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609 Attack in Jason Wells’ Residence

 Jason looked at Laura with a wry smile. In the restaurant, this girl didn't hold back at all and attacked the sweets with everything she got. This caused him to wonder whether she could eat them all or not.

"Next time, I'll limit your sweets intake."

"Come on, Brother Jason, I love them!" Laura whined. Jason had stopped her to eat the last portion of her cheesecake, making her annoyed.

"You're going to get fat."

Laura's face darkened. "I'm not fat!"

"Not yet!"

"Meanie!" Laura pursed her lips and crossed her arm. One of the things that she enjoyed the most was eating sweets, which was the very reason she decided to make sweet company. Their diversity in taste always made her felt giddy, especially when the chocolate melted in her mouth.

The thought alone caused her to be hungry again.

Jason shook his head. "Are you that similar to your sister? Stop thinking about food, there's still the matter of your company that you have to handle."

"Aw, I remember them," Laura smiled wryly. She got a collaboration offer from a company outside this city, so she took the offer to Jason for investigation. She was not very familiar with the companies outside this city, so asking Jason would be the only resort she could do.

Seeing her wry smile, Jason resisted the urge to pinch her cheek. He got inside his residence when he felt that the atmosphere seemed wrong. It was tenser and darker right now.

"Brother Jason, why don't you open the car?" Laura asked curiously.

"That's what I'm thinking too," Jason replied softly. He turned his body around when he sensed danger, and pulled Laura into his embrace as he opened the door.


Several gunshots came from the side of the car. The glasses were bulletproof, but they wouldn't last long under the barrage of heavy artilleries. He pulled Laura to the other side of the car as they crouched down to avoid the attack.

"Follow after my movement," Jason warned Laura.

Laura nodded her head. Her face was as white as a sheet as she was terribly scared, but she knew that crying wouldn't do her any good. The two of them stayed in that position until the gunshots ended.

Jason had readied his own gun. The moment they stopped, he stood up and shot them back.

His shooting caused them to flinch. Pulling Laura, he made a run towards his house. "Open the door!"

Laura put on the key with her trembling hand. It seemed to last forever when she managed to put it into the keyhole and turned it around. Pushing the door open, the two of them ran inside and closed the door again.

In front of them, Ivan was standing with a gun ready.

"Wrong move, Jason!"

Jason covered Laura as he ran to the other side of the room, hiding themselves behind the wall.

"Don't run, you won't be able to!" Ivan's eerie voice sounded as he reloaded his gun.

Jason saw that Laura's hand was bleeding because of his sudden movement. It seemed, her hand bumped into a rather sharp end, causing a deep cut in her arm.

"Go to my bedroom and hide there," Jason instructed.

Laura nodded her head. She was afraid, but she didn't want to be a burden. Forcing her weak feet to stand, she ran towards Jason's bedroom. There was a secret compartment there, which would allow her to stay safe for the time being.


"Kyaaa!" Laura covered her head as the gun grazed her arm. Tears filled her eyes, making her vision blurry as she made her way to the door.

Jason got out of his hiding place and shot the gun on Ivan's arm. He wanted to shoot again, but he found out that he had run out of the bullet. Without thinking, he ran to Ivan for a close combat battle.


The two of them sprawled on the ground, with Ivan below Jason. Jason quickly maintained a sitting position before punching the man rapidly, straight to his face.

"You bastard! Why are you coming here?"


Someone attacked Jason's head from behind using glass bottle, sending pain to the young man. He quickly rolled to the side as blood poured out of his head, trickling down to the ground.

"Ivan, he's all yours," the man said coldly.

Ivan nodded his head. He stood up as he glared at Jason with hatred. His face has become unrecognizable because of the rapid attack that Jason gave him just now. It was no different than a pig face because of the swelling.

Taking out the vial, Ivan drank the content until it has finished. The man who accompanied Ivan nodded his head to Jason. Jason didn't recognize this man at first because of his blurry eyesight, but seeing the man's appearance after a while made him realize who this man was.

"Jeff from the government's side," he murmured. Now he knew that his cousin had sought their help in this matter.

As the man walked out of the room, Ivan threw the bottle to the ground. He felt immense power brewing inside of him as he looked at Jason crazily. Taking out a knife out of his pocket, he started attacking Jason rapidly.

Jason picked up his sword that he put in the living room inside a hidden place, not far from the couch. Using the sword, he blocked the attack from Ivan as the two blades clashed against one another.

Sounds of their clashing filled the entire room. Both used Wells Family's martial arts and the two of them were the best among the young generations.

Jason twisted his body and kicked Ivan on the stomach, his eyes grew cold. "It seems you have been using these martial arts very much."

"I'm not like you who hid your appearance under the guise of another person," Ivan spat out. "I let them see who I am as myself. They better fear me because I won't let you off."

"Just you try!"

The two of them were mostly tied, but a shrill scream caused Jason's attention to waver. It was only a split second, but it was more than enough to make him lose his focus.

'LAURA!' his mind yelled.

"Where do you think, you're looking?" Ivan yelled as he slashed his knife against Jason, hitting the man's arm.

"You!" he didn't have time to play with Ivan. Switching his stance, he stepped to the side and lowered his center of gravity. His sword made its way to Ivan's stomach as the man put his guard too high.

Blood spurted out of his stomach, yet Ivan has a smile on his face. "You won't see her alive!"

Jason paid no heed to the man as he kicked Ivan away. The wound on the man's stomach was already more than enough to send Ivan died because of the lack of blood. What filled his head right now was the safety of Laura.

As his consciousness started to fade, Ivan's mouth flashed a smile. He wanted to take one thing from the perfect Jason and that one thing would be a person: the person whom Jason loved so much, his girlfriend.