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605 Wells Family Case

 "You're really amazing, Randy," Neo commented when the three of them had returned back to the car.

Randy had a dark expression on his face. Because of Kevin's kick, he landed in a rather unfavorable position. Aside from his hurting back, his dignity was also shredded because he was seen in a truly embarrassing position. If not for the fact that he has learned how to adapt, he wouldn't be able to face Neo's taunt.

"We should go," Kanae instructed.


Kevin glanced at Mike. He hadn't given the other party any instruction of leaving this place, but he had followed after Kanae's instruction. Towards the gaze that Kevin gave him, Mike tried his hardest to ignore. He was following Kanae's instruction because he knew that she would be the future Ryukalin Clan Madam.

The car was halfway towards the Ryukalin Clan when Randy spoke up.

"Can we stop here?"

"Why?" Kevin asked.

"It's time for separation. I have found what I'm looking for and I have given my share of information that you ask," Randy replied.

Kevin thought about it before nodding his head. Mike steered the wheel and parked at the side of the road. Randy got out of the car and looked back at the other four.

"Many thanks for your help."

"It's nothing much," Kevin replied.

Randy tapped the ground a few times. "The next time we meet, it might not be this peaceful."

Kevin's eyes flickered for a split second. "Everyone has their own path, but let me remind you one thing. If you stand in front of my path, I'll not show you any mercy."

"I know," Randy flashed a smile. "You better not be as I might be the one to take your life."

"You can try that," Kanae replied cheekily. "And I'll be the one to send you to your grave."

"Ah," Randy flashed a smile. He looked at the four of them one last time before disappearing under the moonlight into the dark alley. This would be the last time he became friends with them.

After this, his path would be filled with hardship as he wanted to chase after his woman. No one shall stop him from getting what he wanted.

"He's far too weak to contend against you, Boss," Neo remarked.

Kevin nodded his head. "If he joins them, he might become stronger. At that time, it won't be a fair fight anymore."

"That's only 'if,'" Neo sulked.

"And that 'if' has the possibility of 90%," Kanae chuckled. "Let's go back to the clan. There's something that we need to investigate."

Kevin recalled his card and took it out. "Do you mean this?"

"I also have one," Kanae pulled out hers that she stole from the guard. "It seems to be slightly different."

"We'll know later."


Neo sighed silently as he knew that he wouldn't be able to get any sleep after this. These two would never let him off before they finished their research.



The day for the battle between Ivan and Jason finally came after a painful period of waiting and preparing. The two of them were inside the hall as their lawyers prepared for the meeting. Inside and outside the building, numerous reporters surrounded the place as they eagerly waited for the debate.

"Today is the day for the battle of two famous young masters in Wells Family. Ivan Wells is determined in taking the position as the successor of Wells Family while Jason Wells didn't want to let him take the position. The real question is: who is the real successor? Right now...."

"There has been a lot of news regarding the two of them circulated in the media mass. The challenge will be attended by numerous people, including those from Wells Family. However, it is said that Wells Family Head didn't want to come. Right now, thousands of people are waiting for the debate to start...."

In the waiting room, Laura watched the television with interest. The court hadn't started yet, but the reporters have been mouthing off about this matter like there was no end. She wondered if they could keep up the same intensity hours later.

"Laura, are you ready? You're going to support from the side," Clara stepped into the room. She was dressed neatly and her clothes exuded the word 'elegance' to everyone who saw her. As someone who had seen Clara in a rather messy appearance when making dinner, her transformation was quite unique in Laura's eyes.

Laura nodded her head slightly. "I'm ready."

"This is your first time in a grand debate, so I want you to stay calm and answer their question to the best of your ability. You don't have to answer if you can't. If there's any personal question, I'll be the one to stop them," Clara reminded.

There were a lot of rules regarding debate that Laura didn't know. This was supposed to be a closed debate between Jason and Ivan, but they made it public. It was not known how either side reached this agreement, but it seemed that they wanted the public to see the other party's bad side.

She would only stay by Jason's side. There was no need for her to answer any of the questions if she couldn't. Most of them will be directed to Jason and not her.

"Okay," Laura nodded her head. This was not the first time she stood in front of numerous people as she had done this before. However, the pressure piled on her shoulder was not any lesser than before as someone's life was riding on the court again.

'Previously, it's my sister, now it's my boyfriend,' Laura's lips curled up into a smile. 'I can do this.'

The two of them walked out of the room. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Jason was preparing himself too. His face looked calm and rather indifferent. Although he didn't show the aura of confidence that he usually had, he looked far better than usual.

Clara headed towards Jason and sighed. "This is going to be the debate between you and Ivan. If there��s any matter that breaks the rules, I'm going to step in. But remember that I won't be able to help you if you say something you shouldn't."

Jason nodded his head. Although this was his first time attending such a grand debate, he had studied about them before. Aside from greeting each other, all they had to do was stating their fact and attacked the other side. He was quite proficient in talking but not against a family member.

When he thought about 'family member' his heart grew cold. Somehow, those whom he could term as his family member were only those who didn't have any blood relation with him.

Those who had blood relations with him treated him worse than strangers.

For this grand debate, there will be three judges who will oversee the matter. Although they might say the final verdict, there were times when they didn't do it and let them decide by themselves. After all, the matter of Wells Family was something that they couldn't touch.

"I received a call from your little friend. There's going to be an additional witness in our list," Clara smirked.

Jason arched his eyebrows. The sight of this confident middle-aged woman made him recall his father when that man has victory within his hand. He heaved a deep sight as the guards called him inside.