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610 There are Prices to Pay

 After Jason pounced on Ivan, Laura dragged her feet towards the bedroom. Her heart was pounding hard at the thought of dying and tears continued to fall like a waterfall. It was so scary.

Behind her, she could hear the sound of punching from Jason. Trying her best to ignore it, she made her way to the next floor. The mansion was large, so it took her quite a long time to arrive in front of Jason's bedroom.

'I have to open the door.'

Laura's hand trembled as she put her finger on the scanner. The bedroom needed Jason's fingerprint to be able to get inside. Only recently did he add hers because he wished for her to come inside, which of course, she rejected. This would be the very first time she used the scanner.

After a short time that seemed like forever, the door opened. Laura opened it to reveal a large room with little furniture. There was only one bed, one large table with its chair, sofa, and cupboard. The others were Jason's items that he placed neatly.

Wiping her tears, Laura proceeded to come inside. She was about to close the door when a hand appeared before her, forcing the door to stay open.


The sight of a hand appearing out of nowhere caused the girl to freak out. She attempted to close the door, but her strength was not a match for the hand in front of her.

The door was flung open as Laura skidded back from her position. Her eyes were unfocused as she could only see one hand in front of them. Slowly, a man appeared before her starting from the right hand, head, body, left hand, and lastly the lower body.

"It seems that I startle you, little miss," the man chuckled.

Fear crept up on Laura's body as she inched further from the door. The sight of this man terrified her. How was he able to appear out of nowhere? He couldn't possibly disappear, right?

The man watched Laura move away from him as he shook his head. He didn't really like the task that was given to him this time, but he had to follow his master's order. From his pocket, he took out his knife.

"We bear no grudges, but you have to die, so pardon me."

With that, he stepped forward as he swung his sword at an alarming speed. Laura was shocked by his movement and stumbled to the side. Pushing her body up, she tried to get away. Anywhere was fine as long as she was not near the man's reach.

'Jason, come here quickly!'

Internally, she wished for Jason to come and helped her as soon as possible. She was running when she felt something slashed her shoulder as pain followed it. Her feet tripped with one another as she tumbled into the bed, falling straight on top of it.

"There's no use running," the man chuckled. He smiled when he saw the deep knife's wound on Laura's back. The girl was writhing in pain as blood continued to pour down on her shoulder, dyeing her white clothes in red color. There was nothing fun with killing a little girl, but he had to do it.

Laura was crying hard as all she could feel was pain. Her body refused to move no matter what she did.

The man raised his knife, intending to end the little girl's life when he heard a gunshot right behind him.


His knife was flung far away from him. He turned around and saw Jason standing behind him. He was holding a gun with a blood stained hand. His eyes were filled with deep hatred towards the man.

"You bastard!"

He lunged forward, reaching the man in a split second. The man was planning on using Laura as his shield, but Jason was too quick. Laura had shifted her position, not letting him grab her.

"Laura, hang in there! Do you hear me?" Jason yelled.

Laura was writhing in pain because she forced herself to move to the side a bit. It was so painful on her shoulders. Ever since she was young, she never sustained any heavy injury because her sister always protected her. The guards were also guarding her heavily, not allowing anything to happen to her.

The largest wound she had was only grazed wound so far. The pain from the man's knife was too deep and painful to her. Even though she learned martial arts, she was never too good at it.

"Laura, answer me!" Jason yelled once again as he guarded against the man, his eyes showed traces of panic.


"I'm here!" Laura replied, yelling back. It was so painful, but she had to hold on and tried to follow the flow of the battle.

Hearing her yell, Jason was slightly relieved. He focused his attention to the man in front of him. The man looked at the two of them with pity.

"You have great power, why do you have to go against us? It's such a waste of your formidable ability."

"I'll never stand by your side!" Jason yelled as he swung his sword with his left arm. His right arm was wounded hard because of Ivan, so he had no choice but to fight with his left arm.

The man raised his knife to block. As the two weapons collided, the man started to disappear right in front of his eyes. Jason's eyes widened. He had heard about this ability from his father because it was an ability passed down in their family.

This man was a descendant of Wells Family?

Wait no, this voice... He seemed to recognize it, but he couldn't remember where he had heard it before.

"Think twice, Jason. With us, you can get a lot of things that you could never dream of before. The power of our bloodline, the strength to surpass humanity, and so much more. You're just wasting your energy fighting us. You can never stop us as you're all too weak!"

"Shut up!" Jason switched his stance and attacked once again. His sword was blocked by the man's knife once again.

"You have the skill and powerful ability, but you choose to go against us. Trying to offend the government won't give you a pretty result."


Jason's eyes held deep rage. "Even if I have to die fighting the government, I'll never go to your side. It's better to be remembered as the fighter rather than a coward who sold my soul!"

The man jumped back as Jason swung his sword. He was still in his invisible body, but Jason seemed like he could see him perfectly. For this ability of Jason, he was not surprised as Jason has always been one of the most talented within humanity capabilities.

"It's a pity indeed. Let me warn you one more thing, Jason, there are always prices to pay."

Jason swung his sword once again, but the man moved even further. His sense told him that the man ran away from the house. Right now, he was not in the mood to chase after the man.

He picked up his phone and called an ambulance. "Hello! Get a helicopter here right away! There's an emergency patient!"

Moving to Laura, he pressed the wound to stop bleeding. The girl's face was extremely pale, making him worried.

"Hang in there, Laura. You're going to be alright!" Jason held the girl tenderly as he tried to stop the bleeding. "Please, hang on!"

Laura didn't answer. Her consciousness was fading and her strength had left her body. Right now, she didn't have any energy to answer Jason's pleading.