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622 James’s Ability

 Ryukalin Clan

Neo received the news when it had reached the media. Apparently, Charlie's secretary reported his missing when it was morning, allowing the media to catch wind of the news. As a result, the media mass was filled with the report regarding Charlie's missing.

"Taro, you should step back from the television," Neo reminded Taro when he came with Kevin and Kanae.

Taro's eyes were red. He was partially crying because of the news report just now. Although he was not close with his brother Charlie, the latter was still his brother. There was no way he wouldn't feel anything when something happened to his brother.

"I feel so useless," Taro murmured. "He's fighting out there to make sure Doha Family stands while I'm here, hiding with little James."

"You're here to protect him, there's nothing wrong with that," Kanae replied. She sat down on the floor as James inched closer to her. Right now, the boy's complexion has turned better. Occasionally, he would walk around the room to play around.

James clutched Kanae's clothes. "Big Sister, play with me."

"You still need a lot of rest, James," Kanae caressed the boy's hair. "I'll just sit with you here."

"Awww, ok," James snuggled near Kanae.

On the door, Kevin was trying his best to ignore the two of them as James was still a kid. There was no need for him to feel jealous because of a young kid like that.

Taro glanced at Kevin. He lowered his head slightly. "Kevin, I need another favor from you. Can you please search for my brother?"

This time, he didn't go to his knees again. There was no need for that as he knew that Kevin would never allow Charlie to be kidnapped for a long time. Who knew what they would do with that young man.

"Even without you asking, I'll still search for him because he's also an acquaintance," Kevin replied solemnly.

Taro nodded his head. He looked at the television once again. It showed the messy residence of his brother after the attack on him before. He rarely went there, but he remembered that his brother's residence was one of the most beautiful ones in this city.

"Among the three of us, only Big Brother receives the silver letter," Taro slowly said. "If they try to awaken Brother Charlie's potential, only death awaits him."

Even those who received the silver letter have a hard time if they wanted to awaken their potential. What was more those who didn't receive any letter. It would be the same as courting death.

"I see. I believe that he has another reason to kidnap your brother," Kevin turned around to look at Neo. "Neo, you and Lou are going to search for Charlie. In addition, ask Mike to follow after you when you have your doubts."

"Won't they take him to Lima School?"

"There's that possibility, but it's better to try searching in other places too," Kevin replied. "After all, if they're keeping Charlie there, they might be in great trouble later on."

"I see."

Neo looked at Kevin worriedly. "Boss, if even Lou goes, what about your safety?"

"There's still that one," Kevin pointed to Kanae. "Besides, I have asked Dean to camp around here."

Knowing Kanae's identity as Rei didn't really help much in this situation. From what Neo knew, Kevin also prioritized Kanae's safety. If the two of them were in pinch, who knew that Kevin might choose to protect her without any regards to his own safety?

Throwing the thoughts away, Neo nodded his head reluctantly. He didn't have any other choice right now.

"I understand. Please take care of yourself, Boss."

Kevin nodded his head. He turned around and saw Kanae pinched James's cheek tenderly. Her face was showing a bright smile as James pouted because Kanae pinched his cheek.

"Playtime is over," Kevin cleared his throat. He stepped forward and pulled James away from Kanae as far as possible.

"I want to play with Big Sister!"

"No," Kevin refused firmly. He didn't really want to see James stay close with Kanae like that. It caused the fire of jealousy within his heart to flame at an incredible rate.

Kanae looked at Kevin confusedly. "He's just a kid. Come on, I haven't had the chance to play for a long time."


James struggled in Kevin's arm as he looked at Kevin resentfully. His eyes widened when he saw Kevin before he laughed out loud.

"What is it, Brat?" Kevin asked James.

"Big Brother is jealous!"

"I'm not," Kevin answered indifferently. With his usual cold expression, there was no apparent change in his handsome face.

James smirked. "Dark is evil, white is pure, and grey is annoyance. Big Brother is shrouded by grey color, so it means that you're jealous!"

This was the first time James explained what he had seen to other people. They only knew that he was capable of seeing through someone's intention, but it seemed that his capabilities were showing them in color.

Kanae bent down curiously. "Do you mean every emotion has a different color?"

James nodded his head excitedly. "It's filled with color everywhere and the black one is the evilest. They're people with impure thoughts all over."

"What is my color?" Kanae's eyes sparkled in interest.

"It's white," James replied. "With numerous sparkles, just like an angel."

Kanae grinned and pulled James to her embrace. "You really know how to make a girl happy, James."

"Ehehe," James hugged Kanae again. He always liked this young girl because what he saw was pure white inside her. Even though she has been doing a lot of work in the underworld, her thoughts remained clear. She came to him without any intention of harm.

Taro secretly peeked to see Kevin's expression. He could see the dark lines appearing on the man's forehead. Right now, Kevin was feeling incredibly pissed because Kanae adored James.

"Kanae, let's go back to work."

"Ah, okay," Kanae reluctantly put James back down.

The boy looked at Kevin. "You're even more jealous, Big Brother. It's written all over your face."

"I'm not," Kevin denied the obvious thing as if it was nothing.

"Yes, you are."

"I'm not."

"Yes, you are."

"I'm not."

From the side, Kanae watched amusedly as the two of them continued their conversation like that. She shook her head lightly. These two were incredibly funny.