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619 Their Lives

 Jason ordered for three lunch boxes while he tended to his wound. Looking at his body with mirror, he sighed. They were black and blue thanks to Kanae's punch, kick, or slam. He only barely managed to hit her a bit while she kept on reaching him.

"Kanae, don't you have something more important to do aside from beating me up?" Jason asked.

Kanae tilted her head. "I do, but beating you is also very important."

"What do you think Laura will say if she saw this?"

"Oh? Will you show her?"

Jason could sense the murderous glare Kanae gave him. He quickly shook his head. Hell, he would not dare to tell Laura anything about this. Besides, why would he open his clothes in front of Laura?

That girl already threw the pillows on the sofa when he teased her before.

Kanae shook her head and pushed the first aid box closer to Jason. "I don't know when you two get together, but congratulation, younger brother in law."

This time, Kanae purposely stressed on the word 'younger,' making Jason roll his eyes. Even though he's older than Kanae, but Laura is Kanae's younger sister. It would make him Kanae's younger brother in law.

Not wanting to think too much, Jason just focused on applying the salve for his wounds.

"It's not long ago."

"So when I'm busy doing your work, you're also busy courting my sister?" Kanae arched her eyebrows.

Jason's face reddened slightly. "It's not like that! But since we're working together for some business, I end up also spending so much time with her."

Seeing that Kanae looked at him suspiciously, Jason tried to put on an innocent face. However, he found his words a bit hard to belief. Kanae had known him for some time to know that he could definitely avoid meeting Laura if he didn't want to. That business must be on purpose.

"I can guess that you purposely handle personally in every business that have relation with Nali Family, Jason."

Jason: "..." you found out too quick.

Kanae leaned back on the chair. "Also, I can see that the room is decorated perfectly to match both of you. Even though the difference is not much, I know that you're not one to have a lot of furniture inside a room. It must be Laura who arranged it."


"Also, you order three lunchboxes just now. Will Laura come here in the evening?"

Jason nodded. "We'll be talking about her progress in one field. She also wanted me to help her learn more about it, so we're going to talk in the evening."

"You two are really workaholic."

"I can say the same to you."

Kanae pursed her lips. She knew that she spent a lot of time to work, but it was mostly because it was necessary. Unlike Laura and Jason who seemed to be trying to branch out here and there, holding control in several types of company.

"So, aside from sweet, food, and some materials, which area do you want to get in?"

"Transportation. Laura is interested with the fact that the public transportation is so poorly used. She wanted to make a new system to make herself able to have an influence," Jason replied.

Kanae nodded. The government in this city didn't really do their work properly, so a lot of aspects were extremely bad. It was also one of the reasons why Black Street could still exist and a lot of people could participate in fight without needing to worry about breaking law.

"That's interesting."

"It's Laura's idea. I don't know the specific yet. Also, if it required too much fund, we might not be able to do it anytime soon."

"She's very ambitious to take hard project."

"I think that's because of you."


Jason smiled bitterly. "Didn't you get out of Nali Family because you know that your existence will give bad image about her to the public? As long as Nali Family continue to grow with her at the forefront, no one will be able to shake her position. At that time, you'll have a place to return back to Nali Family."

Hearing what Jason said, Kanae just smiled. She knew that her sister wished for her to return back and the best way to do that was by making sure that no one will be able to shake Laura's foundation. This would surely take years, but they were not in a hurry.

The city itself was still in development from various aspects.

Ding! Dong!

"Oh, wait a minute. I'll be taking the food."

Jason picked the food and gave one of the boxes to Kanae. The two of them ate in silence for a while before Jason continued to focus on dressing his wounds again. On the other hand, Kanae decided to walk around the house to see his residence because he had done some renovations.

"Your defense system is still suck, Jason."

Hearing the way Kanae called him, Jason smiled bitterly. He knew that Kanae had totally treated him as her younger brother.


"The window over here is unprotected. Even though there are some guards over there, this place is not within their sight of vision. Also...."

As Kanae had gotten used to sneak around, she could pinpoint several locations that needed to be strengthened. As she listed them all, Jason was utterly speechless. He was already confident that he had made a good defense system. But in Kanae's eyes, it was nothing but trash.

By the time she finished listing the weakness she found, Jason looked at his note. It was enough to make several pages of paper.

"How do you even notice all of it?"

"I'm comparing it to the knowledge I have. Besides, even if you have good defense system, it's useless if they can run fast enough to not be detected by the pressure sensor," Kanae pointed to the backyard.

Jason sighed. Normal people wouldn't be able to run fast enough without giving pressure to the ground when they were running. The same couldn't be said about Kanae, though.

Kanae turned her head to the front. Her eyebrows arched. "You have a guest."


Knock! Knock!

"Brother Jason, are you here?" Laura's voice was loud and clear.

"Ah, yes."

Jason hurriedly wore a long sleeve shirt to hide his black and blue skin. It would be impossible to use short sleeve for the time being as his arm was blue due to blocking Kanae's punch.

While Jason opened the door and greeted Laura warmly, Kanae slipped away to the first room where she came. She looked inside through the slight gap of the opened door. From this angle, she could see Laura's face.

'It's good that you're healthy again.'

Kanae smiled slightly as she turned her head away. Laura's relationship with Jason was not something she needed to meddle. If they could get together, she would be happy because she had always thought of Jason as her brother.

Well, previously it was older brother, though.

Quietly, Kanae sneaked out of the residence once more. She still couldn't meet with Laura openly because of their promises. The two of them wanted their reunion to be done in front of a lot of people and not behind the shadow.

It was not the right time, yet.