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613 Our Differences 2

 Kevin looked at Jason. "You shouldn't have thought of yourself too highly."

Jason was stunned to hear Kevin's words. He smiled to himself. Maybe, this was the biggest reason why he could never have romantic feelings for Kanae anymore. The budding thoughts he had in the past disappeared as soon as they appeared. He held himself too high of a pedestal and saw himself as someone above her, which made him felt down when she became stronger than him.

The feeling that he could never catch up with her just made him unable to see her more than a little sister.

A little sister that has grown up.

But with Laura, it was completely different. He just enjoyed her presence and her antics to the point that he couldn't leave her alone. Even though she might surpass him, he was not worried at all and instead wished that he could see that moment with her. He wished to protect her all the time and never let any harm come to her.

"Yeah, you're right," Jason laughed. "I just can't see Kanae like that."

He only got attracted to Kanae because he saw her as someone he needed to protect. However, he couldn't harbor more feelings than that when he saw her surpassed him. The feeling he had only turned into that of a brother who was proud of her sister.

It was not like he felt envy.

He couldn't explain his heart too well, but he knew that he felt proud of Kanae. They were not compatible with one another because of his preferences. Probably, it was also the reason why Kanae only saw him as her brother too. The two of them were not meant for each other.

"Is that so?"

Jason looked over to Kevin. "Talking about thinking of oneself too high, aren't you one too?"

Kevin stared back at Jason. "I don't prioritize them when I'm trying to chase after someone I liked."

The two of them were at similar ages and held high positions. One in the underworld while the other one in the business world. They naturally have their pride to be able to become the best in their own field.

Jason curled his lips, recalling his own shameless attitude when he wanted to get closer to Laura. "I can understand that now."

"Because of Laura?"

"Do you really think that I'm only getting close to Laura because of Kanae? Even before you kill me, I'm sure that Kanae will roast me alive first," Jason shook his head.

Kanae is very protective of her little sister. If he was not serious about that young girl, Kanae would never let him off. There was no need for Kevin to make his move because Kanae would surely deal with it herself. He would be digging his own grave if he tried to mess around with Kanae.

"I see," Kevin's tone was indifferent.

"Aren't you glad that your woman's pursuer reduces by one?"

Kevin glanced at Jason coldly. "Even if there are a lot of men that wish to get close to her, I will never let them."

For a moment, Jason was stunned. He never realized how possessive Kevin was since this man always acted normal. Because of his position and responsibility, he held himself back and only showed them all now.

"Can you even do that?"

"I'll make sure that she won't be able to look at anyone else," Kevin replied somberly. "Don't you think you would do the same for your woman?"

"Yeah," Jason smiled. He wanted Laura to look only at him. The thought of seeing her looking with affection to another man would just make him feel bad. No, not just bad, he would wish to tear down that man so that Laura could never see anyone but him.

Kevin stopped the conversation. He sat down on the opposite chair as he waited for Kanae to come out of the room. He could guess that she was feeling guilty because she was unable to come in time this time. Even though she had placed tracker in her sister's bracelet, it was useless if she couldn't arrive in time.

The door opened and Kanae walked outside. Her eyes were slightly red, with trace of tears on the corner of her eyes. However, her expression was rather neutral, neither bad nor good.

"Kevin, is there any laptop that you want to throw out?"

Before Kevin could answer, Jason had tucked out a laptop. "This is my old laptop that I cleaned up not long ago. You can use it."

"Thank you," Kanae picked the laptop before starting to search about everything related to the incident that happened in Jason's residence. Every single footage, even the hidden one resurfaced as she scanned through them at an inconvincible speed.

Beside her, Kevin was also watching with a calm expression.

"There are three people coming to Jason's residence. They're all awakened people," Kevin commented after Kanae had searched quite long enough.

"Do you know them all?" Kanae took out an USB and copied all the important pictures inside, including the data that she had collected.

"Haven't you read them just now?"

"Yeah, the man with the power to make a barrier: Cain. He has been following the government ever since he was young. The man with the power to go invisible: James Wells," Kanae looked at Jason. "He's your cousin, Brother Jason."

Jason stayed silent. The appearance of James Wells was nothing like him, but he could sense their blood relation from the feeling he had when he fought against the man. It was as if his blood was boiling.

In addition, James Wells's voice sounded oddly familiar. It was as if he had met with him before. However, his brain couldn't recall any memory about that man and his meeting with him.

"The last one is Jeff, we already know that he has the power to control other people," Kevin continued. He pulled the laptop from Kanae's hand and handed it back to Jason. "These three are the ones who wound you and your girlfriend."

Jason's eyes flickered as flames appeared within his eyes. "You need my help, Kevin?"

"If you want to help, I don't see any reason to refuse," Kevin replied.

Kanae looked at Jason. "I have told you before that if you let any harm come to Laura, I won't forgive you, Brother Jason."

Jason arched his eyebrows. "I believe that it should be a private matter."

"Indeed, which is why I'll be seeking you for a spar not long in the future."

Thinking that he had to face against Kanae, Jason's face turned sour. "Will you take it back if I choose to help you out?"

"Didn't you say that the two of them are completely different matter?"

Jason: "..." I feel like I'm digging my grave.

Kevin shook his head. "It's your decision whether you want to help or not. As the future successor of Wells Family, your decision will affect the lives of numerous people under your family."

Looking at the unusable laptop as Kanae had broken the inside to avoid detection, Jason pondered for a moment. He knew that the government wouldn't let them off even if he didn't do anything, so it would be better to strike first. "You win. Wells Family will support you, but only at the limit where I'm capable off."

"That's already enough."

Jason nodded his head. He didn't really want to get involved in this matter, but he didn't want to stay quiet when those people were still out there. They targeted him and his girlfriend, so they should have expected that he wouldn't let them off. He might not be able to help much, but at least, he wanted to help a bit.