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604 Returning Back

 After she had seen the place, Kanae felt rather enraged because of what she saw. She could guess that they were trying to monitor every student's movement in the school and their development. This caused her to feel rather annoyed as she didn't wish for anything to happen to them again.

When she was heading towards their meeting place, she could sense someone coming from the side.

Her body tensed up as her small sword appeared on her right arm. She dashed towards the person's location. Her sword slashed the air as the person managed to evade with only a few inches away.

"Kanae!" Kevin called. He was startled to see her attacked him so suddenly.

Kanae halted her movement. "Sorry, I thought you're a guard."

"It's fine, I also attacked you when we met," Kevin shook his head. His heart ached at the thought that he nearly killed Kanae in the past. It seemed that both of them really need high vigilance to make sure that they wouldn't not hurt their allies. "Make sure that you remember my presence so that you won't attack randomly again."


Kanae racked her brain about their meeting. Why did he say that he attacked her? It was then that she recalled their trade of information, which inevitable turned into competition of wits. He nearly shot her when they met. If not for her fast reflex, she would have died in his hand.

Kevin was about to run again when he sensed another presence coming towards them. He pulled Kanae behind the tree as he watched the person walk around with his gun ready in his hand.

"Don't move," Kevin whispered.

Kanae was not that stupid to move in this situation. The trees and bushes around them barely covered them. If she dared to move, the guard would have seen them and a fight would be inevitable.

Her only problem was how close Kevin was with her.

Right in front of her, she could see his chest with only a thin layer of clothing covering it. His calm breathing caused wind on her head as his own chest moved up and down.

'It's warm.'

Kanae was stunned at the thought she had. She quickly erased any other thoughts she had as she focused her attention to the presence of the guard. It would be better for her to forget about their awkward position.

However, part of her mind was secretly complaining. How many times did he want to pull her into his embrace for the past few weeks?

"He left," Kevin whispered. He looked down at the woman below him when he realized their position. Although he didn't have any other intention, the position caused him to feel rather awkward.

Kanae nodded her head. She was still averting her eyes from him. "Can you move?"

Kevin was about to agree when he thought about something else. Lowering his head slightly, he planted a kiss on her forehead. His sudden movement caused Kanae to push him back. As her strength was far more than ordinary people, even Kevin was startled and stepped back a bit.

"You don't hold back at all, do you?"

"That's an accident," Kanae replied sheepishly. "Why did you do that so suddenly?"

"I just feel like doing it."

Towards his irresponsible remark, Kanae rolled her eyes. She stomped her feet on the ground and dashed towards the wall. Behind him, Kevin followed after the girl nonchalantly as if he didn't do anything wrong.

When they were near, Kanae stopped her movement. "Randy is still nowhere within sight."

"He'll return back soon or we'll leave him," Kevin replied. He eyed the girl for a while. "What do you find in the building?"

"I found out that the building is built underground. Not far from the entrance, there's a room where they reviewed the information of each student on a large screen," Kanae replied.

"You get inside from the front door?"

"Yes. What about you?"

"There's a hidden door behind the building. It reaches deep down towards a laboratory underground. There��s a student there that they forced to drink some kind of medicine."

Kanae frowned when she heard that. She knew that the school was built for them to gather more people. Little did she expect that they would make the movement so quickly.

"They're moving so fast."

"It's already more than two decades since the first time they force innocent people to participate," Kevin replied.

Kanae's pupil grew bigger. "Two decades? How do you know that?"

"My father has been investigating them since a long time ago, so he told me about that. There were hundreds of people missing every single month and each of them are people under the age of 30," Kevin replied. "Now 20 years later, they're still doing the same."

Considering the time they have been doing this activity, it was no wonder that the number of youngsters they gathered decreased by a large amount. In addition, those who were still young didn't even reach half of them who were teenagers. This number was quite staggering.

"Potential depends on their bloodline," Kanae frowned. "This experiment is eliminating the future carrier."

Kevin nodded his head. He had hacked into the government's site to find out about the number of babies receiving the letter from them. According to the site, it was usually 10-15 letters per month, but now, it would already be a miracle to hand one letter per year. For the past two years, there was no baby that received the letter from them.

Kevin was about to talk more when they heard faint sounds of footsteps. As it was very light, the two of them tensed up. Upon seeing Randy's face, they eased their body.

"Do you find her, Randy?" Kanae asked.

Randy raised his head. His expression was rather hollow and complicated. "I find her..."

Seeing that he didn't look happy at finding Vena, Kanae raised her eyebrows. Was there something that she missed?

"Let's go back," Kevin pointed to the trees.

Randy looked up before turning his head to Kevin. "Can you make sure to not kick me again?"

Kevin looked back coldly. "If you can jump by yourself, I don't mind.

At that remark, Randy shut his mouth. He climbed the wall behind Kanae who had reached the top.

Kanae looked at the wall as she measured the distance. It was slightly nearer than the tree behind the wall. She moved back a bit before jumping to the wall. Just like a cat, her feet landed on top of the wall, one by one.

Her eyes scanned the surrounding as she waved her hand, marking Neo that they had finished.

After waiting for a moment, she could see the flashlight from the car, telling her that it was alright to come down.

Calculating the distance in mere seconds, she jumped again and landed on the branches.

On the other side, Kevin looked at Randy. Since Kanae had disappeared from the wall, it was the time for this man to be kicked. As Randy braced for the pain, Kevin kicked him towards the wall once again, sending him straight towards the tree behind it.

'He's hanging upside down,' Kanae thought to herself as she silently climbed down. 'He really needs to learn how to jump wider or he will be in trouble every single time.'