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612 Our Differences 1

 After Kevin and Jason walked out of the room, Kevin looked at Jason. "I thought that you didn't want to leave Laura's side at all."

"That's true," Jason replied. "But I just can't say no to Kanae. Their bond with each other is much stronger than what I can ever imagine."

The bond between sisters that was created because of their loss was hard to break. It was also very precious as not everyone could possibly care about someone else so much that they would be willing to sacrifice almost everything for their sibling. Even for couples, it was rare to see two who were willing to do that.

Kevin's gaze was straight ahead as he asked. "You don't have any feeling for Kanae anymore, do you?"

Jason nearly choked on the air when he heard Kevin's question. Looking at the man before him, he saw that Kevin was dead serious. Killing intent emanated from the man's body as if telling him that if he dared to say that he still has, he wouldn't hesitate to kill the other party.

"I don't," Jason replied, he kept his voice as flat as possible. He sat down on the chair as his eyes didn't leave Kevin even one second. "When did you find out about that?"

"Not long after I found out about Kanae's other identity," Kevin replied. "The other members always care about her very much. As someone who's stronger than her in the past, I'm guessing that you might have developed some feeling for her."

Jason's eyes narrowed. This man was too sharp. However, it was not a secret that the three of them cared about Kanae very much. From the very beginning, Shiro never tried to pursue Kanae because of their difference in age. For that man, Kanae would be no different than a little sister.

On the other hand, Tommy has always been very weak. He had similar strength with Kanae at first, but she surpassed him with lightning speed. He never had any notion of that as he fell in love with another woman who cared about him so much.

As for him, he used to see Kanae as his little sister. He cared about her deeply because he saw her as someone whom he needed to protect. But that battle in Lima School changed everything.

He saw the girl's transformation right in front of his eyes. She has good fighting prowess, but a soft heart because of her life in a warm family. The moment she abandoned them all and became a cold killer was the time when she broke all the limitations she placed on herself. From that point, she was no longer the same person as before.

Now that he has someone else he cared about, he thought that no one would know his past feeling anymore. Little did he expect that this young man would be so sharp that he realized it quickly.

"You're very sharp, Kevin."

"Many thanks for your compliment," Kevin replied coldly.

Sensing his slightly hostile gaze, Jason smiled bitterly. He knew that Kevin would still view him to be a bit of a hindrance because of his past feeling for Kanae. Even though he had moved on before his feelings were clear back then, he knew that there might be some possibilities for him to develop feelings for her...

No, not at all.

Jason knew better than anyone that he only viewed Kanae as his sister, a little sister that he cared so much because she is precious to him.

"I used to care about her because she changes my life," Jason admitted. "I first met her on the street when I'm feeling my life was dull and boring. She's the first person whom I see laughing as she picked up a job with Tommy, acting all cheerful just for a meager sum of money."

Kevin's gaze flickered for a moment. He still hasn't forgotten that Kanae's life after her lost has been extremely hard. However, that girl kept on putting a smile on her face, acting cheerful for those around her.

"I followed her out of interest and became attracted to her. At first, I see her just as an interesting person and decide to try asking for a mission from her then help her out. But as times goes on, I see her as my little sister, someone whom I need to protect. But it seems that my heart is following after her because of that," Jason smiled.

At that time, he was in constant dullness in his family. He had reached the standard and acted out as the perfect successor of Wells Family, but there was no warmth given to him. Everyone acted like a stranger and never tried to cultivate any relationship.

All they cared for was the money and power they could get through building connections.

He was tired. On that fateful day, he had just clashed with Ivan once more because his cousin was pestering him. As usual, he would win the debate because he had better eloquence than that young man. However, his mood worsened, so he decided to walk around.

He had finished all of his jobs and there was nothing good to just stay in his home. It was then that he saw those two and met with them.

"But I abandoned the notion when I saw her fight in the battle in Lima School two years ago. At that time, I saw the great transformation she underwent and I know that I can never be on par with her anymore. I can't catch up with her anymore, so I don't even try it anymore. At that point, I only see her as my little sister, nothing more."

Kevin listened to Jason's explanation as he thought about Kanae. While Jason's reason to get close to her was because he wanted to protect her, he wanted to get close to her because he felt comfortable with her. He cared about her wellbeing and he wanted her to stay by his side forever.

He looked at Jason. "Are you stupid?"

"Kevin, please don't insult other people's feelings," Jason was rather annoyed.

"If you're behind her, just chase after her and then stand beside her. Is there any need to think that you have to be always above your woman?" Kevin didn't really understand Jason's reasoning. Since he liked Kanae, he didn't really care about their difference in skill.

If he was behind her, he would work harder to chase after her and not became a burden for her. He would try to become much better. Even if it was not in the same field as her, it didn't matter. If he was above her, he would do his best to use his power to protect her. If his power was lacking, he would gain enough power so that he could stay with her.

When his position was still shaky because of his young age and inability, he worked even harder to make sure that his position was firm. At the same time, he maintained his relationship with her because he didn't want to lose her. He had his own goal, but at the same time, he had his own feelings.

He knew that he didn't want to let her go, but at the same time, he wanted her to be happy. When he had gotten the power to back him up, he chased her relentlessly, not wanting to lose her at all. He was determined to make sure that she could be happy when staying by his side.

Even though it was not easy, he would do his best to become the perfect one for her.

Even if he's not capable of doing everything, he would do his best.

That is his conviction.