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603 Taste of Betrayal

 While Kevin and Kanae knew their purpose, Randy was having trouble finding direction. He didn't know the layout of the school as well as the other two. This caused him to walk in one direction even when he was not sure where the person he looked was located.

Moving his feet, he arrived in the school grounds. His eyes carefully scanned the surrounding for hidden cameras. Thankfully, there was none around him.

He had just felt relieved when he saw a light flashed in the building not far from him. From the way it moved, it should be a flashlight. Deciding to investigate, Randy made his way towards the building, one step at the time.

'There is no camera in this part of the building.'

He inched closer and frozen in his place when he saw the person who walked on the hallway. It's her!

He had searched high and low for her, up and down for her, but she disappeared without any trace. Even when her father died, she didn't appear. None of the brother and sister appeared that day. It seemed as if the two of them were swallowed alive by the earth.

Randy clenched his finger into a fist. He wanted to barge inside and met with her again more than anything. But he was hesitant.

'Will she forgive me for what I did in the past?'

His heart wavered at the thought of her rejection. It was his fault for abandoning her for his own safety, but he couldn't bring himself to face the reality that she might hate him for eternity.

But he had waited for this moment all these months.

Even if she hated him, he would accept it.

All he wanted was to see her smile at him again. Even the wicked smile she showed when she made an evil plan was the most beautiful smile he had ever seen from her.


Hearing her name called, Vena turned around. Her pupil dilated when she saw the man that stood not far from her. He was the man whom she used to care so much and also the man who had betrayed her horribly. Standing in front of her, he smiled warmly at her.

However, her expression didn't change at all.

She couldn't forget his betrayal when he abandoned her. The proud princess of that time was crushed heartlessly by the man in front of her. The pain and suffering he brought her was something she would never forget in her lifetime.

There was only one person she trusted, but the same person whom she trusted betrayed her for his own sake. Just to be with him, she had designed countless plans in her head, ready to be executed when the time was ready. But the fact that he abandoned her was enough to freeze her heart.

She was once the cold princess.

And forever, she would be one.

She had thought about their encounter countless times during her free time in this damned place. Not a single one of them came true. She never expected to meet with him in the night like this. However, her attitude towards him wouldn't change. She would never acknowledge him.

Vena put up her communication device. "Vena's here, reporting a..."

The moment Vena tried to tell them about him, Randy's heart sank. He knew that she didn't want to meet with him, but he knew that it was his fault. His feet kicked the ground as he moved speedily. In but a moment, he had reached the woman. One of his hands blocked the device while the other one closed Vena's mouth.

Gazing at the woman, he opened his mouth slowly. "I just want to talk. Can you spare a minute?"

The two locked their gaze. Honestly, Vena wanted nothing to do with him after his harsh betrayal to her. But his gaze made her feel weak. He seemed to be looking right deep inside her, sending numerous sensations inside her body. She had not forgotten about him at all.

Vena understood her feelings better than anyone, so she knew that she had not gotten over him. Even after he abandoned her and her attempt to hate him, she knew that he still has a place in her heart. It was never easy to forget someone she used to love so much. This meeting proved that very clearly.

Closing her eyes for a moment, Vena calmed down. This was only talk, nothing more.

Slowly, she nodded her head.

While still being cautious, Randy removed his arm and stared deeply at the woman before him. He was worried that she might report him immediately, which would push him to run away. Her next words calmed him down instantly.

"What is it, Vena?"

"This area is clear," Vena answered coldly.


When the communication was cut, Vena looked towards Randy. "What do you want from me?"

"I come to take you back. Don't you want to return?" Randy asked hurriedly.

Vena's gaze turned cold. She looked at Randy with flame in her eyes. "Do you think I still want to leave with you after all that you do? From the moment you betray me, I vow that I'll never trust you again."

Her harsh words pierced deeply into his heart, but Randy forced out a pained smile. He knew that it was his fault that drove Vena to be like this. Even though so, he couldn't stop his heart from screaming with pain.

He regretted his action so much.

"You didn't even come at your father's funeral. I was searching for you all these times."

Vena's eyes flickered when he mentioned about her father. In this world, only one person she would care aside from Randy, which was her father. He was the one who taught her a lot of things, allowing her to become one of the most influential people in the city.

But when he died, she couldn't visit him. The guards in this place made sure that she couldn't leave this place.

"Why would you search for me? Aren't you happy to be able to live a life filled with nothing but enjoyment?"

Randy showed an awkward smile. He knew that she was still angry at him and his action has always been monitored by this lady. However, it was his deepest wish to see her smile and accept him again.

"I'm sorry, Vena."

Vena snorted. "You're 100 years too late to apologize."

"Is there nothing that I can do to amend my wrongdoing?" Randy looked back at Vena with a hesitant gaze.

Vena could feel her heart fluttered when she saw his longing gaze. Forcefully, she blocked her own feelings as she didn't want to let him see this part of her again. The woman he was looking for had died a long time ago.

"You should leave," Vena replied.

Randy gazed into the woman's eyes in front of him. How should he say that he wanted nothing more than grabbing here right now and right here to take her away? But he knew any forceful attempt would only drive her further from him.

The two of them locked their gaze for a while before Randy stepped back. If she didn't want to accept him, he would not force her. It was already more than enough that he left her.

'I hate you.'

Vena turned around after Randy had left. She didn't want to meet with him anymore as she was no longer the same after she entered this hell. There was no place for her outside, so she better stayed inside.

After the girl had walked far away, a man appeared in the middle of the hallway. He stretched his body slightly.

"Heh, Boss told me to watch that woman's movement secretly. It seems that woman is already broken by this time."

The man chuckled, he extended his arms and stretched them. "Standing in the same place for a long time is really tiring. If not only for the fact that I can turn invisible, Boss wouldn't have asked me to do this."

He sighed as he exerted his power, making his body disappear slowly once again.