse are very weak. We need to bring him to hospital as soon as possible," Mike replied.

"I'll drive, let's go," Neo quickly informed Lou about the recent progress. At the same time, he called the hospital to prepare their equipment for emergency patient.


Ryukalin Clan

The fight of Dean against Randy and James Wells grew fiercer as the two of them continued to attack Dean. Internally, both of them were cursing the man's endurance. No matter what they did, Dean would be able to counter their attack as if it was child play.

"You have grown stronger, Dean," Randy groaned when Dean kicked him and sent him back.

Dean shrugged. "I'm not playing around with women during my spare time. Also, call me Master Dean!"

"Dream on!"

Randy moved his dagger and started attacking Dean at high speed once again. Beside him, James Doha tried his best to disappear and attacked Dean at blind spot. But no matter what he did, he couldn't surprise the man.


A kick landed on his stomach once again. James Wells was flung to the back as he vomited blood. His face was grim.

"You won't be able to defeat me. The name of the strongest group is not for a joke," Dean laughed. He readied his sword once again.

James's face turned ashen. Who among them didn't know that Dean has been famous as the legend of the street for years? There was simply no question needed to confirm about his strength.

Right at this moment, the device on his hand rang. He frowned when he heard the cold voice.

"Pen has died, mission failed. Retreat back to base."

'Pen died?' James was in disbelief when he heard about them. Among the three of them, Pen was the strongest one. Despite the fact that Pen has always been extremely quiet and emotionless, that man combat's ability was the best because of his special talent.

Beside him, Randy didn't even wait for another second before he sprang up and ran out of the residence. Noticing that Randy has gone, James followed suit.

"We'll fight again, Dean!"

On the other hand, Dean didn't have any intention to chase after them. He turned his body towards the other end as he started chasing after Taro and James Doha. Right now, their safety was at the highest importance.

Traveling in the forest, his eyes narrowed when he sensed presence not far from him. His eyes lit up when he saw Taro and James, resting near a tree.

"Who's there?" Taro picked up a branch of a tree as he turned his body.

"Do you see the one who chase after you?"

"You mean that telekinesis man? He's fighting with an old man that capable of teleporting," Taro replied. He felt that his words have been incredibly incredulous, but today's experience has been extremely new.

Dean's body shook when he heard that Pen was fighting with his master. "Where are they?"

"I don't know."

Dean quickly scanned the surrounding as worry enveloped him. He was planning to search again when he saw two people running towards him. His sharp eyes recognized them as Kanae and Kevin.

"Kanae, Kevin!" Dean yelled.

Kanae quickly approached them. Her heart was at ease when she saw that these two were safe. "Brother Dean, it's good to see you here."

"Don't feel safe too soon. Master Rudy is out there, fighting Pen."

"Pen?" Kanae recalled that the young man was someone who has the ability to move items according to his will. Her heart dropped once again. "Where are they?"

"Master Rudy transported the two of them to somewhere. We have to find them before it's too late."


The two of them ran again. Kevin took out his phone and gave his coordinate before chasing after Kanae. On the other hand, Taro was stupefied. What about him?

Thankfully, several Ryukalin Clan members came to help him not long after that.

The three of them ran along the forest. This was one of the largest forests in the middle of this city that they built. The forest was intended for vacation and the likes during holiday. As it was nearing winter, the trees looked rather bad, which was the reason that there were no longer many people coming. Besides, the cold temperature made them unwilling to get out so often anymore.

"Do you see any trace of fight?" Dean asked in a loud voice.

Kanae shook her head. She was also trying to find them. Her eyes scanned the surrounding in frustration.

"There's something there," Kevin pointed in one direction.

"Let's go!"

Kanae sprinted from her place. Her feet brought her to the location that Kevin pointed. Stopping near a bent tree, her eyes were looking with disbelief. There were several trees that were pulled out of their place. Many pieces of woods scattered around. In the middle of them all, a young man was crashed under two of them while Master Rudy was lying with a pool of blood below him.


Stomping her feet on the ground, Kanae arrived at Master Rudy's location. Behind her, Dean followed suit. His gaze was filled with worry and anger.

Kanae checked Master Rudy's pulse, but she couldn't feel anything. She lowered her head to his chest, but she couldn't hear his heartbeat anymore.

"Master, wake up! Please, wake up!" Kanae whispered as she tried to hear something from his chest. "Please don't leave us. Just be angry and scold us, but please wake up!"

Dean arrived by Kanae's side and tried to check Master Rudy's pulse again. The body was still slightly warm, so it shouldn't have been that long ever since his death. However, the blood that surrounded the body told him the painful truth that the old man has died.


Kanae didn't answer. She lifted her head as she gazed at her master's face. When she first met with him, she wanted nothing to do but smack some senses to this man who nearly killed her. However, he was the one who told her about important things as a fighter and let her grow her ability as a real fighter and killer.

He was the one who gave her the path to become who she was today. It was a harsh route, but it was also the best one for her. Even if she had nearly died numerous times and was forced to close her feelings, Kanae never regretted following after Master Rudy's arrangement.

When he became her master, he was even more stricter than what she could ever imagine. It was hard. Training under her master every single day was not easy. But never even once she wished for the man to leave her.

She still wanted to train with him.

She wanted to hear more of his jokes.


Kanae punched her fist on the ground, making a small crate out of her fist. Her eyes were lit up with a dangerous glint. Right now, she wished for nothing but killing the one who made her master die.

"I can never forgive Ferdinand."

After he took her parents, now he took her master. Who else he planned to take from her life again?

"Me too," Dean whispered.

At this time, Kevin had walked closer to the two of them. He silently pulled Kanae up and hugged the girl.

"I want to kill Ferdinand."

"We'll kill him," Kevin's gaze flashed with ruthlessness. "When it's the time, we'll drag him out of his lair and kill him."

"Mhm," Kanae nodded her head. She buried her head to Kevin's embrace. As her rage was boiling, so was her sadness. Tears started to pour out of her eyes, drenching the young man's clothes.