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618 Rei and Oro’s Spar

 The next day, Kanae pondered for a moment before deciding to make a short visit to Jason Wells' residence. Since Laura was already discharged, there was no need for her to worry so much anymore. She didn't want to go to school yet because she found it to be annoying without Kevin to accompany her.

Even though there was Alan who could joke around and make her laugh, she preferred Kevin's presence much more.

'I really need to learn how to drive in the future.'

It took her some time before she arrived by Jason's residence. She studied the new defense system that Jason had placed after the attack to find the best way to get inside. Even though the attack occurred not long ago, his main residence has been rebuilt back.


Once she decided, Kanae began to move. She slipped inside before the camera could catch her movements and entered the house from one of the open window. The alarm didn't ring because it was unable to detect her.

'Sensory alarm,�� Kanae thought to herself as she looked at the door. It seemed that Jason was determined to not let anyone get inside without permission again. The number of alarms that he placed in this place was astonishing. Aside from the money he burned to buy them all, he also needed to remember their location in case he triggered them by himself.


The door to the other room opened and Jason walked in, yawning lightly. Upon seeing Kanae stood with her arm crossed, he nearly stumbled on his own legs.

"Kanae? What are you doing here?"

"What do you think?" Kanae shrugged. "Do you have any wide area where we can spar?"



Jason wanted to cry. "You're withholding your promise to beat me up?"

"Of course."

"Can't you postpone it? I'm really tired."

Kanae arched her eyebrows. "You're staying in front of your laptop for too long. Let's have a short spar as exercise."

Jason sighed. He knew that he wouldn't be able to change Kanae's decision anymore. Since she had decided that she would have a spar with him today, he knew that she would continue to pester him until he accepted her demand.


It was at times like this that he wished Laura was here. If Laura was staying in his residence, Kanae wouldn't be thinking of asking him to spar right now. However, he knew that it was needed.

Jason led Kanae to the training room underground. That place was untouched because the door was located at the back. Looking at the complete set of equipment, Kanae was stunned.

"No wonder you're Wells Family Young Master. Just how many equipment you have?"

"I have one set in some of my residence, including the one in mountain range where we used to train," Jason replied. "Will you use your sword?"

"No. I don't want to accidentally kill you."

Jason: "..." with your self-control, will you really kill me?

Kanae stood in the middle of the room and stretched her hand a bit before she placed it by her side, slightly in the middle. Her legs bent down a bit, yet she still looked relaxed.

"You can attack first."

"Then I won't be polite."


Kicking the ground to accelerate, Jason arrived by Kanae's side very quickly. His right hand punched forward to hit her. Kanae swiftly switched her center of gravity to the left with her right hand parried the punch to the side. Her left arm followed with a hook towards Jason's jaw.


Jason stopped his movement in time as he looked at the fist right before his eyes. Since Kanae was far shorter than him, her range was certainly also shorter. However, it didn't mean that he could let himself get hit. His jaw might get dislocated from the force alone.

Tak! Tep! Tep!

Before Jason could retreated, Kanae had changed her center of gravity once more and her right leg kicked up, hitting his stomach. With grimace because of the pain, Jason hurriedly stepped back. He could feel the pain very clearly.

"Rei... you're not holding back at all?"

"Your reaction speed has become slower, Oro. Is living in peace with Laura turn your sense duller?"

Jason scrunched his face. It was not that he became worse, it was Kanae who became faster. He didn't even understand how she manage to raise her speed even more.

"Rei, can't you let me off a bit."

"No. Attack me, Oro."

"Why don't you attack first?"

"Really?" Kanae shook her head lightly. In the next instant, she had arrived in front of Jason with her arm punched forward. Jason evaded to the side, yet the fist that threatened to hit him opened up, turning into a palm.

Grab! Bang!

With a swift movement, Kanae grabbed Jason's arm and slammed him to the ground by switching her stance.

Lying on the ground, Jason felt like crying. He didn't have the chance to react before Kanae had switched her stance and grabbed him. He looked at the girl's face in front of him.

"Can't we stop here?"

"No. Get up and attack me."


The spar lasted for hours before Jason was unable to stand up anymore. He looked at the energetic Kanae with a frown on his face. Just how much she grew during this short period of time?

"That feels satisfying." Kanae nodded to herself.

Jason rolled his eyes. "Why don't you just go and fight Kevin? I'm sure that you won't find it as much fun as this."

"He's busy."

"And I'm not?"

Kanae flicked a glance to Jason. "Who was it that give his work for me to finish?"

Knowing that Kanae was the one who did most of his work before this, Jason sighed. Since he was the one who took care of them all lately, he had become even busier than ever. Still, he knew that it was nothing compared to Kanae because she was the one taking care of the Black Street matter along while doing his work.

"Come on, I'll order some food for you."