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611 I’m Sorry


Sitting in front of the door, Jason was looking at the door with a blank expression. It hasn't been long since he stayed here, his hands were full of bandages because of the wounds he sustained.

When the door opened and the doctor came out, Jason stood up abruptly. "Doctor, how is she?"

The doctor watched Jason, who looked at him eagerly. The man has been in panic for the last couple of hours, pleading to the woman to not pass out. Although he himself was wounded, his attention has been fully focused on the woman and not himself.

"I have stitched the wound, but she needs blood transfusion fast. She has lost too much blood and the blood of her type has run out here," the doctor replied.

Jason was stunned. He tried to recall Laura's blood type and felt frustrated when he realized that he had a different blood type. Taking his phone out, he was about to call Kanae when he saw the girl coming towards him with Kevin following behind her.

"Where's Laura?" Kanae asked right away.

"Kanae, what's your blood type?" Jason asked another question.

"I'm type A."

His eyes lit up as he knew that Laura's blood type was also A. "Great! Laura needs blood transfusion, do you mind giving a bit to her?"

"Not at all," Kanae replied.

The doctor called the nurse as they brought Kanae to another room to take her blood for Laura. On the other hand, Jason was sitting on edge outside the door, worrying about Laura's safety.

Kevin glanced at Jason's arm. "You're bleeding again."

"Ah," Jason didn't notice it and called the nurse to change the bandage. He looked at Kevin. "Thank you for coming here so fast."

"I'm not coming for you, but for her," Kevin pointed his chin towards the room where Kanae got in to take her blood. "You should know that the person she cared the most is always her sister, right?"

"I know. Aside from you, it's always Laura that has the higher place in Kanae's heart," Jason smiled wryly. "These two will always care for one another even when they're staying at faraway place."

"If you don't take care of Laura, I'll kill you."

Jason arched his eyebrows, not expecting this man to threaten him too. "I can say the same about Kanae. Don't let anything happen to that girl."

"I won't."

The two of them stopped talking as Kanae walked out of the room unsteadily. Kevin moved forward and grabbed Kanae's arm with a frown on his cold face.

"Are you alright?"

"I think I donated too much blood," Kanae replied. "Help me sit down."

Kevin helped Kanae sit down and glared at Neo, who dashed to find some food to replenish Kanae's blood. It took him less than one minute to bring some date fruits and others.

"You should take care of your health better," Kevin handed the fruit to Kanae, who immediately ate them.

"Laura needs the blood."

"I know."

The three of them stayed quiet as they waited for the doctor to finish the transfusion. Around an hour after that, the doctor came out again, telling them that Laura's condition had stabilized.

"Doctor, is it alright for us to visit her?" Kanae pointed to the door.

The doctor nodded his head. "Yes, just make sure that you're not noisy. She is sleeping."

"Thank you, Doc."

The three of them walked inside with Kanae at the very front. It was a VIP room, so there was only one bed inside. Seeing the young girl sleeping inside with infusion on her left arm caused Kanae's heart to be filled with pain.

She looked at Jason and Kevin. "Um, do you mind if you leave me alone for a few minutes here?"

This question was directed more to Jason as she knew that Kevin wouldn't mind. As Jason is Laura's boyfriend, he would surely want to stay here for a longer period of time, not leaving Laura's side at all.

Jason looked at Kanae's eyes. He nodded his head. "I don't mind and Kanae, I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault," Kanae shook her head lightly.

He wanted to say more to Kanae but decided to not say anything more. Turning his body around, he left the room with Kevin. As he left, he didn't forget to close the door, making sure that it was closed securely.

Kanae looked at the young girl on the bed as she sighed. Her eyes were locked in her sister's direction for some time before she started to move. She inched closer and saw the wounds on Laura's arm and shoulder clearer. Her heart felt immense pain as she looked at her sister's condition.

"I'm sorry, Laura. I can't be by your side to protect you," Kanae whispered. Tears started to fill her eyes as she gazed at her sister, the family member whom she loved so much.

If only she didn't leave Laura's side, this might not have happened.

But it would be impossible. She couldn't stay by Laura's side forever. She has her own life to follow, so does Laura. Only their beginning that they spent their time together all the time, but the rest of their lives would be spent with the person whom they loved on their own path.

Her finger caressed her sister's hair slowly.

"I can't do much for you anymore, but I hope that you can stay safe, Laura. I want you to stay safe and live in the different city that I hope to realize," Kanae smiled slightly. "Please, stay away from this matter. I don't want to see you get hurt."

Even though Laura was unconscious, Kanae couldn't help but utter the words that she wanted to convey to her sister the most. When Laura forced her to leave the world of light, she had made the complete preparation for the girl to stay safe in the dark.

It would allow Laura to keep hidden until the inevitable clash with the government occurred. However, there was a variable in her plan that she could never expect.

The presence of Jason in Laura's life caused her to stand under the light once more to accompany the man.

"Having someone you love makes you do something crazy at times," Kanae chuckled. "If it's possible, I want you to stay away, far away from this matter. I want to protect you and keep you safe because you're my precious little sister.

But if it's impossible, at the very least, I hope that you can stay alive through this event."

Kanae watched her sister's face for a while. She had always tried to protect Laura from everything outside. Laura had been staying by her side too, obediently following after her direction.

But things couldn't go as they wanted to. There were too many things that were unknown.

Men could plan but God decides.

"I'm really sorry, Laura, for dragging you into this mess."

She apologized deeply for her little sister that she failed to protect. Even though it was not her fault, she couldn't stop the feeling that poured out of her heart.