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621 Charlie Doha is Kidnapped

 Ryukalin Clan

Kevin looked at the young woman in front of him with surprise. This was supposed to be the time for her to go to school, but she appeared here. Her appearance caused him to wonder if there was something wrong with her.

"Don't you have school, Kanae?"

"I have just returned from there," Kanae replied. She stepped forward and sat down by Kevin's side. "Megara is there."

The mention of the name's Megara caused Kevin's body to tense up slightly. He still remembered the battle between him and Megara that turned into quite a bloody battle. It was not a memory he wanted to resurface.

"He recognizes you?"

"I think so," Kanae smiled wryly. In the last battle, she didn't bother covering her face, so there was a chance that he found out about her. However, she had already met with him before when she came here for Ryukalin Clan Hidden Clan's competition, so she was not sure which one he remembered.

Kevin nodded his head. He tapped the table in front of him. "It seems, all of our enemies have gathered in one place."

Kanae raised her head. "It just makes it easier to wipe them up."

"We just need to have enough strength," Kevin agreed. It wouldn't be an easy battle, but it was a battle that would decide everything. If they won, they won against all of them. If they lost, they lost against all of them.

"I'll work hard for that."

Kevin pushed his laptop to allow Kanae to see. "Neo has just finished his research about James Wells. He's the only one whom we know the surname, so we can search news regarding him."

The others have multiple surname possibilities, so they couldn't possibly search them aside from hacking into the government's place. Unfortunately, hacking was not a skill that everyone skilled at, making it impossible for them to continuously hack their place.

If they got traced back, it would be a complete disaster.

"What have you found about him?"

"It seems Jason knows about him," Kevin pointed to the screen. "James Wells is Jason Wells' cousin from his father's lineage. Their fathers are brothers, but they have estranged relationships. Even though James Wells' father is older, it was Jason Wells' father who inherited the position."

Kanae nodded her head. It was not uncommon for younger people to get the position to inherit a large business. After all, what they were searching was the most capable, no matter if it was the oldest or the younger son.

"Ivan's father has been out of the competition from the very beginning, but James's father has the chance to win. However, he still fails, so he put his hope into his son. Ivan and James are competitors with each other ever since they were young, but Jason's appearance caused them to be left in the dust because of Jason's capability."

"Something happened to him when he's teenager, right?" Kanae asked.

"Yes, when he came home after school in high school, he found out that his house was razed. It was impossible to do so with the massive guards they have, so the only option was someone leaked out his place and the security system. Ever since that day, he disappeared."

Kanae nodded her head. The competition to become the successor has always been filled with blood because of their ambition. Many people experienced a lot of things that they would never be able to imagine just because of these competitions.

"Every single member who awakens their ability has a past they never want to remember," Kevin said slowly. "It's their weakness and also their greatest strength."

"I know," Kanae replied. The condition for someone to awaken their talent was an event that they would never want to experience. They have to be broken to pieces before being rebuilt in order to awaken their talent. It was that broken down process that usually destroys someone, which made them fail to awaken their talent.

Kevin saw the complicated expression on Kanae's face. He raised his hand and patted the girl's head. Her soft hair felt smooth when it touched his finger, making him want to touch it forever.

"Everyone has their story, a story of their life," Kanae murmured quietly. Even though she knew that, she was taught that she should never show any mercy to her enemy. They would surely take advantage of her weakness to strike her once she showed them any.


The two of them stayed quiet for a while. Suddenly, Neo barged inside with a panic expression.

"Boss, there's an emergency! Charlie Doha is kidnapped!"



Charlie Doha's Residence

The moment he had to take over Doha Family's business, Charlie has been working like a madman every single day. He hated business, which has been apparent ever since he was young. However, his brother has been missing, and he couldn't let thousands of people go unemployed. Without any other choice, he stepped forward and took over the jobs.

It has been months since he took over and the condition has been worsened. He had to sell numerous companies to cover up for his losses, which was extremely great for him.

Right now, he was depressed at the sight of his family companies breaking.

'I really want to rest.'

He was about to leave this cursed desk when he heard the alarm rang. It was the alarm that signaled that someone had intruded the building. His gaze turned sharp as he internally cursed.

'Even when I'm at the lowest point of my life, someone is still after my life?'

Calling the guards, he proceeded to the emergency stairs. However, the door was opened before he could reach it, revealing a man drenched in blood. The man, Randy, was looking at Charlie with a wicked grin in his face.

"I found you."

"Who are you?" Charlie asked in fear.

"I'm the man who will take you away from this pace to a much greater hell," Randy replied. His first mission was to take Charlie away from the Doha Family. Although he didn't understand why the government placed so much importance in this lousy man, he would still do his work.

"You won't be able to!"

"Oh?" Randy arched his eyebrows. "We shall see about that, Mr. Doha."

Charlie turned his body around and dashed towards the front door. He was stunned when he found out that the door had been locked from outside. Behind him, Randy swung his hand and hit the back of Charlie's head.

The pain caused his consciousness to fade as Randy picked up the man. "This is far easier than I thought. Now, it's time to leave."