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614 Jon Aida’s Reappearance

 Lima School, Hidden Building

Inside one of the rooms, a man was busy typing in front of numerous screens in front of him. The room itself was dark, emitting murky and dark feelings for whoever saw it. Only the light from the dim lamp and the screen filled the room, yet the man paid no heed as his attention was fully focused on the screen before him.

"Ah, I fail again," the man groaned. He picked up a large bottle of beer that he placed near his table. Gulping the content down, he finished a large amount of drinks before he was satisfied.

As he was about to work again, the door behind him opened and Vena walked inside. Her eyes showed no trace of emotion as she stared at the man before her.

"Jon, they want the information."

"Not now," the man, Jon Aida, replied with annoyance. "Tell them to give me more time, Sis."

"He's already impatient."

"There's someone who hacks into our system, prying on the information of James Wells," Jon replied. "I didn't manage to track him down, but I'll strengthen the defense again.

"I need the information, Jon," Vena said flatly.

Jon rolled his eyes. After he had lost everything that belonged to his family, Aida Family, he has been working here. As the descendant of Aida Family, he has plenty of skills, which were far better than most people. However, his goal in life has always been to enjoy the moment.

He never showed his real ability to anyone and kept them beneath the façade. This caused him to become trash in front of society.

Even his wives never knew about his real ability until their death. This has always been a secret that he kept dearly because he didn't wish to work hard.

"If you sleep with me, I'll give you the information," Jon stated his demand.

Vena glanced at Jon coldly. "Spout more nonsense and I'll send Ayres to snap your neck."

"You're treating your brother that coldly?"

"You're not my brother," Vena said coldly. Her indifferent eyes gazed back at her brother's back. After she found out that it was her brother who leaked the news to their father, she never acknowledged him to be her brother anymore.

Jon shrugged. "Up to you. You're also not my sister because my sister Vena always looks at me like looking at trash."

"Good, we reached one point. Now, the information, Jon," Vena maintained her cold demeanor.

Jon rolled his eyes again. "Give me a minute. I'll finish the search."

On the back, Vena stood quietly, just like a statue. She still remembered the day she was taken here, broken hearted and full of despair. It was the day she lost everything that belonged to her. Everything that she held dear, her reputation, her wealth, her man, her dignity, everything was taken from her forcefully.

It took her a long time to accept that she was nothing more than a tool for Ferdinand to use according to his wish. Although she was the descendant of Aida Family, she learned that her ability was still below the barrier. She was not even good enough compared with a lot of people here.

And when she met her brother, Jon Aida, she learned the truth of everything. For a woman, Jon sold her out to their father. He caused her ruin and made her lose everything.

She hated him.

From that point on, she never acknowledged him as her brother anymore. He was a piece of trash that wasn't worthy of being in front of her. At the same time, she learned that she was nothing.

She was no longer the same proud woman who could move thousands of men all at once.

She was no longer the woman thousands of people adored.

She was no longer the one who held the life of thousands of people.

Everything was lost, she was back to square one. There was nothing that she could rely on except herself. It was at that point that she learned to not feel anything. As long as she froze her heart, she would never be able to feel the pain anymore.

The action of people around her would never hurt her.

Even if they abandoned her, she would not care anymore.

That day, the cold woman, Vena Aida was born. Acting like there was nothing that could bother her was how she spent her day in this hell. As long as she didn't try to feel anything, she was not afraid of anything. Her heart has been frozen to the point of no return.

Jon glanced a glance at his sister. "What's the information that he wants?"

"You know what he wants," Vena replied. "if you give me the wrong one, you're the one who'll die."

"Yeah, yeah, I know," Jon picked up his beer bottle and gulped down another large amount of them. He always spent his day working and drinking as they didn't allow women to get inside here. Until his job was over, he couldn't enjoy himself fully.

Jon's mood worsened when he saw the error on his screen. He put down the bottle and started typing furiously.

"Sis, talk something, I'm bored."

"You're annoying, Jon," Vena replied.

"I know that. You should be creative and tell me something that I don't know," Jon retorted back as he was busy typing on the computer screen.

Vena watched her brother's back as she recalled the time when she saw her brother play a game. He typed really quick that she wondered if it was humanly possible. The memory has been so far-etched that she only recalled that because she saw him typed.

"There was once a little boy who was really good at playing games. He played really quick and fast to the point that he nearly breaks the record of the game. After a long struggle, he managed to win the game. His friends cheered for him and forced the boy to treat them."

"Huh? He must be quite a poor boy to spend money after winning."

"In the end, he did treat them because he comes from a good family," Vena replied.

"Oh," Jon murmured.

Vena stayed quiet again. She never paid close attention to her brother because all her effort has been towards herself. She wanted to inherit the family's business, so she has been working so hard to achieve it. Even though she is a woman, she wanted to prove herself that she was capable enough to do that.

Her eyes landed on Jon. In the past, there were times when they played together. She didn't know since when, but she no longer saw Jon with his male friends. All he did was bring women into his residence to play with him and drank himself drunk every single day.

At first, she still ordered the servant to clean him up. But after she accidentally saw what he was doing with those women, she decided to move out to not live in the same house with him anymore.

Ever since then, their relationship has been estranged. Neither side was willing to cool down. Every time Vena saw Jon, she would see him as the disgrace of the family.

"The information, Jon," Vena collected herself and called out.

"A few more minutes," Jon replied as he scratched his head. "The algorithm changes every few seconds, I need full concentration to break it, so be quiet for a minute."


Vena stayed quiet at the back, watching her brother typed on the screen. Her expression didn't change in the slightest as she waited patiently for her brother to finish his work.