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616 Jay’s Choice

 Kanae's House

Kanae was resting in her home, finishing her work that she had. The school homework was finished, leaving her with other works from Souhon Clan and some others. Even though Fiore Group was more or less disbanded, she still received news from that clan. Some areas that used to belong to them were in her hands because she needed to take care of the companies.



"Kanae, there's a call from the hospital. Jay is awake."


The moment Kanae heard that, she stood up straight. Ever since the battle in Ryukalin Clan's island, Jay, the young master of Souhon Clan, had fallen into a coma. No one was optimistic regarding his condition because of how severe his wounds were. As time passed, she had thrown the matter into the back of her mind.

She completely forgot about him.

"I'll be right there!"


Kanae changed her clothes and rushed out of her house. She still hadn't gotten her license and didn't have any cars, so the only option was to run or take a public transportation. Since the hospital was only several kilometers away, Kanae chose to run.

It took her several minutes before she arrived by the hospital. She could see Kevin standing outside the hospital with Patrick not far from him. As for Neo and Mike, they were nowhere to be seen. Kanae guessed that Kevin must have ordered the two of them to finish the task in the Ryukalin Clan.

"You're quick," Patrick commented.

Kanae nodded. "I run as fast as possible. Have you seen him?"

"No, not yet. We're waiting for you. Let's go in."


The three of them walked inside. Since it is Kevin's hospital, the doctors and nurse didn't stop them and let them head to the VIP room's section. Jay was placed in that hospital because of his severe condition and Kevin didn't wish for his friend to fall into the hand of the enemies.

Even if Jay was not within the limit to awaken his talent, he came from Souhon Clan's lineage. It was the lineage of those who used to be one of the most powerful people in this city.


"Who is it?"

Kanae peered inside and saw a large bed. On top of it, Jay was sitting with a pillow behind his back. His eyes bore confusion as he stared back to the three of them.

"It's Kevin," Kevin replied. "This is Kanae and Patrick. I'm sure you already know them."

Jay nodded. He had heard about Patrick a lot. Well, no one wouldn't know the name of this troublemaker. Right after he got out of prison, he had caused great chaos in the Ryukalin Clan where many members were pleading for their lives because of his intense training.

"I don't have amnesia, so I still know you."


"How long have I slept?"

Kanae tilted her head. "A few weeks... around a month to two."

She was not sure the exact time when Jay was hospitalized. Come to think about it, what date is today?

"The doctor had told you the exact time. Do you remember anything before you fall into a coma?" Kevin asked.

Jay nodded. How could he forget?

That was the worst day in his life. He lost his brother, whom he had long no longer regarded as a brother because of their relationship. At the same time, he lost his master, Master Ren. The two of them died on the same day and then, he lost control of his own body because of Jeff's voice.

"Is Jeff still...?"

"He's out there. Alive and well."

Jay frowned. He looked at Kevin. "He's very dangerous. Even if you're capable of fighting and have a good mind and body, his voice can penetrate through your defense to control you."

"Not all, but yes."

Kanae had heard Jeff's voice too, but she was not affected. Even though some fighters still got affected, it was not too effective for her and Kevin because the two of them were far stronger than Jeff. Of course, if Jeff used civilian people, they might not have an easy time to fight.

"I see."

"Anything else you want to ask?"

"How's the condition of Souhon Clan?"

"That's..." Kanae turned her head to look at Kevin. She was not sure that she would be the right person to tell Jay about the clan's condition because it was so bad.

Kevin nodded. He proceeded to tell everything regarding Souhon Clan's condition to Jay. Even though it was hard to accept because everything that he had was lost, Jay deserved to know.

After the battle in Ryukalin Clan Island, the elders in Souhon Clan attempted to take over. However, there were a lot of internal disputes and at the same time, many people no longer trust Souhon Clan. It was at that time Kevin decided to step in along with Rei. They took over the control and maintained the fragile balance of power.

Listening to the things that occurred when he was sleeping, Jay fell into silence. He had expected that the clan would be no more because without Master Ren and he himself, no one else could lead the clan.


"I'm fine, Kanae." Jay raised his head and smiled. He looked at Kanae's face for a few seconds before adding, "I didn't know you're still close with Kevin."

"Many things happen." Kanae smiled wryly. She wanted to tell him that she is, in fact, Rei. However, this was not the right time and place. Jay already had a lot in his mind without the need for her to throw another bomb.

"I guess so."

Kevin crossed his arm. "What's your plan next, Jay?"


"You know the power struggle and the real plot of the government. The fragile balance in this city can be easily broken due to many other factors, so I want to ask you. Do you want to return back to your position or do you have any other plan?"

Jay looked straight to Kevin's eyes. The way he looked at him made him understand that Kevin would give him back the control over the areas that used to belong to the Souhon Clan if he wanted to. However, what does he really want?

Returning back to the clan and assuming his position?


Leaving that world forever?

It took Jay a few minutes before he raised his head. "I..."