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626 We’re Under Attack

 Ryukalin Clan

After Kevin had left, Taro sighed silently. He watched as the two of them departed while he and James stayed in the residence. When he was pondering, James nudged his clothes.

"Uncle Taro, where did Brother Kevin and Sister Kanae go?"

"Well..." Taro didn't know if he could answer James's question because he was not sure about their destination too. He shook his head lightly. "I don't know, but I'm sure that they'll return back soon."

James frowned. "I wanna play with them again."

"James, you're not a kid anymore."

"I want to play!"

Taro sighed to himself. He felt that the awakening that James experienced only made this little kid became even more annoying. However, he couldn't possibly let this boy go because there was no one else who could take care of him.

"Alright, we'll play!"

"Yahoo, Uncle Taro is the best!"

"Call me brother."

James blinked. "Uncle Taro."

Taro has black lines appearing on his face when his little nephew didn't want to listen. He was only slightly older than Kevin, why should he suffer from being called as an uncle?

Silently, he patted the boy's head.

"Has your body gotten better?" Taro asked as he sat down.

James nodded his head. "Yes, I'm feeling much better than before. I can play around for as long as I want to without feeling tired anymore."

"That's good," Taro nodded his head with satisfaction. When the doctor told him that James might not get better, he felt that his heart was sent straight to the bottom cold abyss. Seeing the boy get better became his joy. Even though it made him became tired as the boy was very energetic, it was worth it.

"Uncle, do you feel it?" James suddenly stopped moving. He looked outside with a confused gaze.

"What is it?"

"There are people with ill intention coming here."

Taro sprang up from his position the moment he heard James's words. He opened the door with worry. However, there was nothing that he saw. Everything was still going on as usual.

"There's no one around, James."

James pouted. "It's clearly there. I can see black some appearing near the gate."


Before he could finish his words, the door was opened with a large force. Taro could feel his heart dropped as he turned his head slowly. His pupil shrunk when he saw three people standing near the gate. He recognized the two of them instantly.

"James Wells and Randy," Taro murmured to himself.

"Who are they, Uncle Taro?" James pulled the edge of Taro's clothes once again. His large eyes showed traces of curiosity.

"They're not good people, we have to go," Taro replied as he pulled James's arm.

At this moment, the three of them were standing near the gate calmly. James Wells smirked as he glanced at the young man beside him.

"It seems the sturdy gate is not a match for your power, Pen."

The young man raised his head slightly and nodded quietly. Not even once did he utter any words. His presence was rather thin, it was as if he didn't exist at all.

"It's time to fight," Randy remarked.

"Well, they're all just ants," James glanced at the men around him as he sneered. Those people were not worthy of his time at all. Without the strong people, which were the core members, the rest of Ryukalin Clan members were not a match for him.

"I'll fight them," Randy said coolly.

James nodded his head. "I'll search for those two. As for you, Pen, you're in charge of chasing whoever get out of this place."

Pen nodded his head, agreeing to the mission that he received without much qualm. With that, Randy and James barged inside and started their fight against the Ryukalin Clan members.

"Protect the clan!" one of the members yelled.

"We can't let them get inside."

"Even if our leader is not here, we won't be easily defeated!"

Randy snorted. He paid no heed to the energetic youngsters. Drawing his double dagger, he started making his way towards them.

"Die!" an attack was directed right to his head.

Moving sideways, Randy avoided the attack. His eyes flickered when he saw the young age of the attacker. Even during this time, those who were still young didn't abandon their clan. They still fought bravely on the frontline regardless of the consequences.

Retracting part of his power, he swung his dagger, wounding the young man's stomach. After that, he started to fight with the other members of the clan.

'I have turned into a softie, haven't I?'

In the past, he didn't really care whether he killed a kid or woman. In his eyes, they were all enemies that he had to fight or he would be dead. However, things changed after he had lived alone for a long time.

He started to cherish lives.

And those people in the Ryukalin Clan were not strangers for him. He had talked with them a few times during his time staying here when he asked for help from Kevin. And this time, he couldn't attack with full power.

Twisting his body, he evaded the next attack towards him. His eyes narrowed as he pushed his dagger forward, wounding the shoulder of the man who attacked him. Sensing danger from behind him, he switched his position and kicked backwards.

"Where's that brat?" While Randy was fighting hard, James Wells was trying his best to locate James Doha. He felt a bit irked to think that he had to find someone who shared the same name with him.

Suddenly, he sensed danger coming at him. Switching his body's position, he evaded a narrow attack to him.

"James Wells," Dean remarked. "You're still lousy as ever. Haven't anyone told you that your skill in hiding is lousy? Even though you can disappear, your intent is painfully clear in the air."

James's face darkened. He glared at Dean. "Dean, why is the Lore Group here?"

Dean shrugged. In truth, his senior asked him to guard the clan in case something like this happened. As he didn't really have any other job, he stood not far from the clan. When he saw the three of them attacked, he started to make his move.

"It's up to me wherever I want to be. Now, prepare your weapon, James. I won't be lenient," Dean's eyes glinted in ruthlessness as he stood guard in front of James.

James's heart dropped when he thought about fighting this man. Iris told them that she saw Taro and James Doha in this residence, which was the real reason they enacted the plan. However, she didn't tell them anything regarding Dean helping the clan.

'I'll ask them to reeducate Iris again.'

Moving his gaze, he saw Taro and James run towards the area of forest. His heart sunk.

"Pen! Chase after the two of them!"

"Oh no, you won't be able to do that!" Dean stomped on the ground and attacked James. His blade grazed James's cheek as he charged towards Pen. Unfortunately, Pen raised his hand, which pulled a nearby tree and used it to attack Dean.


Dean rolled to the side. He saw that Pen had disappeared from his place, which meant that the man had gone to chase after Taro and James. He focused his eyes on James Wells and Randy.

At the very least, he wouldn't let these two run away.