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620 They Found Ou

 Lima School

Time passed swiftly. Kanae didn't stay in her house forever and decided to come back to school again.

"Good morning, Alan," Kanae waved her hand when she saw Alan walk inside.

Alan nodded his head. He fixed his sweater and sat down beside Kanae. "It's really cold right now."

"It's only the beginning of November. It'll get much colder in the future," Kanae chuckled.

Alan didn't reply. He bundled the sweater closer to his neck to avoid the cold. Even though he liked snow, he couldn't stand the cold. This caused him to wear thick clothes even though the temperature has only recently gone down.

"You rarely come to school, Kanae. Is your grade alright?" Alan asked.

Kanae nodded her head. She might not pay the highest attention at school, but she didn't let her grade suffer. Even though they were only around 70-80 something, they were still pretty good to place her in the middle of the class.

"The atmosphere seems to be rather tense," Kanae commented.

"After the disappearance of Anna, many other students start to disappear one by one," Alan replied. His expression was serene as he continued. "They believe that the students are gone because they want to search for Anna, so they have been blaming Iris secretly."

Kanae knew the truth was not like what Alan said. Anna didn't disappear. She had died in Kanae's hand. As for the missing students, they were taken away by the government one by one to be lab rats. Their number kept on decreasing as they needed a lot of experiment rats.

"How many students have been missing so far?" Kanae asked.

Alan tilted his head. He was used to listening in to too many conversations, so he knew about this better than anyone. "Around 100 people."

"In the span of one month, there are already more than 100 people?" Kanae was stunned. Why did they speed up their experiment?

"Yes, more or less."

The two of them ceased to talk as the lesson started. Kanae's head was still filled with the thought regarding those students. She couldn't believe that the government would actually take so many of them when their number was barely in hundreds left in this city.

'Are they planning on betting everything and speeding up the process?'

As Kanae gazed outside the window, the sight of the field overlapped with the horrible sight of the building that she once saw there. Bodies laid everywhere and students who had lost their mind because of the medicine became monsters. They filled the entire area and killed numerous people.

She blinked once and the sight returned to normal. Sighing to herself, Kanae retracted her gaze back from the window. She couldn't change the past no matter what she did. The only thing she could do was striving for a better future.

'Maybe, I need to tell Kevin that the government is also anxious.'

"Kanae, do you want to eat?"

"Ah, sure."

The two of them walked out of the classroom. The canteen was located in the other building, so they used the elevator to reach the first level. When they were in the crowded lobby, they nearly couldn't move at all.

"So many students want to go to the canteen," Alan complained.

Kanae scanned the students and found out that most of them were those of higher class. At the beginning, the number of students was equal, but now, those from lower classes were extremely rare.

As she pondered the matter, the crowds started to move, allowing Kanae to leave the lobby. From the corner of her eyes, she saw someone tall and huge passed by with a young man behind him. When she saw them, she instinctively moved behind Alan.

"What is it, Kanae?"

"I think I'll skip school today," Kanae replied. She saw the young man had turned around to look at her direction. Her heart sank, she knew that she had been seen.

The young man, Megara, was looking at Kanae's direction strangely. He had the feeling that he had seen that woman somewhere before.

"Megara, soldiers shouldn't lose focus," the big man said coldly.

Megara raised his head. "Yes, Sir."

"What is bothering you?"

Megara wanted to say that he found someone to be familiar when he recalled the location he saw her. During the Ryukalin Clan Hidden Clan Competition, there was one odd girl that Patrick brought along. He didn't pay much attention at that time, but he has a good memory.

"Sir, I see Patrick's girl here."

The huge man recognized Patrick's name. He eyed Megara. "Are you sure about that?"


"Then, you better take her to me."

"Yes, Sir," Megara's lips curled up slightly to form a devilish smile. Everything that was related to his previous clan was something that he wanted to destroy the most.

Megara turned around to find Kanae and realized that Kanae had walked quite far. Without any hesitation, he chased her using insane speed. As Kanae was trying to keep herself using moderate speed, Megara caught up when she was nearing the gate.

"Move away," Kanae hissed.

Megara smiled. "I won't move. I need to have a little chat with you."

"And if I refuse?"

"I'll take you by force."

The man lunged forward to grab Kanae's arm, but she tilted her body to the side. Her feet nimbly distanced herself from Megara as it dashed towards the gate. Megara was furious, he turned around and chased after Kanae once again.

His outstretched hand was directed straight to reach the girl. As if she had eyes on her back, Kanae evaded his hand and continued her way to the gate. She increased her pace until she managed to reach the gate.

"Stop her!" Megara shouted to the guard.

The guard tried to block her way, but Kanae twisted her body. She used the space between the two guards to bypass them and headed straight to the street. From the corner of her eyes, she saw a car was heading towards her.

At that moment, she put more strength into her feet, sending her forward and reached the other side of the road. Behind her, Megara almost crashed into the car. He could only helplessly stand there as Kanae left and disappeared into the alleyway.

"[email protected]#$%^\u0026*(!" Megara cursed out loudly when he saw Kanae disappeared into the alley. He had the confidence that he could catch her, but everything she did caused his confidence to shatter into bits of pieces.

Behind him, Jeff was walking leisurely. "You're in bad shape, Megara."

"Curse you! Why don't you help me out if you see what happen?"

"I'm lazy," Jeff replied. He could control the crowds using his voice, but he didn't want to. Using his power every single time was tiring. It was only yesterday that he overused it a bit, so he planned on resting for today or he wouldn't be able to stay healthy.

Megara went into another course of cursing as he left. He felt his face flushed in embarrassment at his own failure.

Jeff crossed his arm as he gazed at the alleyway. The way that woman dashed when the car had gotten near was not normal. There might be something interesting in that young lady.

As he thought about that, he turned around and headed to the building once more.