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608 James’s Condition

 Ryukalin Clan

Inside the Ryukalin Clan, the most pressing matter was not about their battle against the government, but James's deteriorating health. Over the past few weeks, he grew thinner and weaker.

"I have already given him the medicine," the doctor wiped his sweat. "The frequency of him needing the medicine has stabilized, but I'm afraid, this won't last long."

"He has turned 13, right?" Kevin asked.

Taro nodded his head. "Yes, he turned 13 not long ago. Will that have any effect on him?"

"The golden age for being awakened is 13-15 years old. During this age, their body is the most suitable to adapt for the power," Kevin replied. It was the normal case, but James's body has been weakened considerably. There was a high chance that he wouldn't be able to hold on for too long even though his body has reached the optimal age.

Taro nodded his head. "Thank you for checking on him again."

"It's the least I can do," Kevin replied.

Taro glanced outside the window. Time passed ever so swiftly. It was already November, which meant the snow had started to fall. They were still very scarce, but the temperature's drop was quite serious.

"This year winter is quite harsh."

Kevin didn't reply. "I'll go back to my workroom. Take care of James, Taro."

"I will."

Inside his workroom, Kanae was busy scanning the documents. After a long time of hard work, the number of papers had decreased significantly. Right now, only several of them left from the usual tasks that he had to manage.

"Kevin, your uncle is asking for more reinforcement," Kanae informed. "He has some troubles in managing the previous Souhon Clan's area."

After the incident, they learned about the death of Master Ren and the fact that Souhon Clan was disbanded. The number of the clan's members has been diminishing rapidly, so they decided to put an end for their clan too. This action left Ryukalin Clan to be the only large clan left in this city.

As Jay was still in hospital because of the last fight during the battle for the Ryukalin Clan, Kevin couldn't ask the former young master to help him. In the end, he had to work hard by himself to make his position firmer in their previous area.

"Let him be, there are no more men we can send," Kevin sat down beside Kanae. His gaze landed on the paper as he sighed. "How's your school today?"

"It's as usual."

"Did they do any medical checks?"

"No," even if they did, Kanae was not worried. The one who checked her has always been Shiro, so her secret wouldn't get leaked out. She has become extremely familiar with the school's layout as she used her break time to walk around.

"Oh yeah, I ask someone to find me the list of people who get the letter below 6 years old," Kanae recalled her request to Matt before. She made this after their infiltration to the school since she was curious. As for the age 6, she made that limitation because elementary children started schooling at the age of 6/7. The result shocked her greatly because of their lack of numbers.

"What's the result?" Kevin asked.

"There are only two people," Kanae replied. "I also asked him to trace their bloodline and found out that they're quite far from the main family, which meant that the possibility of getting a golden letter is nearly zero."

Kevin was not surprised with the result. To be awakened always required a special bloodline, which were actually the five big clans, four big families, and the three strongest groups.

It was believed that they were all those who had the highest potential. Over time, the group dispersed, some didn't even have descendants. The bloodline was polluted, getting thinner as time passed by. By now, only a handful of people have the possibility to awaken their potential as theirs were no longer exceeding the barrier.

After the experiment, their number continued to dwindle to the point that it was hard to even find a silver letter's holder. Many of them were gathered in the school, ready to become the next experiment's object.

"Also, I found something interesting from the data that he sends to me. According to them, awakening outside the golden age will only give you part of the real potential or sometimes, even an additional skill that you have," Kanae read the content of the paper calmly.

"If they're older, it just means that they'll never reach the highest potential in their lifetime. If they're younger, it can mean that they have the chance to awaken their potential for the second time if they're strong enough."

Kevin looked at the email solemnly. He had the hunch about this when the doctor told him that James's condition stabilized. There was a possibility that his body was preparing to receive the second ability that James had deep inside his body. Based on the bloodline, it was not impossible. After all, he was the direct descendant of the family head.

"James is not strong enough for another one awakening," Kevin said slowly.

"We have to make sure that he won't experience any huge shock in the future. If that happens, there's a high chance that he will awaken his potential," Kanae sighed. If something like that truly happened, she knew that she wouldn't be able to forgive herself for allowing it to happen. The boy was simply too young for that. It would be better for him to just live through all this.

"Boss, there's a new news report," Neo barged inside. He saw the two of them sitting close, but he didn't retreat.

"What is it?"

"It's from Wells Family. It seems that they're attacked."

"What? Where?" Kanae stood up. Her sister was still staying with Jason. If they got attacked, there was a chance that her sister would be targeted. She didn't want her sister to get hurt.

"It's in Jason Wells' residence."

Kevin's aura intensified. "Tell me the details."

"Jason Wells managed to win in the court against Ivan Wells, turning the tables back. He goes somewhere for lunch-dinner before going back home. When he went back, his home was attacked."

"Do you know if Laura is still with him?" Kanae asked. "When did this happen?"

"We received news that there's fire in his residence and some people heard gunshots. This happens just now," Neo informed with a wry smile.

Kanae tried to ease her mind when she felt her phone vibrate and the familiar ring tone sounded. It was the ring that alarmed when Laura was in danger. Her heart dropped.

"I'm going to his residence!"

"We're going too," Kevin said coldly. "Mike, prepare the car."

"Yes, Boss!"

From the bottom of her heart, Kanae hoped that her sister would be fine.