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602 Not a Sight to Behold

 Under the dim light of night, Kevin made his way towards the building. He had inspected the location based on what Kanae told him. The building itself was not too big, but it was the only building existed in this place. Sprinting towards the building, Kevin carefully watch his surroundings.

He noticed the security inside the lobby was rather tight. Making his way to the back, he found an additional door. It was locked, but with a little trick, it was easy to open a locked door.

Without any hesitation, he opened the door and saw the stair heading down. It was as he had expected. Since the building itself was not too big, it would be impossible to hold so many things inside except if they made the building located underground.

'It reeks the stench of blood.'

Carefully, Kevin walked down the stairs. The circular stairs were heading down and down. It took him a few minutes to find the first door. Internally, he wondered what kind of place this was.

This time, the door was not locked, so he could push the door open gently. His movement stopped when he noticed that he sensed the presence of someone inside the room. After a few seconds, he knew that the other person didn't find him, so he peeked inside.

What he saw caused him to feel disgusted. This room was a laboratory, filled with numerous tubes and so on. In the middle of the room, one person was busy analyzing something on his table. Originally, the table has brown color, but it has turned black due to the dried blood.

'How many people have they killed in this place?'

"Hey, there's a new one here," someone walked inside while bringing a student inside. He was still wearing his uniform with face stricken fear.

"No! Let me go!" the student struggled.

The man, who was busy analyzing before, put down his tube and pointed to the chair. "Just put him there. I'll be taking the medicine."

"Sure," his partner replied.

"What? No! Help me!" the student struggled again, writhing here and there to release himself from the man's grip.

Unfortunately, the strength of a normal person wouldn't be able to match this man. With ease, he pulled the student's limbs and tied them to the chair. He finished right when the first man brought a tube filled with transparent liquid.

He eyed the liquid warily. "Has Professor made a new type of medicine?"

"Yes," the man replied solemnly. "He wants to make the perfect soldier, so this medicine's purity is increased."

"Are you sure you want to waste the medicine on this puny boy?"

"Professor tells me to test the effect first. He wants to know how they'll react for those with lower potential."

The man shrugged. "If he dies, don't blame me."

"I won't," the first man replied calmly. He grabbed the boy's jaw and forced him to drink the content of the tube. The students struggled to release himself, but it was a futile attempt. The liquid entered his throat without any problem.

Behind the door, Kevin was watching with cold eyes. He couldn't make any move right now for he would be in danger. From the way these two interacted, he could guess that this was not the first time. This door must have been the secret passage in case they couldn't get out.

Closing the door again, Kevin looked down. The staircase didn't seem to end anytime soon. He didn't know what he would find if he went down, so he focused his attention back to the room and opened the door again. Near the door, he saw a card placed haphazardly.

Without thinking, he grabbed the card. As it was dark, he couldn't see the card very clearly, but it looked no different from an ordinary card.

'This should be their pass. I'll ask Neo to investigate this later.'

Glancing at the door once more, Kevin decided to leave. He felt something ominous was waiting underneath the stairs, so he didn't try to go down. Sometimes, his instinct worked better, so he followed after what his guts told him to do.


While Kevin was circling his way to the back, Kanae didn't even bother trying to find another way. Her greatest strength was her speed, so she waited for the perfect opportunity to slip towards the staircase. When she was still waiting outside, one of the guards walked outside nonchalantly.

'Let's just try this.'

Kanae knocked the guard swiftly and tried his clothes. Upon realizing that it was slightly too big, she sighed to herself. This was better than nothing.

Acting as if nothing was wrong, she walked inside again. The other guards passed her a glance and nodded their head. From their way of conduct, it seemed that all guards in this place were strangers to one another.

'That's convenient for me.'

Kanae moved towards the stairs and made her way down. Just one floor, she had arrived in a larger place. This place was much larger than what she thought it would be.

Carefully treading on the hallway, she made sure her steps were slow enough to take a peek at every room in this place. There was another staircase heading down, but it was located at the other end of the room. In addition, there were a lot of hidden cameras.

'The hat can make it hard to recognize me, but I can't go down any lower.'

Kanae glanced to the room from the corner of her eyes. Seeing the room filled with screens made her shocked. At the screen, they were currently analyzing the students that they had gathered. Right now, she recognized the picture.

The one on the screen was the boy whom she met in the class. He was the only one who stood up when the teachers mentioned special students.

It seemed that they truly paid closer attention to those students.

As her feet brought her away from the room, she noticed that the other rooms in this place were filled with strange things. Some of them were filled with papers, while the others were filled with tables and so on. Nearing the end of the room, she found a room that didn't have any light. As she was used to seeing in the dark, she could faintly see the inside was covered in numerous items from the small window.

'Is it a storage room?'

Kanae didn't have any time to think as the door heading to the stairs were opened. A man she had seen before appeared before her. He was one of the guards in the school.

The man glanced at Kanae. "Go back up, there's nothing wrong here."

Kanae bowed politely, acting as if she was scared.

The man paid no heed as he walked towards the other room. On the other hand, Kanae could feel her body tensed up. It was only one moment that the man brushed near to her, but it was enough to tell her that he was really strong.

On normal school days, this guard didn't seem to be anything special. But today was different. She could faintly sense the hidden power in his body.

'I have to go back soon.'

She got away because the man didn't pay close attention to her, but if he wanted to, he would find out that she was not a real guard. Focusing her attention to her steps, she made her way outside.

The guards still didn't pay any attention to her, so she got out of the place once again.

'Thank you for the clothes,' Kanae returned the clothes to the man whom she knocked out before. If he woke up in the morning, he wouldn't be able to remember anything.

Finishing her task, Kanae sprinted into the forest once more.