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617 Everyone Has Different Path


The sound of the lift reaching the designated floor rang out. Kanae walked out of the lift with Kevin not far from her. Patrick was yawning behind the two of them, finding the matter boring.

"If you don't want to come, you can just stay behind, Uncle," Kevin remarked.

Patrick shot his eyebrows. "If it's not because Neo insists that you need someone to be your bodyguard around because he's and Mike are busy, I'm not coming here too. Do you really think I would want to spend my time with an ice block like you?"

"Feel free to leave."

"You're just going to get me into trouble, Brat."

Kanae shook her head with a wry smile on her lips. She had guessed that the clan must be worried if Kevin got hurt in the middle of his trip to the hospital, so they sent Patrick. Even if Kevin was far stronger than most of them, it would be better to be safe than sorry.

"Do you want to visit Laura too, Kanae?"

"She's discharged from the hospital too, right?" Kanae arched her eyebrows. She found her way to find out her sister's condition not long ago, so she knew that Laura was recovering well. As for visiting her again...

No, she would not.

She had promised that they would not speak to each other again for the time being. Because of that, she would not come to visit her sister when Laura is still awake. Besides, she was pretty sure that Jason was taking care of Laura well.

Kevin nodded. "She's healing very quick. Her restorative ability is far higher than normal people."


"Not to the limit that you're worrying about."

"That's good."

If Laura had the chance to awaken her talent too, Kanae could guess that the chaos in this city would never end. The government would never let someone who could awaken their talent off. In addition, the condition in the city lately has been very unstable.

It was as if the government was trying to destroy the entire city.

Patrick yawned. "Stop making things so complicated. If you want to visit her, just go and visit her. Those who say otherwise can just eat my fist."

Kanae and Kevin: "..." not everything could be finished with violence.

"Kevin, did your uncle learn the law?"

"He's your father too, and no, I don't think he learns any."

"I could hear you two, Brats." Patrick could feel black lines appearing on his face. These two dared to speak bad about him right on his face. If only this was not the public place, he would gladly ask the two of them to have a spar.

Kevin just passed a sidelong glance. He looked to the counter and saw Vero, Jay's bodyguard, asking the nurse for an additional pillow. It seemed that he wanted to stay over to take care of Jay.

"Is he going to follow Jay forever?"

"It's possible."

Kanae was surprised. She looked at Kevin. "Is the position as Young Master meant you will have people following you forever?"

"It���s not like that." Kevin's eyes followed as Vero walked to other corridors, looking happy that the nurse allowed him. "The young master in each clan is the future successor to the clan. Their safety means that the clan will have a future and without them, the clan can't survive.

It's the rules that the clan have to be passed to the blood related child of the clan head. If the only child is a woman and she was not strong enough, they would marry her early to the strongest man in the clan. That way, the clan could last longer and longer.

Each young master will have their own bodyguards and childhood friends, who grow up together with them. It's necessary to have them because we're not allowed to befriend those outside as our safety would be compromised. Because of that, the bodyguards usually grew close to the young master."

Kanae looked at Kevin as her hand moved to hold his hand. He might not say it directly, but she could guess how lonely his childhood was. Because of his position, he couldn't have any friend outside the clan and his bodyguards must be someone much older than him.

It was truly good that he managed to meet with Neo and Mike, who were around the same age.

Kevin grip Kanae's hand tighter. "Vero is Jay's bodyguard ever since Jay's childhood. Even though he was not that strong compared to many other members, it's undeniable that he had seen Jay grow up since young. Probably, Jay was already like his own son.

I don't know what he thought, but he might not want to leave Jay at all. Even though Jay is no longer the young master, it doesn't mean he has to leave."

Just now, Jay told them that he no longer wanted to participate in this battle. He had long grown tired of the repeated battle that occurred over and over in the city and wished for peace. However, Vero refused to leave even though Jay is no longer the young master.

"It's good that Jay has someone who cares for him. At least, he's not alone."

Kevin nodded. "He'll find more people who care for him in the future."

"His decision is boring," Patrick interjected. "What's the fun of staying out there and not participating? Rather than living in peace, it's much better to play with the government and see who can last longer."

Kanae smiled bitterly. This father of hers was truly... "Everyone has a different path. I don't think Jay is suitable for this kind of violence. He's a bit too kind."


Patrick sighed when he saw Kevin agreed. Well, he had seen the two young masters from Souhon Clan when they were young, so he knew that Jay was too kind as a person while Roy was too violent. It was as if the two of them were born on the other side of a coin and could never understand one another.

"He can make his decision too. Whatever happened later is no longer our business," Kevin said as he strode out of the hospital. He glanced back to look at Kanae. "Do you want to visit the Ryukalin Clan or not?"

"I still need to finish my work. You can go ahead."

"Alright. Take care."

"You too."

Kanae watched as the two of them walked. She glanced back to the hospital and smiled slightly.

'Everyone has different paths and our paths only cross for a bit, Jay, but I'm happy to be able to meet you and become your friend. Even if we're not close, I still wish you luck and happiness in the future.'

Afterwards, Kanae turned around and ran on the street to return back home.

Jay's path was the one of peace, unsuitable to the violence and schemes in this city. On the other hand, her path has always been in the darkness. But she didn't regret any of them.

This is her choice, her decision, and she would follow it until the end.